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5E Storm King's Thunder

Sarissa leads the party to a seperate room where the ship is being stored. They cross through a circular glass tunnel that offers a spectacular view of the surronding ocean. Schools of bright color fish swim in all directions and strangle tendrils of reef stretch up towards the sky. One shark seems to be eyeing the two dwarfs with interest.

The room is empty save for the vessel. It no doube it an impressive and deadly craft, but something is so odd about seeing it in this giant sized setting. The airship seems almost toylike here and no doubt will be more at home in the world of man.

The princess watches as the party (some shorter members unwillingly) board the flying device and gives a small smile for the first time. "Where shall I teleport you?"

OOC: Once you're back surface side I will need someone to give an investigation roll to begin the hunt.

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Ordrar eyes the contraption with an eye of the master crafter. While he may be reluctant to enter the flying thing, he will rather fight the fortfull of giants than climb into poorly made death-trap.

Finally, without concluding anything, he at leasts trusts Aremus enough to enter the thing and believe that the sorceress will deliver them somewhere safe(r).

Ordrar check 1d20+5=12
OOC: several craft tools expertise, woodworking and mason maybe most relevant here :)

"Allow me to discuss with my companions," said Aremus to the Princess, and then he turned to the others, "We last saw the riverboat casino on the Dessarin River, travelling northward. Perhaps we should start midway at Womford and travel north ourselves? Or start far to the north, such as the Evermoors, and travel along the river southward?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"If we go too far north we could end up above enemy army with their fliers. And besides, we don't know how far the ship can go on the river.
I say we go to the ford, ask the people if the casino passed and which way."
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Round 0

“Tha’ sounds like a decent plan,” Dren agreed with Aremus (?would be good to have character names in text instead of just pronouns). “An’ I imagine we’ll be able t’ gae faster since we willnae ‘ave t’ follow every bend o’ the river an’ can gae more as the crow flies. Still keepin’ the river in sight, though. An’ ‘igher up we’ll ‘ave a better vantage t’ see ‘em from.”

Dren Rockfist Character Sheet
Action (Extra Attack):
Bonus Action:
Reaction: Deflect Missiles, Opportunity Attack, or Slow Fall
Object Interaction:
Abilities to remember:
  • Fangs of Fire Snake (10’ reach)
  • Elemental Attunement (Minor effects)
  • Gong of the Summit (Shatter)
  • Deflect Missiles
  • Slow Fall (5xL)
  • Stunning Strike
  • Unarmed strikes count as magical
  • Evasion (Dex saves, half damage on fail; no damage on success)
  • Stillness of Mind (Action: remove one charmed or frightened condition)


AC: 16
HP: 67/67 HD: 8/8d8+2
Ki: 8/8/R

[sblock=Party Treasure]

Tranio - half-elf death cleric
Fistan - human wizard
Dren - dwarf monk
Bethany - human fighter
Aremus - half-elf paladin
Ordrar - dwarf eldritch knight

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tranio likes the thought of being up high, looking down at the ground, feeling the wind on his face and imagining falling falling falling. Already his adrenaline is surging. "Thank you mylady," he says, saluting her as he looks up into her beatific face. He senses her pain, and her sadness, and thinks it makes her more beautiful because it shows she has an understanding of the world. True beauty, not just the idea of it.

He looks at the soiled hobgoblin armor he still wears, and realizes his inadequacy of receiving such kindness unasked for. But the party has come through so much.

They still have the crotch-horn that had brought them here. He does not know what would happen if it were blown again, but he does add to his thanks, "May our paths cross again, so we may reciprocate your kindness."

Tranio approves of the plan the more tactical members of his group propose.

Sarissa would watch for a moment as the party takes their places and get used to the tasks. In no time at all, the party has got the hang of things and at the airship is floating above the young storm giant. With a wave of her hand, the room fills with a magical light and suddenly a strong wind is heard.

The party would find themselves once more on the surface world they know well. Only this time they are hundreds of feet in the air above it. It is thrilling experience, especially for Tranio who has climbed up to the crows nest above the balloon.

The search begins. Anyone who would like to make an investigation roll can at this point.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Ordrar looks occasionally from the fire through the small porthole, but doesn't do much besides few deep breaths. His equipment lies in the corner, working only in the breaches and leather apron to protect the torso from the fire, he keeps the fire going.

Investigation: 1d20+2=[6]+2=8

There is not much luck at first, but eventually Tranio spots the Casino boat sailing away from Yartar. The airship is at such a height that you all remain undetected for now.

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