Spelljammer Spelljammer Nov 10 2022 errata.


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I find it annoying that these kinds of changes are made, and the collective 'we' cannot even say definitively why the changes are made. :D
I am not. But I get it. I might be on other changes.

I do think a bit of commentary about specific changes would be cool but would probably outsize the actual changes quite a bit and probably be much more work to make it public.

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Is this errata still version 1.0, with no [New] tags? They just updated a versioned thing stealthy? This is a bad procedure :(


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Hmm. They've replaced the pure-DM-judgment on transitions from flying speed to 100 million miles/day speed for spelljammers in favor of a uniform "1 mile" rule.


I wish I had.

I don't understand what was changed about the Dohwar (Reigar & Mercane) descriptions, as I don't have the original to compare it to available to me.
Okay, I found a copy of the original text. I'm okay with the Reigar's change, the original wording made it sound like they were Firefly Reavers with art skilz. On the Dohwar, looks like they removed references specific to D&D deities (gods of trade & coin), and added a hint of diety creation to the Mercane (I prefer the original Mercane description myself).


(Reigar & Mercane) descriptions
I have my book set on the couch nearby, but after my overnight shift in the warehouse, I'm a bit too "lazy" at the moment to break it out.
I know, off the top of my head from the Reigar section, their ENTIRE thing in 5E was the fact that they genocided their own planet and that they consider all acts of War to be the highest form of Art. IIRC in 2E Spelljammer, The Reigar were basically all about art/making the highest form of it.

The Errata changes it where not ONLY are there Reigar that consider War to be the highest form of Art still, but also others that pursue the highest form of Art via nonviolent/warlike means as well. Which brings the 5E version back around to their aspects from 2E.

I'm not sure about the Mercane. In fact, I'm not sure why they are Celestials now.

Also, the Dohwar sounded like shady Penguin mafia type deal as a group of them are referred to as a Cartel which brings about all kinds of shady business practices to mind. (Whether they were as deadly as the actual Mafia in that regard, well that's probably up to the DM to decide).
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