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The Divine Records of Exalted Deeds and Vile Darkness


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Ask not what your country could do for you.
Ask what it could do to you.
A Mutants & Masterminds game about Mutants and their place in the world. This is pretty much the X-Men theme in another world with new faces. Only in this world life realy looks much more as it would if people like Kelly had their way.
The background can be found in the first two posts here:

Set in Costa Rica, one of the few mutant friendly countries the game is currently about a school for young mutants. Good old soap+comic mix with just a hint of the things to come...
Mutant High:
Episode1: Dawn of the Future
Episode2: Russians and Fishmen?!
Episode3:Speed Limit
Episode4: Deadzone

with a special thanks to Mark "Brave new World" Forbeck
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doghead's vile deeds


nameless - 3.5 edition gng classless charcter generation homebrew.

Thomas Hobbes as Cromwell of St Richards, Halforc male holy warrior.
Dr Zombie as Nathan Ay'Tennar, Human Male raging blacksmith
Maerdwyn as Fredar, Human male ner-do-well.

Shamutanti Hills - 3.5 edition gng psionic game.

Sado as Casparen, Human male Soulknife
Diirk as Erik the Bold, Human male Psychic Warrior
Eluvan as Lirithan, Human male Psion
Scotley as Bendyn, Human male Psion/Psychic Warrior.

* For a complete list of my pbp games with links, see my sig.
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Andrew D. Gable

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Silentspace's PbP

Storms of Change
IC 1 2 3 4 5
OOC 1-2 3 4 5
RG 1-2 3 4 5
Re-recruitment threads 1 3

The Underdark Primeval

Games I'm in:
Invelion in "Of Jungle Deeps and Ocean Depths". DM Isida Kep'Tukari IC OOC RG
Oculus in "The Village of Prumen/The Hero of Mergovie". DM DarkMaster IC IC2 IC3 OOC RG
The Priest in "Once Upon A Time in the Wierd West". DM Krug IC OOC/RG
Majakilar in "Sons of Krauss Age of Worms Adventure Path", DM Branding OpportunityIC OOC RG
Rhakzan in "Eye of Profane Truth", DM Rkhet IC OOC RG

Retired games or characters:
There were games from before I made this post, but I've lost the threads.
Pumbar Littletoes in "The Crucible of Faith". DM Goddess FallenAngel IC OOC Recruitment RG
Vishan Xandrythar in "Shackled City". DM Cry Havoc IC OOC
Anya in "Against the Crimson Tides". DM Paxus Asclepius IC OOC RG
Living Enworld: Mintrik. Was in Pest removal at unusual height and depth
Rashak Varin in "City of the Spider Queen". DM Rayex IC OOC RG
Trapmaster Turlough in "The Sceptre of Kings". DM Uriel IC OOC RG
Majakilar in "Age of Worms" Adventure Path, DM Krauss von Espy IC OOC RG
Mek Ju in lonesoldier's The Gods Themselves OOC
Cade Thorngage in AmorFati's City of the Spider Queen IC OOC RG
Pate Pot Pete's Troubleshooters for the Gods OOC
Faelar Tarnruth in "A Tale of Two Dragons". DM Rae ArdGaoth IC OOC/RG
Northblade in "Sigil, A Fresh Start". DM Legolizard IC OOC RG
Ven Stormfang in "The Sea's Righteous Might". DM reddist IC OOC/RG
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