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For those saying Flash is doing poorly because of Multiverse and Superhero burnout...the #1 movie (in it's FOURTH WEEK of release) is Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse. Which is all multiverse, and all superhero. It's made $560M on a budget of $100M. And it beat not just Flash, but Pixar's latest (Elemental) and the tail end of the latest Transformers movie and Little Mermaid. Doesn't seem like people are waiting for streaming on it, despite it being animated.

Doesn't seem like people are burned out on multiverse or comic books so much as they don't like The Flash.

Spiderverse is more the exception now along GotG which is really the last gasp of phase 3.

Lots of underwhelming superhero movies last couple of years and 5 or so underwhelming "blockbusters".

DC is absolute shambles, MCU bit better off but way down.
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I think the 1980s was the best decade for film. Not that there aren't great movies in other decades, but EVERY YEAR in the 80s had about a dozen or more great films. I can't point to any other decade that had that many movies that were good or enjoyable.
I mean, just look at 1982 for instance, and every year that decade was like this.

Conan the Barbarian
Blade Runner
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Thing
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
First Blood
Rocky III
Sophie's Choice
An Officer and a Gentleman
The Beastmaster
Pink Floyd: The Wall
48 Hrs.
The Secret of NIMH
The Dark Crystal
The Last Unicorn
Swamp Thing
The Sword and the Sorcerer
Airplane II: The Sequel

80's had a lot of variety across the decade in multiple genres. About half the 90s are good (the first half).

70s maybe peak Hollywood for critic type films, 80s for creativity for mass market type films.
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Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
Spuderverse is more tge exception now along GotG which us really tge last gasp of phase 3.

Lots of underwhelming superhero movies last couple of years and 5 or so nderwjelming "blockbusters".

DC is absolute shambles, MCU bit better off but way down.
I'm sorry but were you typing this with your tongue?


Finally saw Quantumania. What a mess. When Marvel films work they are driven by character (c.f. the first Antman film). I challenge anyone to find me a compelling character arc in Quantumania. Maybe Darren (j/k, though he did have the closest thing to one).

This is a film that solely exists to move forward the MCUs big Multiverse plot. Like basically all of Disney+, it barely has a story to tell. It’s all prequel.


Saw the Flash. Below is my opinion (and only my opinion) of what I just saw.

Absolutely LOVED the Batman Parts. The Batman portions made the entire movie worth it. Keaton made the entire movie worth it. If you loved Batman and Batman returns, then this is the must see movie JUST for Keaton as Batman again. He nails it.

And that's the only good part of the Movie.

The movie made me cringe multiple times at how bad it did things. I couldn't believe someone thought this was awesome. I can only surmise they were Keaton Batman fans and were smitten (like I was) with overwhelming enthusiasm because...He really IS Batman. He shows he's the BEST Batman.

The CGI...I've never seen CGI this badly integrated in a movie. It's like Polar Express and Bad Playstation 2 Game cutscenes had a baby and then were input as this movies CGI. I can't even express how bad the CGI was.

Ezra Miller really doesn't do himself any favors here. His character gets somewhat less annoying by the middle and end of the movie, but most of that is simply because Keaton has great timing and great ability to make him look better. Keaton literally saves this movie from being an absolute disaster.

They need to pay Keaton 20 Million just to be Batman in another Batman movie or some sort of side Batman character for at least another movie. He really is that good (IMO) in this movie. He recaptures everything good about his original portrayal and makes it even better. Unfortunately, as I said, he is also the only good thing in this movie. (okay, there is a brief Gal Gadot cameo, that may be good for some...Supergirl at least wasn't terrible...but didn't have many lines either).
See it for Keaton's Batman. I could watch those portions over and over again. The rest of it...well...there are bad movies and then there are those that are just as bad if not worse than the 2000's D&D movie.

Oh wait...the 2000s D&D movie actually had better integration of it's CGI than the Flash there's that.


Well, I certainly wasn't planning on paying money for it; maybe watching it on Netflix or wherever at some point. Now even that seems unlikely.

At least it seems to have hit par for the course of the DCEU.

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