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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. I [IC]

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James Heard

Janis curses under her breath. This is as bad as the lightning rail station. What was it with paladins and endangering innocent bystanders?

"Follow me," Janis tells the young children as she attempts to escort them to the bar, retrieving her wand of eternal mirror images from its case as she does so.

We're probably going to kill someone in every building in town before we're through. Quaint.


First Post
As she enters the room, Ashlyn eye's are quickly drawn to the struggle. Not entirely sure of what is happening, but seeing the naked steel of Khensu's axe, she draws her blade as she moves forward.

[Move to J7 and draw sword]


"By all that is holy! Nnnnggghhh!!!" Jarrith's resolve drops a bit as he is awash in fear, but is able to keep a hold on Marot, even after the blackness oozes over him. "You-- you-- aren't... going... to..." he tries to get out and say, as his changes grips on the warlock, and brings his legs up and around him to try and scissor pin him down to the ground. (Opposed grapple check to Pin: if successful, damage opponent for 1d3+2 and opponent is pinned)

"Would someone-- please-- knock... Marot... out? I-- really can't... do it-- myself."


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Surprise in the Blood: Round 2

Daellin, grimacing from the pain and exertion, pulls forth his healing wand from his pack. Meanwhile, a wounded Jarrith attempts to pin 'Marot' down, but the warlock viciously elbows him in the nose, causing the attempt to fail. [Opposed grapple 16 fails to pin]

A look of cold menace on his face, Khensu calls out, "Fall imposter!" A silvery glow suffuses his axeblade has he brings it down sideways. The blow just manages to clip 'Marot' on the side of his head, the sacred might of the Flame causing him to cry out. [AC 16 hits; 12 nonlethal damage, 1 sacred]

"Follow me," Janis tells the young children as she attempts to escort them to the bar, retrieving her wand of eternal mirror images from its case as she does so. The children follow fearfully, clinging to her clothes, as the scribes bolt for various exits. Perriwimple continues to stand confused by the brawl.

Tessa, tending a woman with a severe burn, sees one of the caravan scribes burst from the Tavern. She thought she had heard something, perhaps furniture being moved, but the man's panicked cry of "Emerald Claw!" banished that notion. [Tessa can join the fray in round 4]

'Marot' struggles against Jarrith, refusing to be held, but this time the Stalker manages the upper hand, holding the warlock fast. [Opposed grapple 18 succeeds]

Behind the brawl, the group suddenly notes the copied journal---with the disturbing flesh scroll still tucked in side---begins to float in the air! The book flies up to one of the rafters of its own volition.

The archivist finishes his chanting, and with a puff of brimstone, a wolf with dusky red fur and crimson glowing eyes appears behind the grapplers. It nips at 'Marot', but the ongoing struggle spoils its bite. The archivist snarls at the creature's ineptitude, and upon seeing the book fly into the air, yells, "Kill him and get that book!"

Ashlyn, almost shoved out of the way by one of the scribes, sees the chaos in the tavern and forcefully moves forward.

Surprise in the Blood: Round 3

D: 23 (0/31 hp; shaken; staggered)
J: 22 (16/31 hp; grappled, shaken)
K: 22 (24/51 hp)
J: 20
S: 16
P: 14
k: 14
I: 11
M: 9 (grappled; -1 hp, 24 nonlethal [moderately bruised])
W: 8
M: 8
A: 5 (arrives round 2)

Map Key: A: Ashlyn, D: Daellin, J: Jarrith, J: Janis, I: Inn-keeper, K: Khensu, k: Kid, M: Marot, M: Mateusz, P: Perriwimple, S: Scribe, W: Wolf.
Conditions: Moving through chairs cost 2 movement. White border: shaken.

'Marot' and Jarrith share the same square.

[Round 3 actions? Tessa can act in round 3, though it will take her a full round to get to the Tavern.]


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First Post
Perriwimple's eyes widen as everything goes crazy. This nice person wasn't nice! His confusion vanishes, however, as he sees Janis herding the children to safety.

"Let me help!" he says, running to them. He was a child once. He doesn't want them to hurt.


As Jarrith lies on his back with his arms and legs trying to grap Marot, the warlock is able to continue wiggling free. The Stalker leans back in order to try and wrench an arm, and he sees a large red wolf snarling right above him. "What the?!?" he shouts in exclamation. He sees the wolf try to bite Marot, and this distraction allows Jarrith to get ahold of him once again. "You aren't going to get away that easy, fiend!"

(Pin attempt again: damage upon success)


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Surprise in the Blood: Round 3

Warmth infuses Daellin, allowing him to fight off the pain. However, he is still weak. [2 hp healed]

Jarrith and 'Marot' continue to struggle. The surprise of the wolf distracts the Stalker, and he is unable to find purchase on the impostor. Sir Khensu's backhanded swing with his axe lies over the grappler's head, missing cleanly. [Opposed grapple check 8 fails]

Perriwimple and Janis manage to get the children over the other side of the bar, joining the cowering innkeeper. They look over in time to seek that rictus grin come over Marot again. As the book in the rafters vanishes from sight, the warlock stops struggling, laughs, and then becomes limp in Jarrith's grasp.

Combat Concluded


First Post
Ashlyn, determining that the others have things under control on the floor, looks up into the rafters after the dissappearing book and tries to locate it and anything else up there.

[If she spots anything in the rafters she will pull out her crossbow and shoot it.]

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