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D&D 5E Suggestions for 5e...are they for 5e, or "a great roleplaying game"?

There are a TON of great suggestions for 5e on these boards. Great ones.

However, some of them (e.g. throw out all classes and do x/y/z instead) sure wouldn't feel like D&D to me, and I don't think they'd much honor the history of the game.

Some of them I strongly AGREE with (such as getting rid of "you can do this once per day"....which I'm relatively sure is in every edition), and think might improve the game, but would not want WotC to actually institute as it is a departure from something present for (all of?) D&D's history.

It's my hope that WotC looks at the strengths of every edition of D&D and tries to distill that into 5e.

It's my hope that they don't just try to "make a better game" or "make a great game" but that they make a game that feels like D&D to a grognard of any prior edition (I'm including 4e as prior here).

While there are great games out there that are "pure tactics" or "storytelling" or rapid combat, or what have you....they aren't D&D.

I guess the message I'm trying to share is that there's a difference between making 5e D&D and "a fabulous fantasy game with D&D IP". I think those at WotC get that, but I just wanted to remind the forums that we're not talking about "what kind of game would you design" but rather "what is the essence of D&D...5e needs to have it."

(Of course mileage will vary as to what the "essence" of D&D is.)

I just thought I'd share something I'm keeping in the back of my mind when I make suggestions about 5e...the mantra of "ok, that might be good, but is it D&D?"
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