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The Divine Records of Exalted Deeds and Vile Darkness

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Mark Chance

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The Nefarium: A collection of bad guys.

A Dark and Stormy Night: Heroes try to save an infant kidnapped by zombies.

Answering the Call: Heroes based at Borderland Keep bring the fight to the Caves of Chaos.

Champions of Bloodscale Clan: Kobold champions try to discover the origin of marauding plant monsters.
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Wing and Sword: a d20 Modern military campaign

Wing and Sword is a d20 Modern play-by-post military mini-campaign of counter-insurgency actions during the Algerian War of the 1950s and 1960s.

The player characters are légionnaires of the 1er Regiment Étranger de Parachutistes (REP), the First Foreign Parachute Regiment, assigned to suppress the insurrection lead by the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN). FLN insurgents have been striking at civilian and military targets in the hinterland since 1954, but terrorist attacks in the large cities of Algiers, Oran, and Constantine are on the rise and the gendarmerie and sector troops assigned to the country are proving insufficient to stem the bloodshed. The French government begins a massive troop build-up in Algeria in 1956, but knows that conscripts alone will not be enough – the toughest assignments will fall to the men wearing a silver badge of a winged fist clutching a sword on their berets: Les Paras.

The paras are Légionnaire Marcel Benezet Fortier (played by Bobitron), Légionnaire Pyotr Andreievich Kerenin (played by shadowbloodmoon), Légionnaire Normand Joseph Mador (played by Barak), and Légionnaire Vidal Gaspard (played by знаток).

The campaign consists of eight operations (adventures) each made up of three to fourteen engagements (encounters), plus a prologue and epilogue. They are as follows:

Operations and Engagements
Chat et Souris (prologue)
Life During Wartime: The Farm / Hearts and Minds / The Tomb of Abd-el-Hamou / Sidi Moussem
Maquisards: Pyrite / Bouclage / Flight of the Toucans / Razzia / Operation Bluebird
Musketeers: Revise III / Snake in the Garden / Al-Quantarah / Peacekeepers
The Battle of Algiers: Ratonnade I / The Strike / Ratonnade II / Powder Keg / Ratonnade III / Killing an Arab / Ratonnade IV / Corsairs of the Barbary Coast / Parade Rest / Home Guard / Hinterland / Café Figaro / Standoff in the Casbah / Rue Canton
Lines in the Sand: The Legion of Gaius Marius / Breakthrough / Regroupement / Barrages / Leopards / Chott Melrhir / Decision at El Bira / Black Gold / Katiba 144
Ghosts of the Sahara: Fort Galliéni / Bir Djedad / Méharistes
Steamroller: Oranie: Paix des Braves / Courroie: Oued Wahlah / Courroie: Les Lapins / Étincelle: Little Brothers / Jumelles: Flying Banana Down / Jumelles: Djebel-el-Ghazi / Jumelles: Frostfire
Plus Ultras: On the Barricades / Peace Talks / Sagh Ettani Rabih / "République algierienne" / Tricolore / Crescent and Star / The Putsch
Paris (epilogue)

(note: adventure list subject to revision)

Story Hour
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Bad Moon over California is a one-shot D20 adventure using the excellent Sidewinder: Recoiled by Dog House Rules. I am considering running a Western campaign if this adventure plays out well. The characters are troubleshooters hired by a US marshal to investigate the strange happenings in a town in Northern California's Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Piece of Mind is a d20 Modern play-by-post contemporary horror and sci fi campaign set in the darkest corners of the present day.

The adventurers come from a variety of backgrounds, hired to search for a vanished pharmaceutical researcher - the search for the missing doctor will lead them into something unexpected...

Thin Air



4e Battle of Good & Evil

The 4e Battle of Good & Evil is a non-traditional game where each player runs the tactics for monsters in gladiatorial combat. Test out the new 4e tactics here!

I am using a Personal Hosted forum here at ENWorld to run the game. Just follow the link in my signature to get there or click on the Personal/Hosted Forums category of the messageboards.

There are plenty of openings for new players! Use the Sign Up thread to join.
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Dreaming For Ever is a roleplay with an unlimited amount of players and is planned to be playing it for very long. In it, you play Dungeons and Dragons styled gods. :D

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