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5E Storm King's Thunder

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Aremus listened to the footsteps, and then the crying. It would come as no surprise to anyone that Aremus could not stand to hear anyone cry, giant or not. He considered waking Ordrar, but he realised that the dwarf would certainly try to convince him not to go, so instead, he woke Tranio and said in a whisper, "There is a giant nearby who is in deep remorse - crying, even. I am going to see if I can help. If things go wrong, I may not return, but I must try. I will not reveal the presence of you and the others here, unless it seems safe to do so. Wish me luck!"

After waiting for Tranio to fully awaken and respond, Aremus began to head quietly for the door.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tranio grunts as he opens his eyes in the dim light, flickering from the remains of a torch in the corner. "Death take me now," he prays.

As he comes into focus, he nods, scratching himself and looking for a place to pee.

"I got the door," he says to Aremus. "Go. Be safe."

With that, Aremus snuck out into the hall in search of the crying giant. He could feel Ordrar's disapproving gaze in his mind's eye, even though the dwarf was still sleeping.

Giant Guest Quarters: It took no time or skill to find who was crying. Sitting on the bed in the other room was a humanoid around 24 feet tall, likely a Storm Giant. They appeared to be female young adult, though who knows how old that is compared to smallfolk, with purple skin and grey hair. This individual wasn't one of those Rillix had noticed at the party upstairs before. Aremus would be unnoticed still unless he made his prescence known.


Aremus watched for a little while and then cleared his throat, bowed, and said, "My Lady, I am Aremus of Goldenfields. I am frightfully sorry to intrude, but I humbly ask if I may be of any service to you in your time of need."

OOC: Though the Giant dialect he was taught as a lad had the accent of the lower caste giants, he did his best to clip his accent and use the best words he could find to portray his intent.
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OOC: Edit: Sigh. That's how I roll.

Aremus stumbled over some of the words. The Hill Giant word for "My Lady" was "Your Glorious Fatness" and he was pretty sure he shouldn't use that here, but he was hard pressed for an alternative.

Translation Error: Thankfully, the absurd mistranslation provides the Storm Giant with a much needed laugh. "You should work on your giant I'm afraid. How did you get here," the woman asks as she wipes tears from her eyes.

Introduction: "I am Princess Serissa of the Wyrmskull Throne," she says sadly. "I wish that wasn't the case, but it is my burden now. Mother was killed and Father is still missing." She leans in and speaks softer. " I know my sisters have something to do with it all and none of the other giant lords fear me like father. They must be wrecking have it on your world now."

Aremus bowed and answered, "Indeed they are causing no end of trouble for us 'small folk'. I am Aremus of Goldenfields. I have been tasked by the Abbott to investigate these troubles. It is a long story, overall: I came here by way of a magical horn blown by a giant named Harshnag while battling a Blue Dragon."

He paused and looked around, adding "This is Maelstrom, is it not?"

Serissa's eyes grew wide with fear when he mentions a blue dragon. "Perhaps there is more to my sisters' schemes than I thought. This is indeed Maelstrom, but the basement of it. If you'd like to look around, I urge you to be sneaky about it. "

The Princess suddenly remembers something and fishes it out of her pocket.

"My Mother. She was a peaceful woman and had much love for the smaller folk. She would often visit the surface and bring food to villagers. Then Father found her murdered on the beach and went off to track those guilty of the crime. We haven't seen him since. This coin was the only clue he found on her. Do you know anything about it," she asks as she hands it over.


Aremus looked at the coin. He suddenly wished that he had brought some of the others along. He felt convinced that he would not bring his friends to harm if he revealed them, so he said, "There is something familiar about it... perhaps my friends would know. I admit that I am not alone here - I have allies that are resting nearby. May I take it to them and see if they can identify it? Many of them are much better at this sort of thing than I."

Before leaving he added, "Please tell me if there is any other way in which we can be of service to you."

Serissa nods enthusiastically, glad that Aremus brought allies that may be of aid to her. "Yes, I beg you to hurry and ask them. There is no greater service you can render than finding my father. I fear he is the only one who can restore order to giant kind. If something has happened to him then both our worlds are doomed," the young ruler admits, choking back tears.

Aremus assured Princess Serissa that he would return, and he went back to the room where the others were resting. He entered quietly and informed Tranio of what he'd found. As soon as the others began to stir, he woke them and showed them the coin.

"It looks familiar. Is it a token, or is it currency, do you think?" he asked, knowing that some of the others had more experience of the world than he.

OOC: I don't want to interrupt anyone's long rest, but as soon as they are done he'll ask them. Also, I don't want to hog the spotlight any longer than I've already done! Sorry about that, gang!

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The coin means nothing to Tranio, who (when Aremus returns) is not watching the door as promised, but is deep in prayer.

Prayer to his death god is uncomfortable to watch. There's a knife, and it has been scraped across Tranio's chest so that it's red. It looks uncomfortable, not yet a scab. His eyes are closed, and as he mumbles he hits himself, the percussive force of fist on bare skin being the loudest noise in the room.

The prayers continue, and when Tranio is done, his shirt is on again, and the borrowed armour still stained with goblinoid blood on his shoulders. His smile is back.

Aremus did not like to watch Tranio in prayer. He had seen it a few times by now and it always made him uncomfortable. He suspected that Tranio enjoyed making others uncomfortable and so, he averted his eyes and spoke to Ordrar. He was not sure why, but the dwarf's stern criticism pleased him, even when they argued.


Round 0

Dren yawned and stretched himself out on his stone bed. Ah, nothing like good, hard granite to sleep on! He pulled out some rations and took a look at that coin Aremus was showing around.

History: 1D20+3 = [10]+3 = 13

Dren Rockfist Character Sheet
Action (Extra Attack):
Bonus Action:
Reaction: Deflect Missiles, Opportunity Attack, or Slow Fall
Object Interaction:
Abilities to remember:

  • Fangs of Fire Snake (10’ reach)
  • Elemental Attunement (Minor effects)
  • Gong of the Summit (Shatter)
  • Deflect Missiles
  • Slow Fall (5xL)
  • Stunning Strike
  • Unarmed strikes count as magical
  • Evasion (Dex saves, half damage on fail; no damage on success)
  • Stillness of Mind (Action: remove one charmed or frightened condition)


AC: 16
HP: 40/67 HD: 8/8d8+2
Ki: 4/8/R

[sblock=Party Treasure]

Tranio - half-elf death cleric
Fistan - human wizard
Dren - dwarf monk
Bethany - human fighter
Aremus - half-elf paladin
Ordrar - dwarf eldritch knight

When showing the coin/chip to Dren, Aremus suddenly had a memory surface, "Aha!" he exclaimed, "I knew that they looked familiar! Are these not just the same as the chips that you were given by Lord Drylund at the casino aboard the riverboat?"

OOC: *I* thought I recognised it myself, so I went back to look at that riverboat casino we went to. It's in Post#1012. Dren was given some. IIRC Bethany was gambling too, but I don't think she's here now.

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