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Swift Concentration (C. Scoundrel), Call Lightning


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One of my players asked me such:

Does Swift Concentration from Complete Scoundrel (allowing you to concentrate on a spell as a swift action) apply to the druid spell Call Lightning?

The text of Call Lightning says:

SRD said:
However, each round after the first you may use a standard action (concentrating on the spell) to call a bolt.

Concentration on any other spell which requires it is also a standard action.

I'm inclined to rule that Call Lightning is simply a special case of a Duration: Concentration spell that only requires it when using it, and as such, it would apply.

I can't think of any other spell off-hand that uses the same mechanic, however. As far as damaging spells go, the only one coming to mind is Wall of Fire, and that's the normal Concentration+ duration.

In effect, I'm asking if the word "concentration" in Call Lightning is used merely as a verb or if it's used in the "official d20 definition" of the word.

In this PC's case, he's actually a Warlock/Spirit Shaman (interesting mix, flavor-wise), so. I think he wants to hit people with his Eldritch Blast then Lightning them the same round.

I have to say the Illusion school really looks like a lot more fun in general with Swift Concentration, though.


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There is a similar feat in C. Adv - Extraordinary Concentration (IIRC) I've been using that with my Druid for a while now. That feat requires a Concentration check to see if you can maintain you concentration as a move action, I think if you succeed on your check by more than...(x), you can maintain concentration as a free action. If you look into that feat, I think it'll explain it better than I can. But I don't see why you can't use it for Call lightning, or Flame sphere, or any of the other Duration: Concentration spells.


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I think it would definitely apply. Also, remember that all skill tricks are usable only once per encounter, so while this ability may be an effective tactic, it likely isn't going to significantly alter battle strategies or anything.

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