stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. I [IC]

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James Heard

Janis climbs down from her immense donkey and with a mumbled gesture and flick of her wrist wisps of arcane energy settle into a set of phantom armor which quickly disappears.

OOC: Cast Mage Armor


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
The Crossroads Round 1

Janis cooly dismounts, and chants a few words of protection. A quick shimmer confirms the presence of mage armor.

The murky brown forms converge on the armored man, the tendrils of them arms assaulting him. Three of them reach through his armor, causing him to grimace in anguish. He wobbles momentarily, but maintains his footing. [3 attacks hit warrior]

Jarrith prepares his defenses, increasing his dexterity for the coming battle. [cat's grace 10 rounds

The armored warrior call's out loudly, "Friends! Welcome to the party! If---*ngh*---if you wish to help, best do so soon." He then turns to one of the undead, and boasts, "Is that---*cough*---all you can do! Now its my turn! Hurrn! Fly!"

As some inner confidence seems to inflate the warrior, the raven at its shoulder strikes out, nipping at one of the undead. It dive's under the undead's retaliation, distracting it. The warrior uses the distraction to slice at it with his silver sword, white power seeming to infuse the blade. It cuts away at the brown haze, while a follow-up thrust passes through nothingness. He bellows a laugh and slams his shield into the figure, dispersing it into the air. [Smite attack and shield bash succeed; M8 dropped]

Daellin manages slide of his steed in a single smooth motion, and moves quickly towards the battle, bow in hand. Two arrows fly, and the shots are luckly, tearing the nearest shade asunder. Meanwhile, his horse snickers in fear and scatters.[Dismount; move to S7; Manyshot AC 17 hits; incorporeal miss chance hits; 23 hp; O8 destroyed]

Marot calls forth a holy spear of energy, which strikes the shadowy form unerringly, tearing at it. [AC 14 hits O10; no miss chance; 7 hp][sblock=Marot][Your training was more fastidous than that of your Flame brothers, and you recognize these as Murks, dead shades which drain one's will and cause insanity][/sblock]
Sir Khensu tries to control Selase's old mount, but cannot bring it to bear. He struggles in vain, and then drops off. [Failed ride check; dismounts]

Ashlyn spurs Valo forward, raising her holy symbol at the same time. "By all that is holy, begone!" Her faith forces the foul shades back! [20 turn check, 14 turn damage; All three turned]

The Crossroads Round 2


J: 22; mage armor 7 hours
M: 22 [O10: -7 (severely wounded), all turned, 10 rounds]
J: 19; cat's grace 10 rounds
U: 15
D: 10
M: 5
K: 3
A: 3
B: unconscious

Map Key: A: Ashlyn, D: Daellin, d: Edi, h: Horse, h: Valo, J: Jarrith, J: Janis, K: Khensu, M: Marot, M: incorporeal forms, r: raven, U: Raven warrior
Conditions: Mist grants concealment to creatures 30' away. Light undergrowth: Difficult terrain, modifiers to Move Silently; Lich Wall: Low wall provides partial cover, climbable; Gravestones: Difficult terrain, partial cover, climbable; Dense Rubble: Difficult terrain; Gallows: Climbable, pole provides partial cover; Signpost: Partial cover, penalty to attack. Yellow border: turned, White: unconscious, Transparent: Dead, White Border: Paralyzed.

Please indicate your actions for round 2


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Bergeron lays on the ground, his little head still spinning.

What was that? Did I really see that? he thought to himself. Then he heard the yelling around him and started to try to pull himself to his knees.

Maybe no one noticed....

Isida Kep'Tukari

"Don't let them touch you, they bring madness!" Maraat cries out, and lashes the creatures again with silver fire. It seems this knight falls on the side of right. Let us hope his will as is strong as his resolve...

OOC: Repeat previous attack, this time on O10.


First Post
Sir Khensu

Sir Khensu moves towards the lurks. As he does so, he pulls out his greataxe and hopes that the enchantments on the blade will allow him to harm this creatures.

((OOC - Double move to R6.))


Jarrith slides the wand back into his forearm sheath as his Lumin brother leaps from the horse. He himself prepares to dismount as he watches several of these apparitions disolve into nothingness. He laughs as he dismounts "Well at least these things can be destroyed much easier than those stupid shuffling corpses! Keep it up, fellows! Yeah!" (Move action to sheath wand / Move action to dismount horse)


First Post
Ashlyn guides her mount, Valo, with her knees and he takes a single step toward the shadowy figures, Ashlyn being careful not to advance to within 10 feet of the incorporeal creatures. Still holding forth her holy symbol she calls out to her companions, a cold unyielding tone in her voice "These things are Murks, incorporeal shadows of unlife. Cut them down from range if you can, though you will likely need magic to do it, for they flee from me."

She then lets the silver symbol fall back against her chest as she slides her shield on to her arm and draws her sword.

[5ft step towards Murks]
[Move action to equip shield]
[Move action to draw longsword]


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
The Crossroads Round 2

Janis begins to make her way to the gallows, her eyes keeping a close watch on the undead's movements.

The shades struggle against Ashlyn's holy power, but it is in vain. They drift off into the southern mists, sinking into the ground as they do so. [Turned undead flee 60' into the mists, pursuit effectively impossible]

Combat End

The warrior yells at the undead as they flee, "Flee, cowardly devils! You only delay our battle once again!" He then moves over to a crooked tombstone and leans heavily upon it, clutching his temples. The raven follows.

Looking up, a pained expression on his face, the warrior examines the party. Though his sword is resting at his side in support, it is obvious he has not fully let down his guard. His voice is jovial, though there is a steely resolve behind it mixed with masked pain. "So friends, if friends you be, what brings you to lovely Barovia?"

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