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5E Storm King's Thunder


Round 0

“Och! Aye, lad!” Dren said, holding up one of the chips to the light. He dug into his money pouch and found a couple spare chips from when they’d been on the riverboat. “Noo why would a riverboat casino chip be doon ‘ere, where’er we are?”

Dren Rockfist Character Sheet
Action (Extra Attack):
Bonus Action:
Reaction: Deflect Missiles, Opportunity Attack, or Slow Fall
Object Interaction:
Abilities to remember:

  • Fangs of Fire Snake (10’ reach)
  • Elemental Attunement (Minor effects)
  • Gong of the Summit (Shatter)
  • Deflect Missiles
  • Slow Fall (5xL)
  • Stunning Strike
  • Unarmed strikes count as magical
  • Evasion (Dex saves, half damage on fail; no damage on success)
  • Stillness of Mind (Action: remove one charmed or frightened condition)


AC: 16
HP: 40/67 HD: 8/8d8+2
Ki: 4/8/R

[sblock=Party Treasure]

Tranio - half-elf death cleric
Fistan - human wizard
Dren - dwarf monk
Bethany - human fighter
Aremus - half-elf paladin
Ordrar - dwarf eldritch knight



"Ah yes, the casino. I wonder what a giant queen would be doing on a human boat? I'm not sure she would even fit on it, let alone be comfortable. Unless she used magic to blend in. Do you know if she hid her heritage? Did she have a preferred area to visit?"


"Isn't it equally likely that normal sized humanoid went there as a spy? Maybe they prepared the way in some way?" Ordrar asks
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Aremus gave her his word, so he returned to the giantess with his discovery. As he was slightly embarrassed that he had not recognised it at first, he gave credit to his friends for identifying the gambling chip.
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