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Star Wars Reboot


If I owned the Star Wars rights I would declare episode 7, 8 and 9 banned and burn the negatives. Would shoot a new replacement trilogy. Everything else I can live with. The current short series on Disney+ are perfect for Star Wars. No need to reboot. Just keep going.

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The original films were such a part of my childhood that I'm not sure changing them would destroy something. Numbers 1-3 with Jar Jar were mostly junk but aimed at kids and not the adults that first liked the original- which was likely the point. The last 3 were just bigger copies of the first 3 and did not do much for me either.

To make them better, I would focus more on backstory and character development. This is what makes movies feel more real. Back in the day though, movies were 90 minutes and followed a pattern of time management.


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I read somewhere that originally they were supposed to be Wookiees. If so, the whole movie would have had a different tone.
Well, yeah, that was the point of the switch. Lucas wanted a culture with more primitive technology to be a key to defeating the empire. Chewbacca's development throughout the trilogy exposed the wookies as technological. It's not necessarily a bad idea, but using a relatively cutesy critter like an ewok was a bit weird - even if there were menacing elements like their willingness to eat people.

If I were to redo this, I'd seriously reconsider the primitive vs technological idea in favor of placing wookies back in the narrative and being more directly liberationist since the wookies were enslaved.


How can anyone suggest getting rid of the final trilogy (7, 8, 9) and keep the first (1, 2, 3) with a straight face?

Let's be right The Phantom Menace was terrible, Attack of the Clones not great either. Revenge of the Sith was meh.
Now Rise of the Skywaker showed us that Star Wars, especially with Star Wars Visions that they could do wuxia fantasy. There is so much you can do with Star Wars and lean into other genres.

What about horror?


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You could design a game that starts back and looks at the kinds of movies and genres that inspired George Lucas to make Star Wars, and play up each of those genres or sub-genres in different sections of a rulebook, or even in different sourcebooks. Maybe you want your SW game to be more Flash Gordon-y, or focus on the samurai and mysticism aspects, or politics and gangsters, or war movies and medieval knights, etc.


In a similar manner, Rise of the Skywalker shows that the Jedi could easily be used in other settings, e.g. wuxia as i said earlier, or Arrow - such that some heroes possess innate force abilities allowing them to be cut above the rest.

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