D&D 5E Spells that have disappeared...

Swedish Chef

I miss the 3e spell Baleful Transposition. Party druid transforms into a mouse. Mage casts the spell on enemy spellcaster and druid. Enemy spellcaster fails save, finds they are now surrounded by the party tanks. Meanwhile, the enemy fighters are wondering why their mage has disappeared and a mouse has suddenly become a brown bear in the midst of them.
Fun times. :ROFLMAO:

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My character was a shadow mage. While I think the 3e versions of shadow conjuration, shadow evocation, and shadow monsters were annoyingly broad, I miss having anything that can replicate what my old character could do. The summon shadowspawn, darkness, and creation spells feel a bit limited.

I've seen a fan brewed class feature that added an extra 1d6 damage (psychic and/or necrotic presumably) to a phantasmal force spell so it be possible to work something in like that I guess.

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