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The Divine Records of Exalted Deeds and Vile Darkness

[CoC] Nocturnum

d20 Call of Cthulhu game

Welcome to the depth of madness. Here you can explore the recesses of the mind. The Forsaken One has decided to delve into the insanity that is Nocturnum and is dragging us with him. We currently reside at the Snowflake Valley where we seem to just be begining our troubles.

Now the question is will we reach the fate that many other investigators have? Will we sucummb to the terrors that only the sane dare speak about in the dark? Will we lock our doors at night and hear the sounds of the mad?

Lovecraft has written many a tales of the mad meeting their doom at the hands of an unnameable creature, or the tenticles of a Great Old One. What shal be Doc, James, Jason, Ray, and Ross' fate. To fall to the bottem of a pit of blackness? To be draged into the deep abyss of Dagon? Only time will tell.

You can join us on our quest into the unknown. . .

--By Matthew Williamson aka ShaperMC

Part I -- Chapter 1 -- Snowflake Valley

Part I -- Chapter 2 -- The Madness of the Twilight Queen
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The Phoenix Rising

The Phoenix Rising

This is a campaign based in the World of Greyhawk. Set in the year 585 C.Y., almost a year after the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk which ended the Greyhawk Wars, six unlikely heroes are gathered from the four corners of the Flanaess and brought together to form the Phoenix Guard.

Under the aegis and guidance of Tarvoden Half-elf, a Knight of the Hart and devoted enemy of Iuz the Evil, the troupe sally forth to combat and undermine the legendary Old One and his minions.


drs as Grenier Elderich, a former noble of occupied Geoff. A reluctant user of his natural magical abilities he carries an arsenal of weapons and a sly grin.

Gabriel Pérez Gallardi as M'faro of Tenh, an embittered warrior forced to flee his homeland by the invading forces of Stonefist. He yet carries the hope that one day he will return and regain the lands of his people.

Poto Knezer as Manzanita Sparrow, the half-elven bardess from Celene who seeks the righteous end of evil and to find her estranged father.

johnsemlak as Clete Boyer, a wily former resident of the City of Hawks who was naturally inclined towards the roguish arts and seeks a life of adventure.

Gary Holian as Garik Sammal, the mysterious warrior from the Baklunish nation of Zeif who says all he needs to with his actions.

Narrator as Bor, whose only wish is to return to the simple life of farming but who must earn riches in order to save his family from a live of servitude and poverty.

The adventure is run by strict guidelines for posting and so the format is regular and easy to follow.

Posts are only ever made using the nicks especially created for the game, which even governs the DM of the game, Fourecks, who posts under the nick of 'Narrator'.

Lurkers are welcome and can watch the proceedings at the following URL: The Phoenix Rising.

Feel free to chime in on the OOC thread that can be found here: OOC.

There is also a website for the players where battlemaps, NPC's, character sheets and game information can be accessed, here: The Phoenix Rising (currently still in the alpha stage of production... since I have to wait for permission from an artist, I have to nix this for a bit so the above url won't work yet).

Lastly, a chatroom has been made for the convenience of the players but anyone wanting to chat is welcome to pop by. Simply log on to chat.psionics.net and join the channel #tpr.
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Julie and I miss her
My PbP Campaigns

I currently run two campaigns in French.
  • The first one is a solo campaign with Julie as the sole player. It can be found here.. This campaign is currently on hold 2003-11-20
  • The second one aims at running the Adventure Path series from Dungeon Magazine. It can be found here.
Happy reading.
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First Post
House Millithor in the City of the Spider Queen

The OOC and Character Creation thread is here:

The IC thread the House Millithor in the City of the Spider Queen in the playing the game forum is here:


For character background and the character sheets, see the House Millithor in the City of the Spider Queen thread in the Rogues Gallery forum

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First Post
Spycraft: Project Duct Tape
The Alphabet Agency specializes in investigating crimes perpetrated by and against alien life forms on the planet Earth. Sounds easy, huh... well there is also the fact that a vast majority of humans don't realize that aliens live among them & the Agency need to keep it that way.:)

IC Thread/OOC Thread/Rogue's Gallery

d20:Modern: Dark City Explorer's Company
Ms. Eliza Bloome has hired a band of intrepid misfits to explore ancient ruins in the quest for artifacts from an ancient civilization.

IC Thread/OOC Thread/Rouge's Gallery
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Living EN World Judge
Games that I am currently running...

Under a Vaulted Sky:The Silver Door
A desperate Quest by Drow House Ferach to save themselves in the post-civil war of Thelaru-acli, primary Drow City of this area of the Underdark.Characters include Drow,a Half-Ogre,a Hobgoblin,
a Bugbear and a Half-Fiend Troll. The group is delving within an old Duergar stronghold, looking for a mysterious 'Silver Door' seen in the Dreams of the party's Wizard.This one will affect my UaVS Political Overgame when I get that started, as Ferach's fortune is prcarious at best right now.

OoC Thread

In Character thread

This one doesn't have a Rogue's Gallery, as the characters barely trust each other, thus the secretive nature (It is making for much fun in emails and plotting...)

Under a Vaulted Sky:Yrtchull's Return

Also set in my Drow setting, albeit away from the City right now, this game focuses on Yrtchull Ferach, brother of two of the treacherous characters in the Silver Door game. Yrtchull was abandoned to die (or worse) in an ill-fated expedition to the Caverns of Borog a week before the Silver Door game takes place.
Awaking in a cell in a troglodyte Infested Keep, Yrtchull has found one of his former soldiers (an orc now transformed with the Reptile template), recently rescued his friend and cousin Cambrech and thrown his lot in with a Githzerei and a Tiefling Wizard (as well as one other Drow) ina bid to escape the Keep of this mad Vivisectionist Mage. These folks started in dire straits (some with NO Equipment), and they are doing a fine job of surviving so far...

OoC Thread

IC thread

No Rogue's Gallery as above. Partly for the above-mentioned reasons and partly because one of these characters is coming back 'Home' to seek revenge on his sisters, I wouldn't want them to be able to Meta-Game each other. Sticky situation, since a few of the characters in the other game are fast friends with Yrtchull, though they believe him dead at this point.

The Dungeon:Out of Whistle
My strangest Game.
Part 'Labyrinth', part Wizard of Oz and part 'The Dungeon' by Phillip Jose farmer, in general feel anyways. This game is a whatever/whoever/however sort of thing.
I allowed any D20 material, fantasy,SF,Modern et al (as long as not from a published literary source, since I might like to write this up myself some time soon).

The part consists of a Kender Wizard, a Dwarf Fighter/Barbarian, a Crane Samurai from Rokugan, an Elven Cleric from an alternate16th Centry Europe (with magic, of course),a Human Cleric (Gond the Wonderbringer) from Faerun and a smartass little Atomie Rogue NPC that they have rescued from inside a box found in a Dracolisk's lair...
Highlights include: Riddling with a gargantuan Earth Elemental, encountering a Demon and a Devil involved in a pointless game (a twisted carry-on of the Bloodwar), battling a Hedgotaur <and I thought that the plant template from Manual of the Planes wouldn't get any use) and spooky Carnival Style rides that drop them off at various 'House of Horrors' style locations.
All to carry some silly box to the Gnome King in the City of Clocks to fulfill a Geas...

RG (although they still need to post them there...)

Remnants of the Horde:Flight from Aruth
For this one I took a simple concept, Savage Species Monsters as PCs and inserted it into a Historic situation.
Namely, the monsters (dwellers of the northern land of Myrach) are the Germanic tribes of early Europe. More advanced, with dragon Kings and all, but they are the thorn on the side of Aruth, the Fascist Elven Land that is the most powerful in the land (Rome).
Well, the Aruthians are finally tired of those pesky monsters, so a great Crusade is being launched. The PCs are the remnants of Iron King Zuregath, a Half-Red Dragon Wizard who fell to his death the morning of the Campaign's start.
Several days later, the PCs have encountered Silver Dragons (killed by the frightening Bargo and Durgo, see RG), Umber Hulk riding Goblins (who effected a timely escape from really bad odds for our heroes), they have become embroiled in the enmity of several Hags in a Marsh (currently trying to assasinate one for another one in hopes of a <promised> teleport Home to Myrach and Treant-Wights (Williow with Draining Willow Strands as a ranged touch attack, ugly things).


I realized that I didn't have any games where the PCs were 'Good Guys'. The Dungeon has basically good aligned PCs, but they are just trying to survive.
No, I needed a Grand Quest, so, picking up a concept for a Campaign that I had a few years ago (where three dwarf Princes searched through an ancient Ruined City for the Sceptre of Kings, thus finding a way for one of them to have an Indisputable Claim to the Throne (their Father having died without naming an Heir...)
Anyways, the PCs are a Prince (Paladin) and a whole host of companions and troops as well coming to the war-torn and ruined city of Cuvaghn, where the remnants of a Grand Crusade of Dwarfs (think Moria but BIGGER) have come to a massive standstill in their attempt to rid the place of Orcs,goblins,Drow and some things left UnNamed. You see, there is this REALLY BIG and NASTY Dragon that the Dwarves woke up last year, the very same one that sacked Cuvaghn some 500 years past...Oh well, 'Heroic' needs Epic baddies after all.

The Sceptre of Kings:A Heroic Dwarven Quest
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