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5E Storm King's Thunder


Aremus began to steer for a bend in the river that he felt was concealed from the vantage of the casino and called to Tranio, "I would like to swoop down to the river without terrorising the local trade! Can you spot any civilian vessels around that bend to the north?"

And he called to the others, "Prepare for our descent!"


Round 0

With the descent immanent, Dren could slack off a bit from shoveling coal into the furnace. He wiped sweat and coal dust from his forehead. He was going to need a dip in the river. “D’we need t’ be presentable again?” he asked.

Dren Rockfist Character Sheet
Action (Extra Attack):
Bonus Action:
Reaction: Deflect Missiles, Opportunity Attack, or Slow Fall
Object Interaction:
Abilities to remember:
  • Fangs of Fire Snake (10’ reach)
  • Elemental Attunement (Minor effects)
  • Gong of the Summit (Shatter)
  • Deflect Missiles
  • Slow Fall (5xL)
  • Stunning Strike
  • Unarmed strikes count as magical
  • Evasion (Dex saves, half damage on fail; no damage on success)
  • Stillness of Mind (Action: remove one charmed or frightened condition)

AC: 16
HP: 67/67 HD: 8/8d8+2
Ki: 8/8/R

Tranio - half-elf death cleric
Fistan - human wizard
Dren - dwarf monk
Bethany - human fighter
Aremus - half-elf paladin
Ordrar - dwarf eldritch knight


"Sure. If you want to gamble. I would stay on this boat. But I will clean up in the river regardless of being presentable." Ordrar banks the fires and takes his equipment heading up.