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Stood in the Fire!! Dragon Sorcerer's power! Is It the strongest blaster ever?



Dragon Sorcery
Level 10 Red Dragon Sorcerer
Background: Rakdos Cultist
Race: Protector Aasimar (For Radiant Consumption)
Key Feats: Elemental Adept (Fire), Ritual Caster
Metamagic: Empower Spell, Quicken Spell, Distant Spell
Key spells: Fireball, Hellish Rebuke, Firebolt, Scorching Ray, Find Familiar, Phantom Steed, Polymorph, Haste, Dragon’s Breath spell

Long range combo:
Turn 1) Quicken spell Haste on Phantom Steeds for steed 600ft per turn to move out/in the range. (Kiting tatic)
Action for Aasimar Ability (Sayajin Mode on)
Turn 2)Blast the enemy with Distant Empowered Elemental Afinity Fireball.
It’s average 50 damage at 300ft.
Keep safe until the enemy is dead.

Short range combo:
Quicken Polymorph into a Giant Ape (Nice for HP shield and ****ing powerful damage)
Action to deal sweet damage. The Fimiliar uses its help action to give advantage.... Sweet.
If the enemy survive and break your concentration check (It’s really hard to do it), absorving the enemy’s damage, then the Sorcerer casts HELLISH REBUKE.
Empowered Elemental Afinity Upcast to level 5 is average 50 damage.

Mid range combo:
Quicken Empowered Elemental afinity Fireball + Empowered Distant Elemental afinityFirebolt
+ Empowered Elemental afinity Dragon’s breath (Familiar) + Aasimar ability for sweet 100+ damage.

Is It the strongest blaster of the game?

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