Dragonlance Takhisis Revealed In New Dragonlance Preview Art

WotC has shared some new art of Takhisis, Dragonlance’s 5-headed dragon queen.

WotC has shared some new art of Takhisis, Dragonlance’s 5-headed dragon queen.



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Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
Ah yes, Tanis Half-Yuppie.

"Kitiara, you're gonna have the Flamestrike Chili and Otik's Spiced Fried Potatoes. Palanthas Matinee called it "a playful but mysterious little dish." You'll love it. And then the Shrimp Tarsis. I think that'll follow nicely."
"You know, when I talk to a bunch of adventurers half of me keeps thinking how much fun it would be to give them some fun items, show them to the nearest dungeon, tell them what the traps are and where all the best loot is."

"And what does the other half of you think of?"

"What their heads would look like on a stick."


I've always preferred the sleeker Caldwell version of the dragons, so I'm not a huge fan of that art and they way dragons are depicted in D&D now. Eh, I guess that boat sailed more than 20 years ago though...lol
I’m with you on this. Don’t care for the new super chunky dragon design…they look ponderous, sluggish and brutish rather than sleek, sinister and intelligent like the older stuff.


Very fair. What I really mean, I guess, is art direction. The design aesthetics of dragons in dnd have always, to me, fallen so far short of anything I'd call interesting and cool/good that I wonder who the heck is making these style decisions.
Everyone's different. For me, D&D dragons are the standard I put other dragons up too and I typically find most others lacking. On the other hand, my son thinks the GoT dragons (not HotD) are the gold standard.


I can't even explain why, but the noses bother me. Like lot. They're way too human, or inhuman. It reminds me of something and I want it to stop. Especially the red and white heads.

The green one can stay.

The ones in the old version look too similar to me, I like the distinctive looks the Modern D&D Dragons have. Blue with their Rhino Horn, Black with forward facing horns and skull like head, and so on.

I don’t dislike the old version but I for sure prefer the modern looks.

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