The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

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Look if you start checking to see if characters have enough food the next logical step that will happen in your game is that you will have to keep track of how much they brush and if they get cavities. If you introduce a system of taxes that exist in your setting, the next thing you know you will insist on PCs spending time at the table filling out a 1040 long form. That is just science. You cannot keep from sliding down that slope. Literally impossible.

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No. Even if we disregard spammers, or people who were previously banned and using alts (who we can sometimes get before a single post is made), there have been folks whose first post was so egregious that they had to be removed on that alone.
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The bagel dog is delicious!

I used to work at Pretzel Time in the local mall years ago. We made pretzel dogs. They're pretty damn tasty with some of the pretzel toppings on them.

(Fun fact: Most people don't realize that the only difference between pretzel dough and pizza dough is several cups of sugar...)

This almost makes me want to start a poll thread with this as the main question . . almost. . . except it'd probably make my brain explode, make the mods' jobs harder, and have to be in the Meta forum which means no one would see it. :LOL:

But it might be a fun thought exercise in this thread for grousing to imagine what the poll choices might be. ;)

At least for me, I migrated here with the rest of the refugees from the sinking of the WotC D&D forums, and I've hung around long after most of the others left mainly because I'm a lazy s.o.b. who couldn't be bothered to go looking for another forum.

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