Star Wars Reboot


How can anyone suggest getting rid of the final trilogy (7, 8, 9) and keep the first (1, 2, 3) with a straight face?

1-2-3, even if not top cinematic masterpieces, were actually part of the Skywalker arc, culminating in the redemption of Vader with the help of his son (kind of a reflection / repetition of his younger self), and the consequent final fall* of the symbolic archenemy of the series, at the hands of the redeemed Vader & Son (in a mutual effort of theirs.)

* see what I did there?

7-8-9 went ahead and canceled the achievement of Vader & Son when the archenemy got returned "somehow". It introduced a bunch of heroes who were rather flat and practically patchy remix copies of the original ones, and tried to sell mostly the same Skywalker story again with some added sequelitis, and with, well, strangely (badly) paced, rather disjointed movies which couldn't decide whether the enemy was a menace or a piece of slapstick comedy.

At least that is how those who suggest getting rid of the final trilogy but keeping the first one seem to see it (with a straight face), as far as I can tell based on what I read here and there over the past few years. (Note that most of these people do like, or even love Rogue One, the Mandalorian, and some other bits which respect the original, so it's not really the IP owner they have an issue with, after all, but the specific creative decisions behind 7-8-9.)

YMMV, obviously.

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Besides jedis and siths more factions of force adepts. Hipertech to be updated with the new steps of high-tech in the real life.

Important events before and after of the Skywalker dinasty.

Not all technology used by Yuuzan-Vong would be living machines, but the inorganic robots would be a taboo.


Honestly there is just so much you could do with this.

Etheric (Force) energy is required for life to live, but some universes may have, or less than others. So in some they may be able to channel ambient energy, while those with less will need to draw it in from other universes.

It can be used in an: Arcane, Innate (Super powers or Mystics), Science, or Spiritual manner.

The spiritual intelligences are either Light (Love), Dark (Hate / Anger) angle. Most Etheric users, and this includes Sith, don't use the spiritual side. There is also the Void outside the universe, absence of all things, that some can use (similar to Darth Nihilus).

But spiritual creates, of light and dark do exist.

Split the technology tree, some may use hyperspace, others other forms of FTL, e.g Warp drive (just for the sake of an example).

Some may use organic tech, while others may use (a majority) inorganic tech. Various ascended intelligences exists (like the Vast from Eternity rpg), these went to war billions of years ago and cannot interfere any longer.

There are also incredibly powerful intelligences, think ASI's like from David Zindell books, and Hyperion. Perhaps in the future, like in Hyperion, there is a war between an ascended inorganic ASI, and the organic ascended.

Focus on the best of the series (Empire Strikes Back). Ignore everything that followed because it is junk.

Never use the 'isolated loser kid is really the hero of the galaxy' again.

Focus on military action and resistance activity. Draw inspiration from TV series such as Turned (spying), Band of Brothers (war), Firefly, and others. Bring more grim & dark to the setting.

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