D&D 5E Storm King's Thunder

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Carolina steps to the side to let the others lead the way in. Meanwhile, she does her best to keep an eye out for anything.... weird?

OOC: Perception: [roll0]

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Train says a blessing for Bethany, gently resting his hand on her shoulder as she does so.

[[Guidance: +1d4 to your next skill check, Charwoman Gene.]]


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Ordrar advances with others, grumbling
"If we wanted to break in, we didn't need to knock. In castles this size, when you knock, you wait. We could be seen as raiders even if we knocked first."

OOC: There would be time for a pep talk.

Carolina: You scan the garden and definitely find something weird. To your right, a large blob of moss and plant tentacles lurches forward. The shambling mound of death is about twenty feet away from the party and swings unpredictably.

Initiative Order:
19 Aremus
18 Beth
14 Carolina
5 Dren
4 Fistan
3 Tranio
2 Ordrar
Shambling Mound


"Be wary, friends!" suggests Aremus needlessly, "These creatures are dangerous and unpredictable!"

He draws his sword, charging it with divine energy so that it glows brightly and he rushes forward, trying to drive the creature away from his companions by stabbing it a few times and holding his shield in front of him.

OOC: Cast: Divine Favour (Bonus Action, 1st level slot) Attack: [roll0] for [roll]1d8+5+1d4[/roll] and [roll1] for [roll]1d8+5+1d4[/roll] piercing and radiant damage (edit: apparently that doesn't work.)
Oh and there's 7 of us, I can only grant the 8 THP to 6, so NOT ME is how Aremus would do it, unless there's objections.



Goldenfields/Cloud castle
Round 0

Dren followed the others through the gate into the gardens. When the shambling mound appeared, he spun in readiness. He drew his axe and rushed up at the monster, slashing and kicking.

Action: Handaxe attack and damage: 1D20+6 = [18]+6 = 24
1D6+3 = [6]+3 = 9

Bonus Action: Unarmed strike attack and damage: 1D20+6 = [15]+6 = 21
1D4+3 = [3]+3 = 6

Move: Up to the shambling mound
Object Interaction: Draw handaxe


AC: 16
HP: 34/41+8 thp HD: 5//5d8+2
Ki: 5/5/R
Darts 10
Arrows: 20

[sblock=Party Treasure]

Tranio - half-elf death cleric
Fistan - human wizard
Carolina - halfling rogue
Dren - dwarf monk
Bethany - human fighter
Aremus - half-elf paladin
Ordrar - dwarf eldritch knight

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