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Player-Created Homeworlds

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Homeworld Smolensk
Atmosphere Breathable mix
Climate Cold
Biospherep Immiscible biosphere
Population ?
Tech Level 3
World Tags Pretech Cultists, Zombies

The Soviet planet Smolensk was colonized as launch site for strategic purposes. Barely habitable with a harsh yet breathable atmosphere, most of the globe simply too cold for human survival; only the tropics can sustain life. To add insult to injury, it was quickly discovered that the native biosphere was incompatible with earth life. The planet was never intended as a long-term colony, but when the world was cut off and lost. And Pre- and even Post-tech was lost. Colonists did what they had to do to survive.

Since this time, genetic engineering has created food sources that can survival the toxic planet; however they nutritional value is lowered leaving the population weak. Further gengineering was banned after experimentation with native life created a parasitic mold that brings the dead to a shambling simulation of life with horrifying aggression. The few remaining bits of Pretech are obsessed over and worshiped by illegal cultists. Contact with the planet is rare and tightly regulated by the local government so as to prevent the idea of defection spreading within the populous.[/sblock]

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Homeworld Calarn
Atmosphere Inert gas
Climate Cold
Biosphere Immiscible biosphere
Population Millions of inhabitants
Tech Level 4
World Tags Pretech Cultists, Theocracy

Calarn has a natural occurring atmosphere of krypton gas. When the first humans arrived within the system they found many domed cities of strange make, all but the largest, Curdal, where abandoned and in a horrid state of disrepair. The inhabited city of Curdal had a strange alien race within. They welcomed these new travelers and were able to see the potential of an alliance with these newcomers.

The aliens had harnessed the planets natural gasses in many uses from energy weaponry to high resolution imagery technologies. While advanced, they were small in number and in a sharing scheme bot sides where able to move forward. Many of the cities were reclaimed and the civilization grew.

Come the Scream and the following Silence, much violence occurred. Calarn had come to rely upon food imports but that seem to end. In the end, some 200 hundred years previous, the alien religious sect claimed power with their Theocracy their Vatween (religious police) restoring order. Civilization came to flourish again and when contact was reestablished many were more than happy to resume trade with the wider galaxy.

Of course, the Nalster came to be some 40 years again, a pretech cult, Led by the human Ned Nalster, came to led others in their anit-tech crusade. The galaxy had fallen and came to a halt once, the advances of these aliens and the new contact with other planets would draw it upon all again. There are many violent clashed between this group and the Vatween today.[/sblock]

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Homeworld Loontoo
Atmosphere Thin
Climate Temperate
Biosphere No native biosphere
Population Millions of inhabitants
Tech Level 4
World Tags Pilgrimage Site, Psionics Fear

Loontoo is a small, rocky planet that is thought to be a former moon of a terrestrial planet that was destroyed in a planetary collision. Legend holds that it is an exact duplicate of the moon which orbits the human planet of origin, though this is somewhat contradicted by its larger size. Only the vast underground caverns which hold the cities are inhabitable.

The prophet known as Cosmic Antenna lived there shortly after the first cities were founded, thousands of years ago. He preached that there are many universes, each of which was created by a different god; no universe contains more than one god, but sometimes gods from other universes interfere with our universe. The creed holds that the god that created our universe is indifferent at best; but by properly attuning oneself to another of the gods, chosen as suits one's personality, one can receive its help and even join it after death, being reincarnated in one of several more pleasant universes. Many pilgrims come to visit the holy sites and learn the techniques taught by the monasteries. Many believers think that the Scream was sent by the god of our universe because psionics somehow offend him, and they fear drawing his wrath by associating themselves with it.

Jase McMoon never put any stock in such beliefs. Instead, he joined the army and concentrated on the tasks at hand and on building his skills. With little action available on Loontoo, he became a mercenary and served on several planets. Having seen more action than he liked on Quarsc, he's hoping that the new assignment proves peaceful.[/sblock]

[sblock=By Zerith]
Homeworld Orion Prim XI
Atmosphere Breatheable mix
Climate Temperate
Biosphere Engineered biosphere
Population Tens of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level 4

Not much larger than Pluto, Orion Prim XI, stands as the only caesural body around its star, and a marvel of pretech engineering, a marvel that requires constant maintenance around the clock.

Originally no more than a collection of asteroids orbiting around an isolated star, it was chosen as a test bed for terraforming, the goal was highly impractical, creating a entirely inhabitable world from mere asteroids. An entirely inhabitable world that would make an ideal agricultural planet. The resolute was a resounding success, costly, surly, but a success none the less.

At its zenith, Orion Prim XI was a highly productive agricultural planet that had a diminutive industrial base; just enough for it to sustain itself, pervaded it could obtain enough raw materials, generally accomplished by asteroid mining by spike drive ships; but it had a perpetual storage of physics. Then after the scream, the planet was unable to maintain itself in full, and was utterly isolated.

The regression was not as crippling as on other worlds, but crippling all the same, the parts needed to maintain the world’s atmosphere and environment could no longer be produced, and the during the fallowing chaos, the storehouses would most definitely not hold until alternative production means could be devised, and the only solution was a fighting one; the gateway would have to be canalized for parts, a slow and begrudging processes that has lasted for centuries in times of great need.

Since then the planetary government has slowly gained power under the flag of necessity, until it cam come to the point it's at now, where there are no rights, only privileges granted by the state.[/sblock]
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Mara Shvedova
from Planet Smolensk

STR: 7 -1
INT: 11
WIS: 12
DEX: 11
CON: 14 +1
CHA: 10

Class: Psychic
Special: Psychic Powers

Background: Urchin
Training: Rogue Psychic
Combat/Any - Projectile Weapons :0
Culture/World :1
Culture/Criminal :0
Stealth :1
Survival :0
Persuade :0

Primary Discipline - Telekinesis
Remote Manipulation

Equipment: 610credit remaining.
Knife - 5
Semi-automatic Pistol - 75
10x Glowbug - 50
Pressure Tent - 100
6x Power Cell A - 60


Community Supporter
Jase McMoon, warrior

Jase McMoon, human warrior 1, hp 5
AC 4 (body armor) or AC 8 (no armor)
stun baton +2, 1d8 nonlethal (costs 1/40 A cell) or
monoblade +2, 1d8+1 or
laser rifle +3 ranged, 1d10 (costs 1/20 A cell) or
laser rifle burst +5 ranged, 1d10+2 (costs 3/20 A cell)

str: 16
int: 16
wis: 14
dex: 14
con: 16
cha: 11

class ability: Veteran’s Luck
Once during each combat the warrior can completely negate a successful attack roll against him. The warrior may choose to wait until after damage is rolled to use this ability. Th is ability does not function against environmental hazards or other non-combat dangers, and it does not apply to hits against a vehicle the warrior is piloting or riding.

background package: Soldier
Skills: Combat/Projectile, Combat/Unarmed, Culture/World, Tactics
warrior training package: Space Marine
Skills: Combat/Energy Weapon, Combat/Primitive, Culture/Spacer, Exosuit, Tactics, Tech/Astronautics

skills: Combat/Energy Weapon +0, Combat/Primitive +0, Combat/Projectile +0, Combat/Unarmed +0, Exosuit+0, Culture/Spacer +0, Culture/World +0, Tactics +1, Tech/Astronautics +0

starting equipment: 900 credits
woven body armor, 400 cr, AC 5 (4 w/dex)
monoblade, 1d8+1 damage, range 6/9, 50 cr
stun baton, 1d8 damage (nonlethal; 40 hits/power cell type A), 50 cr
laser rifle (+1 bonus to hit, 1d10 damage, can use burst for +2 to hit and damage; costs 3 shots)
(range 300/500, 20 shots/A cell), 300 cr
power cells (5 x A), 100 cr

Jase McMoon joined the army and concentrated on the tasks at hand and on building his skills. With little action available on Loontoo, he became a mercenary and served on several planets. Having seen more action than he liked on Quarsc, he's hoping that the new assignment proves peaceful.

He is 6'6", with dark brown skin, black hair, and blue eyes.


Cameron Jhal (of Calarn)
(Cameron's Image)
Expert 1
Hit Points 2
AC 9

Str 9 (+0)
Int 14 (+1)
Wis 12 (+0)
Dex 13 (+0)
Con 8 (+0)
Cha 13 (+0)

Attack Bonus +0
Physical Effect Save 16
Mental Effect Save 15
Evasion Save 12
Tech Save 11
Luck Save 14

Unarmed -2 (1d2)
Pistol +1 (1d6+1) (12 rounds) 30/100
Shotgun +1 (3d4) (2 rounds) 10/30

Class Ability: Like A Charm
Once per hour, the expert can reroll a failed skill check. The second roll must be used even if worse than the first.

Background: Security Crew
Combat/Any, Culture/Spacer, Security, Tactic

Expert Training Package: Adventuring Expert
Skills: Athletics, Computer, Perception, Persuade, Stealth, Vehicle/Space

Skills: Athletics +0, Combat/Projectile Weaponry +0, Computer +0, Culture/Spacer +0, Perception +0, Persuade +0 Security +0, Stealth +0, Tactics +0, Vehicle/Space +0

Starting Equipment: 700 credits (130 cr remaining)

Shotgun (50 cr/ 1)
Pistol (semi-automatic) (75 cr/ 1) 1d6+1 (12 rounds), 30/100
Backpack (50 cr /0 )
Glowbug (5) (25 cr / 0)
Rope (40m) (40 cr / 1)
Telescoping pole (10 cr /1)
Low-light goggles (200 cr / 1)
Rations (2 days) (10 cr / 1)
Compad (100 cr / 0)
Type A cells (10 cr / 0)
Lazarus patch (30 cr / 1)

As a young child Cameron Jhal grew up aboard several transports with his father, Edwin Jhal who was a pilot for hire. Cameron never knew his mother, as his father told him that she had died shortly after his birth in a fire fight between Nalsters (a pretech cult) and the local Theocratic authorities. She just happened to be caught in the unexpected crossfire.

Staying on Calarn, Cameron soon was forced to enrolled in basic schooling where he learned about many supposed religious facts. Tthat is how the boy saw them anyhow. He had more of a knack for getting into trouble then really learning the appropriate lessons. Cameron ran afoul the Vatween (religious police) on a few occasions for some minor offences and the like. Cameron seemed to like his pistols and found more occasions than not to use them.

Cameron found almost any reason to hang about the spaceports as they were a place he felt at home. He would often help out here and there, which earned Cameron a place with a local transport company. He started being a mere laborer, but soon found himself a spot on the crew of one of the ships. After proving his talent and skills he was accepted as one of the guys and was off for more than a few adventures about the system and occasionally outside of it.

On occasion Cameron would do a little freelance work for others, including the local crime syndicate within the Calarn system. He currently owes them a favor, as they were able to get him off on some charges for some illegal goods he was got caught with.

He used to work for Dedrix Transport, owed by Dedrix, a retired alien pilot, but in recent events within the system, he has run across many troubles with the theocary and Nalsters alike, and has had to close down his business. Cameron jumped the nearest transport he could barter his skills for passage and is now currently looking for work and adventure.