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Sniper o' the Shrouds
This is the Table of Contents for the games played here, at Enworld. Hopefully, every game will be posted here. This index is primarily here to help locate long lost threads and to help draw attention to your games.

Everyone is invited to post their games here. Using this thread helps keep massive groups of threads, like the 3rd Industrial Revolution, from becoming lost into the void of forgotten threads.
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(CLOSED) The Light Hearted Hack n' Slash

Created by: Creamsteak
(LHHS) The Light Hearted Hack n' Slash Game (I)
(LHHS) The Light Hearted Hack n' Slash Game (II)
(LHHS) The Light Hearted Hack n' Slash Game (III)

(LHHS) OOC Thread I
(LHHS) OOC Thread II
[LHHS] Plots and Places
(LHHS) Characters and Creatures

The Light Hearted Hack n' Slash (LHHS) is a non-traditional DnD game based on a homebrew world of my own concoction. The game tries to focus on humor, sub-plots, cliche' characters, intertwined and impossibly complicated goals, and hacking bad guys to pieces. The open ended plots and intertwined motives keep the players interested, and the dedicated players keep the DM moving. We have a great cast of players: Reapersaurus, Kalanyr, Lichtenhart, Macbrea, Dalamar, Darkwolf, and Creamsteak.
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Heroes of the Worlds:

Heroes of the worlds(Or HotW as it is commonly abbreviated) is a game that takes characters from all across fantasy, and moves them into a planescape campaign that is a flight from danger to danger, filled with interesting character interaction. Thought up by Deedlit, DMed by Kalanyr, it contains Creamsteak(As Samanosuke of Onimusha), Deedlit(As Deedlit of Lodoss War), Dalamar(As Dalamar of Dragonlance), Sollir Furryfoot(Previously as Yuna of Final Fantasy 10 and now as Xellos of Slayers), Darkwolf(As Filia of Slayers), and Reapersaurus(As Ash from the Evil Dead movies), as players, and once also contained Archmage_2001(As Althalus from the book by David and Leigh Eddings known as "The redemption of Althalus".) and Graydoom(As Black Mage from the webcomic 8-bit theater, found at

Heroes of the Worlds: OOC thread
Heroes of the worlds:part I
Heroes of the worlds: Part II
Heroes of the Worlds: Character sheets
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The Psionicle

The initial post that began the casting call for this game was posted around 9:30 pm on December 31, 2001, on the previous incarnation of the boards. Since then, the game has had over 1000 posts and several threads in its name.

Set in a world of my own design, the Psionicle is unique in the fact that it uses magic, psionics, and technology as the balance of power rather than tradiitonal good/evil and law/chaos power structures.

The goal of the characters in the Psionicle is to create an artifact of the same name, and therefore restoring psionics to its full power and ensuring its safety. Should they fail, they and all other psionic creatures will lose their psionic abilities and eventually fade away with their powers.

Those involved are...

Jarval, as Jansson Monachorum
Zhure, as Osius
Dalamar, as Syld
creamsteak, as Animus
dkoz, as Desimus

The following links can also be found by clicking on The Psionicle in my sig.

Current Threads
IC - Part VII
OoC - Thread II

IC Threads
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI

OoC Threads
Thread I

Character Threads
Thread I
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Warriors of Dawn, Knights of Twilight

This is for the Warriors of Dawn, Knights of Twilight game. (description later when the prologue ends and the actual game begins)

Player List:
Creamsteak, as Balbanes Beoulve
Dalamar, as Ganradh Manyface
Darkwolf, as Kayuzo
Deedlit, as Quivalen
Gnomeworks, as Darcis
Jarval, as Angelo
Lichtenhart, as Xanadil
Mr. Draco, as Relanoth of the Wind
Zack, as Ghaleon

Current Threads:
Warriors of Dawn, Knights of Twilight IC Thread, Prologue - Chapter One
OOC Thread for Warriors of Dawn, Knights of Twilight
Characters for the Warriors of Dawn, Knights of Twilight Game
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The Third Gnomish Industrial Revolution

Created by: Edena_of_Neith
Links Organized by: Kalanyr

1st and 2nd IRs

3rd IR (Aborted Attempted) (This overwhelmed the messageboards of the time and several critical posts were lost from these threads, so they make little sense they are archived here only for completeness)
(IR) What would your PC do, if he or she received the Sending of the Wanderer?
(IR) What would your PC do if he or she received the Wanderer's Sending - Thread Two

3rd IR
(IR) Out Of Character Talk (Not in order because it has stuff from all over various turns.)

(IR) Preparations for the IR
(IR) Preparations for the IR, Thread 2
(IR) Preparations for the IR - Thread 3
(IR) Preparations for the 3rd IR - Thread 4
(IR) Preparations for the IR- 5th Thread (Final)
(IR) Preparations for the IR - Thread 5 (AND IT WILL BE THE LAST ONE!)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 0 - The Sending of the Wanderer
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 1 - WAR!
(IR) IR Interlude between Turn 1 and Turn 2
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 2 (thread 1)
(IR) 3rd IR, 2nd Turn (thread 2)
(IR) IR Interlude, between Turns 2 and Turns 3
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 3 (thread 1)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 3 (thread 2)
(IR) IR Interlude, between Turns 3 and 4
(IR) IR Interlude between Turns 3 and 4 (thread 2)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 4 (thread 1)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 4 (thread 2)
(IR) IR Interlude, Turn 4 to Turn 5
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 4 - 5 (thread 2) The Wanderer Arrives
(IR) IR Interlude Turns 4 - 5 (thread 3) The Wanderer Demands Answers
(IR) IR Interlude Turns 4 - 5 (thread 4)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 5 (thread 1)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 5 (thread 2)
(IR) IR Interlude: Turns 5-6 (Thread 1) (Wasn't a real interlude)
(IR) 3rd IR, Turn 5 (thread 3)
(IR) IR Interlude, Turn 5 - Turn 6 (No fighting during the Interlude)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 2)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 3)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 -6 (Thread on backup boards) (Contains some stuff from later turns)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 4)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 4)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 5)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread one)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread 2)
(IR) The 3rd IR - Turn 6 Thread 2.5 (Holding thread -discussion and actions)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread 3)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread 4)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 6 - Turn 7 (thread 1)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 6 - Turn 7 (thread 2)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 6 - Turn 7 (thread 3)
(IR) IR Interlude Turn 6 - Turn 7 (thread 4)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 1) (Aborted Thread)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 1 - thread restarted)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 2)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 3)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 4)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 5)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 6)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 7)
(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 8)
(IR) The Final Thread of the 3rd IR

Not Directly Related But Of Interest
(IR) An Atlas of the IR
Who's Your PC
(IR) Just a little humor

(Finished, unless someone wants to provide me with good copies of the Aborted 3rd IR )
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(Closed) The Epic Dungeon Crawl

Created by: Creamsteak

(EPIC) Recruitment (Closed)
(EPIC) Out of Character I
(EPIC) The Epic Dungeon Crawl: Characters (The Old Rogue's Gallery Thread)
[EPIC] The Introduction of the Trollforge
[EPIC] Characters and Creatures
[EPIC] Out of Character II

This game is still being constructed. It is an Epic Dungeon Crawl, starting at 20th level. 10 Players are already involved, more than enough. If you want in, and your not in the game already -feel free to post in the OOC thread, and you will be added to the waiting list. Deaths are permanent in this all too powerful game, so you may get rotated in sooner than you expected.
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The LHHS Minigame: Kobold Empire!

(LHHS) [Mini-Game] Kobold Empire: We do this for Kurtulmak! (I)

(LHHS) [Mini-Game] (OOC: Thread I): Gruegel Mountain: Kobold Empire!
(LHHS) Plots & Places

This closed game was based on the adventures of a group of four kobolds, dedicated to forming their own tribe and becoming the most powerful kobold tribe in the region, by subverting other tribes, building a strong kobold economy, and attracting a Dragon Patron. It never quite made it off the ground.

-Closed due to disinterest, but maybe another rendition will be opened by another DM sometime.
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Gangs of Texas
The setting is Houston, Texas post-Enron. All the PCs begin as ordinary citizens (with heroic potential) who live in or are somehow associated with the most dangerous ghetto in the south's largest city. Even though it appears to be action-packed with gangs and the violence that goes along with them, this is primarily a gritty political drama and an inherent mystery.

The game is self-rated PG-17 for violence and mature themes. Reality is a dark, dark world.

IC Thread
OOC Thread
Rogue Gallery

The "In Character" Character Game
This game is a fun romp through the insanity that is myself. You play yourselves as D20 Modern Characters who find themselves caught up in strange events while at a game convention. Lots of crazy things happen as Enworlders get to know each other while solving a mystery.

Recruitment is always open. Unlimited players.

IC thread
OOC Thread
Rogue Gallery

CowBoy BeBop Game: Session One: Funky Martian Monks

Done in the tradition of the CowBoy BeBop anime--its action, adventure, plenty of humor and great jazz/blues music to boot in the world 2011 post- Moon explosion.

IC thread
OOC thread
Rogue Gallery

Resident Evil

The name says it all---Survival Horror at its best.

IC thread
OOC thread
Rogue Gallery
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Games run by Krizzel:


Metal Joe d20 Modern / OOC / Cast of Characters

Metal Joe is a game set in a hypothetical near future, drawing elements from both GI Joe comics and the Metal Gear video games. The PCs are part of an elite U.S. military black ops squad that deals with terrorist threats that no one else can.

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Bob Aberton

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Deep Water and Shoals

Deep Water and Shoals is a swashbuckling campaign in which the characters battle storms, pirates, sea monsters, mutinies, and dishonest shipping agents, all for 25 gp a month and all the hardtack and salt pork they can eat ;) .

I'll post a link later...

Viking Bastard

Games run by Mastermind:


Serpent City and the other Free Cities have been ruled by the Merchant Guild for over five decades now but are now for the first time vulnerable. One of the Guildmasters went insane, headed a coup and killed all the other masters except one, Guildmaster Ztorialim. During his reign he participated in a bloody war that has left parts of the city as well as neighbourhood town Carthill completely devastaded. It was only through the actions of heroes of the city's police was he stopped and dethroned.

Quickly Ztorialim formed a new Guild Council, but the damage was done. Potential customers looked elsewhere with their business, the other political powers saw this as the perfect time to steal a slice of the Guild's cake and worst of all, the people that the Guild governs have lost the faith in their rulers.

Quick action was needed and while the Guild tries to mend it's public image, Ztorialim founded the secret group of specialists known as the Black Cloaks, to prevent that anything like this ever happends again. To serve and to protect the Guild, it's subjects and the status Quo.

Welcome to Project Black Dagger .


IC Threads:

OOC Threads:
OCC Thread

Recruitment Threads:
Original Thread
'Help!' Thread

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