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The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
@Psykick Don't sell yourself short. I've lost on round 1 on more than one occasion. Plus my time is constrained harder than it's ever been; I think I have maybe 4 or 5 hours to work on this Wednesday and that's the most open day...

Wisdom Seeker

Wandering Warrior
That judgement was correctly harsh, I think. I did feel like the ingredients were a bit far-fetched to put together, which is why I struggled to come up with something that even included them all. IMO, 'Land Pirates' was far and away the most difficult ingredient especially because it's barely internally consistent on its own (Land Pirates == Pirates Who Don't Do Anything). But I suppose that's the point of the Iron in Iron DM.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
@Wisdom Seeker generally participants put their comments in the competition thread so they can be seen by posterity (and the whatever viewing public there is) since this thread will be irrelevant as soon as the tournament is over.

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