System Shock


Anybody else playing the remake of this classic game? I never played it back in the day, but I'm loving this version. It's a cyberpunk immersive sim with a kind of retro/pixelated 3d look with lots of neon colors. You explore the maze-like levels of a massive space station with lots of interactive parts, puzzles and hostiles.


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Front Range Warlock
I played the original. It was first real survival horror game I played from start to finish and that gave me the heebie jeebies. Also, in the original, most of the puzzles were sensible for the environment unlike, say, puzzles in most of the early Resident Evil games. That really pulled me in.


I'm thinking you could have a pretty great cyberpunk megadungeon campaign using Citadel Station. You'd probably want to add some survivors here and there for PCs to interact with, ally with or play out against each other. One level could have a giant community where life is almost normal. They also have access to a single shuttle, sending a few survivors down at a time. Except the whole community is a sham setup by the station AI to keep survivors docile, and the survivors being "shuttled" are really being sent to a medical bay to be transformed into AI-controlled cyborgs.


The original System Shock was one of my favourite games, I didn't quite buy it when it came out as there wasn't a great deal of word-of-mouth, but did pick up the budget version on CD-ROM. I can still visualise entire sections of that game as I played them, and of course SHODAN is unforgettable.

I've bought the remake, but haven't had time to play more than about an hour of it as I've been setting up a new campaign on VTT.

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