D&D General Talking about Stepping Away from D&D?

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I just dropped a big hint "Hey, Humble Bundle is selling Pathfinder stuff", and provided a link.

I got a couple thumbs up in response, and slowly, everyone except one person in the group was at least interested in looking into PF.

The one holdout was no surprise. He's explicitly stated in the past that he doesn't like crunchy systems.
Yeah, the $5 level of that bundle is so hard to argue with, it's worth even the crunch haters (like me!) getting to check out.

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Have any of you had "the talk" at your table?
My players don't follow the news and likely know nothing (and care nothing) about the situation. But I'm running two weekly 5e games, and I'm not feeling it anymore.
I don't want to look at the books. I don't want to go with the group to watch the movie together. I don't want to drink from my D&D Tumbler. I don't want this brand in my life.
I'm wondering how the discussion might go. How do I address that I want to stop playing their favorite game because of some idealogical dispute with a corporation? How do I frame this in a way so we can all keep having fun without me looking even more dishevelled than usual?
Since my group is all pretty disgusted by WotC's actions, they all understood why I needed a break from it. Fortunately, our group rotates our GMs, so I was merely the next person up to run, and another GM took over with a new SWADE game in the meantime.

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