The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

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so they had to redo how the chatbot tay worked after the internet (trolls) got a hold of it Tay (chatbot) - Wikipedia

and they guys in charge Had To Delete 'Urban Dictionary' Data from The Watson Super Computer System Because The Machine Started Cursing.

Honestly at this point it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle or to heavily enforce any laws since it seems like anyone with a decent GPU can make one.

And fwiw, there it is: The platforms hosting the content get the licensing money, not the creators generating the content.
Not only are modern social media users the product, but they're increasingly the free labor.
As well as hacking you. I had a friend who worked for them, he said over half of the users data being stolen is by disgruntled employees, which tracks with usually 60% of stolen merchandise is by employees too.


Bruce Baugh, Writer of Fortune
You ever get the impression that some people are posting out of the wrong century here? And I don’t mean the 20th, which is understandable for any of us GenX gamers. I mean the 19th century.
There always seem to be some folks rounding up infants for the next sacrifice to the Moon goddess so that the river rises on time and the harvest is good. Very progressive. For the 19th century. BCE.

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