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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. II [IC]


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Marot the Wasted

"HAHAHAHA," the warlock laughs as he sees the half-orc choke down his cocktail.

"Don't worry fine Ladreth -- the drinks in this place are about as palatable as the food our fine 'Lord' Sergei proffers in his manse."

"I have my doubts about him....," his voice trails off as he takes a deep sip of his wine.

"Perhaps soon we shall confront him once and forall to find out which side he stands for in our battle versus the vampires and various other undead in this realm...."

He hoists his goblet into the air and proclaims,"To our Lord Sergei!"

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The shifter will continue to sip her drink, looking at the rather loud warlock.

"Who is Lord Ser-gay?" Ravika asks Marot from across the table.


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Ladreth blushed at the laughter, and quickly quaffed the remainder of his drink with a grimace. It might not taste pleasant but it did its job as his chest burned and his head instantly a bit fuzzy, which was an accomplishment to achieve so quickly for a man so large.

He leans against the bar, his weight resting on his large arms as he listens to the conversation. News about the group had been scattered and rumor-spun, and anything to break the dutiful doldrums of his basement watch was warmly welcomed, especially news that came from the source direct.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Ashlyn's eyes harden as she sees the state that Irene is in, "This will not do. This will not do at all. As you stated my lady, you are not well, and poor friends would we be if we were to leave you here in this condition. Well, you obviously do not wish to travel into town in your state, so there is only one thing for it. We will move in here and help you to recover and make sure that you get a good nights sleep, and I will not take no for an answer, at least not until you are well on the road to recovery."

[Diplomacy (on Irene to convince her of the proposed course of action): 1d20+10]

As she takes careful note of Irene's condition, Ashlyn breifly looks upon the woman with eyes that are not quite normal, in an attempt to see how far things have progressed.

[Detect undead spell-like ability (on Irene)]
Irena looks too tired to argue. Do as you must. My manse is your manse. As she looks down, Ashlyn looks at the girl a moment. She is very much alive.
Tessa stood back a pace, allowing Ashlyn to lead the "discussion" with Ireena. From the look of things, they would have to coax the young woman out- perhaps to whatever house they ended up choosing- it seemed likely that at least one vampire already had a standing invitation to this building...
Ireena invites the two in. From her story, it is clear she had another visitation, similar to the last. In the dream, she was outside her house, which means the place itself might be safe. For now. It is becoming clear that Ireena is becoming more concerned about what is happening to her. And the end of their discussion, there is some of the iron back in her gaze, but the doubts still linger.
The shifter will continue to sip her drink, looking at the rather loud warlock.

"Who is Lord Ser-gay?" Ravika asks Marot from across the table.
Lord Sergei ir'Zarovich, 14th viscount of Irontown, warden of the Darl Forest. The crisp tones indicate Mateusz's arrival. He looks at the gathering in distaste. Not that you would care about any of that. Apparently, he has been seen in this area, if the reports are to be believed. An interesting, if disturbing development. The time is of too much coincidence for my liking. Walking over to the bar, sniffs on of the still open flasks with a grimace. Walking back out, he adds, Arik is dead. Hung himself this morning. I'll let you to your... work.
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Marot the Slurred

The warlock's eyelids grow closer to one another as he squints at the figure in the doorway, framed by the outside light.

"Ah, our good friend Mateusz."

"Have you come to join us for a drink?"

He proffers the chair at the end of the table.

As he sees the man head back outside, Marots lips purse, in thought about what Mateusz had just said.

"You know," he says, as he looks back towards the others after Mateusz is gone,"I've never seen him and Sergei at the same place...... perhaps they are one and the same, no?"

He looks deep into his goblet.

"Once again, my goblet has sprung a leak and needs refilled."

"Barkeep! One more!"


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Ashlyn smiles inwardly as she sees some of the iron returning to Irena's disposition, but she is still very much concerned about the woman's health and situation. Ashlyn steps into the manor and then turns to Irena, "First things first, would you show us where we might find your room? You need rest and we will sit watch to ensure that you get it."
As they proceed, Ashlyn carefully assesses Irena's condition so as to ascertain precisely what might be ailing the young woman.

[Heal (assess Irena's condition): 1d20+10]

Once Irena is settled, Ashlyn turns to Tessa, "Tessa, would you sit here and watch over Irena. Ensure she is not disturbed, and don't let her out of your sight ... I fear that she may be the unwilling recipient of the attentions of the undead, as was Khensu during the events of last night."

"I will return to the town and inform the others of our whereabouts. I will be back as soon as I can."

Ashlyn will then ride back to town on the back of her dark horse, where she will meet up with the others and finalize any remaining purchases, making sure that she has the incense and oils for her ritual before heading back to the manor.
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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
OOC: The manse is on the south outskirts, so its not too far away.

Ashlyn stops by the caravan and ensures everything in order. Purchases in hand, she stops by the inn to see the state of her companions. Marot is soused. Some of the others are thinking about it. Khensu, however, is still alone in his vigil in the square.


When Lady Ashlyn returns and mentions that they are all moving over to Ireena's estate to stay now, Jarrith raises and eyebrow but does not make a fuss about it. Instead, he stands up and goes to pull Marot to his feet. "Come, Brother... time to get your things packed up. We're going for a bit of a ride." He then nods to Ladreth and Ravika (not knowing where the two of them had been staying and if they were meant to be included in the relocation), and escorts the warlock upstairs.

Jarrith spends the next fifteen minutes or so packing up both his own, Khensu's, and Marot's things... before bringing them back downstairs and loading them on the horses. Once that is completed, he goes back into the tavern and lays out a handful of coins to the barkeep for the money thus far owed. "A couple weeks of room and board... several rounds of drinks... I think this should about cover it. And he's a bit more for you to get by on." He slides the requisite amount of gold and silver, then nods once more in thanks.

"You run a good establishment here. And you deal with the problems as they arise with a steady hand and an easy smile. I and my brothers thank you for your hospitality. The Flame bring you peace." Jarrith bows gracefully to the room, gives the inn a blessing from the Flame, and then walks with the horses towards Ireena's home.

As they pass Khensu still sitting in the square, Jarrith halts the horses and then pulls a blanket out from one of the packs. He walks over and drapes the cloth over the hunched form of the shifter, then pats him on the back. "We are moving to the Burgomaster estate. Join us when the Flame has blessed you with its glory, eh?" The Stalker then turns back to Marot, who sits a bit wobbly in one of the saddles, and comments to hm as they continue their short journey, "Onward to our new home, eh Brother? May the Flame bless our way."


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
OOC: Just for clarity: No one is running the bar/inn currently. Arik didn't show up this morning:
No one attends to Ladreth; apparently the innkeeper did not come to work today. Seeing the chaos of the front room, he would not be surprised if the keeper had died.
And, according to Mateusz, he won't be coming back:
Walking over to the bar, Mateusz sniffs one of the still open flasks with a grimace. Walking back out, he adds, Arik is dead. Hung himself this morning. I'll let you to your... work.

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