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ZEITGEIST *Spoilers* Cards for Skyseers, Vekeshi Mystics, and Yerasol Veterans


Made these cards for player handouts. The plan is to have them printed double-sided on heavy, glossed cardstock or print them myself on single-sided cardstock and then glue the front sheet to the back sheet (done it before, works a charm). In either case, the short ends will be clipped 1/8 of an inch, the long edges 1/16, and the corners rounded (for a standard 2.5" x 3.5" poker card size). The small numbers in the corner of the front side are the book and page number.

I also have a technologist player, but all the cards were basically the same: you intrinsically understand this tech. And there did not appear to be any need for secret knowledge for my docker.

I don't have a spirit medium, gunslinger, or eschatologist, but I grabbed their special asides as well, just in case I have a change in players or characters.

If I missed some skyseer visions or vekeshi or veteran knowledge, please let me know.

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Those cards are a very cool idea. We play online, so can just cut and paste whisper text, but if I was in person I would totally steal all of them.

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