The Kolloseaum: Team Go Hard or Go Home (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar)

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: I suppose I should have stated it, but any time you miss a goblin, if they can shift and it won't take them out of a scoring zone, they will. The sorcerer wouldn't (he'd have to leave the Outtown District to do so), but keep it in mind. If you do miss with an attack, I'll trust you guys to have them shift to where they'd want to go.

@WEContact , unfortunately that roll is lost.

Edit: just noticed that everyone has posted. Don't think I have enough time to run a turn right now... will be later tonight or tomorrow when I have time.
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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
Match One: The Assault on Anakabar, Round 2

The crowd roars as Rilissa somersaults across the Outtown houses, then again as illusionary flames flare up from Northtown.

The Sorcerer blinds Corragan just as the druid starts to recover from the first one. The goblin's cackles turn into shrieks as it too tries to run across the wall to the Bluffhold and falls into the boiling harbor.

The other goblins attack, a shield bearer and a sniper nearly dropping the blinded druid while another scrambles into Commonside and shoves Sha'kar out of the city entirely.

Rikroc stands up in the trees and takes careful aim, hitting Corragan square in the back, nearly killing the druid outright...

GM: Ignatz can't take a move action after a charge so I left him in M10. Also note that crossing walls in the city costs 1 extra square of movement.

To be clear, like last turn, K7 (where Sha'kar is) is outside the city walls.

[sblock=Enemy Actions]Goblin Sorcerer 1: Blinding Flash(+2 CA): 16 Fort vs Corragan's Fort 13(+2 Cover), hit, 10 damage and Corragan is Blind until the end of the Sorcerer's next turn. Move to J16, Acrobatics 9 vs DC 15, fail, fall into water and take 5 fire damage.

Goblin Assaulter 3: OA(when Ignatz charges Sorcerer): 12 AC vs Ignatz's AC 19(+2 cover), miss. Battle Axe: 13 AC vs Dina's AC 17, miss. Shift to L6.
Goblin Assaulter 8: Move, Athletics 6 to jump over I6 to H7, success, Athletics 22 vs Wall DC 15, success to I8. Battle Axe: CRIT vs Sha'kar, 5 damage and push 1.

Goblin Shield Bearer 4: Move to I10. Short Sword(+2 CA): 25 AC vs Corragan's AC 16, hit, 4 damage. Corragan is marked by Shield Bearer 4 until the end of the goblin's next turn.
Goblin Shield Bearer 8: Move to L5. Charge to N7, Short Sword(+1 Charge): CRIT vs Rilissa, 4 damage. Rilissa is marked until the end of the goblin's next turn.

Goblin Sniper 2: Shortbow(+2 CA): 25 AC vs Corragan's AC 18(+2 cover), hit, 5 damage. Move to H14, Athletics 6 vs Wall DC 15, fail.

Goblin Warmonger Rikroc: Stand. Longbow(+2 CA): 28 AC vs Corragan's AC 18(+2 cover), hit, 15 damage and Corragan grants CA until the end of the goblin's next turn.

Reinforcement Roll: 2 vs DC 19, fail. Reinforcement now DC 18.

Corragan: I11, -12/28hp, unconscious, dying, blinded, marked(Shield Bearer 4), grants CA, prone
Sha'kar: K7, 20/30hp
Rilissa: O8, 14/27hp, marked(Shield Bearer 8)
Ignatz: M10, 2+25/30hp, Thunderfury Rage
Dina: K8, 18/24hp

All enemies have Goblin Tactics(Immediate Reaction, when missed by an attack): the Goblin shifts 1 square.

Goblin Warmonger Rikroc: C3, 37/46hp, concealment
Goblin Warmonger: 46 HP, AC 18, Fort 16, Ref 17, Will 16. MBA: +9 vs AC, 1d8+6 damage.

Goblin Sorcerer 1: J18, 41/46hp, in water
Goblin Sorcerer: 46 HP, AC 17, Fort 14, Ref 15, Will 16. MBA: +8 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage and slide 1.
Goblin Sorcerers Killed: 1

Goblin Sniper 2: H14
Goblin Sniper: Minion, AC 13, Fort 12, Ref 14, Will 12. MBA: +6 vs AC, 4 damage.
Goblin Snipers Killed: 3

Goblin Assaulter 3: L6
Goblin Assaulter 8: I8, Aegis(Rilissa)
Goblin Assaulter: Minion, AC 12, Fort 13, Ref 13, Will 12. MBA: +6 vs AC, 5 damage and push 1.
Goblin Assaulters Killed: 6

Goblin Shield Bearer 4: I10
Goblin Shield Bearer 8: N7
Goblin Shield Bearer: Minion, AC 16, Fort 13, Ref 13, Will 12. MBA: +8 vs AC, 4 damage. Effect: The target is marked by the Shield Bearer. Shield Bearer Aura: All allies gain +1 AC/Ref per shield bearer adjacent to them.
Goblin Shield Bearers Killed: 6

Effect Key: location, hp/max hp, damage related, TenT or TsnT, conditional, save ends, encounter[/sblock]

[sblock=Terrain]Walls: Crossing the walls takes an extra square of movement if you are crossing between walls within the city or crossing walls to leave the city. Crossing walls to enter the city takes a DC15 Athletics (Climb) check.

Cover: The walls grant cover against attacks made from outside the city to the inside.

Water: The water is boiling for extra drama. Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the water takes 5 fire damage. The Athletics DC to swim in it is DC 10.

Walls in Water: Creatures can cross the wall segments in the water leading to the Bluffhold by making a DC15 Acrobatics check. Failure means the move action ends and the creature falls into and adjacent water square. Crossing the gap at L16 requires a DC 10 Athletics (Jump) check.

Difficult Terrain: City, forest, and river squares are difficult terrain. For any square, its terrain type is whatever the majority of the square contains. When in doubt, ask for clarification.

Obscurement: Forest squares are light obscurement (grant concealment, 5 squares of them provide total concealment).[/sblock]

[sblock=Special Rules][sblock=Appease the Crowd]
*As a minor action, a PC may make a skill check to wow the crowd. If they succeed at the check, they gain +2 to their next d20 roll if they beat the DC, plus +2 per 5 by which they beat the DC. If the check is failed, the PC takes a -2 penalty to their next d20 roll, -2 more per 5 by which they miss the DC.

I.E, if the DC is 15, 1-5 would be -6, 6-10 would be -4, 11-14 would be -2, 15-19 would be +2, etc.

*All skill DCs will start at 15 and each individual skill's DC goes up by 2 per time the skill is used as the crowd gets more jaded. The DCs go up at the end of the round in which they are used. The DCs do not drop between arena rounds.

*Any skill can be used, as long as the player can provide relevant character action to back up the roll.

Current Skill DCs:
Athletics: 17
Perception: 17
Others: 15[/sblock]

[sblock=The Siege]Overrun: If any enemy starts their turn within a district (any of the eight labelled areas with cities) that district is "overrun" for the remainder of the match.

Loss Condition: If six of the eight districts are "overrun", the group loses and everyone dies (To the Death).

Reinforcements: At the end of each of the monster's turns there is a chance reinforcements will arrive. I'll roll a d20 each round vs DC 20. If the roll succeeds, reinforcements have arrived and all PCs gain an AP that must be spent during the next round or it is lost. The reinforcement DC goes down 1 after the roll each round.[/sblock][/sblock]


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Rilissa, seeing Sha'Kar about to be hit by the Goblin Assaulter's axe, activates the magic of her Aegis to teleport and intercept the attack.

[sblock="Interrupt before my turn begins"]
OOC: Aegis of Assault - If your marked target makes an attack that doesn’t include you as a target, it takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls. If that attack hits and the marked target is within 10 squares of you, you can use an immediate reaction to teleport to a square adjacent to the target and make a melee basic attack against it.

I teleport to I9.

Her blade swings true as she emerges from the teleport, striking down the goblin before it can injure her companion.
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OOC: Ah, thanks for the catch, [MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION]. I'm embarrassed I forgot that rule. By the way, [MENTION=6677223]Faraque[/MENTION], Aegis of Assault is an Immediate Reaction, not an Interrupt, which is largely why it's not as good as the Aegis of Shielding. :(

I've got to go to work, I'll be able to post later today.


Corragan looks gratefully as Dina restores him to health, just before collapsing in a flurry of arrows, blades and attacks.
[sblock="Stats"]Corragan - Elf Druid (Unaligned) Level 1
Initiative +3 Passive Insight 15; Passive Perception 22; Senses Low-Light

HP 28 Bloodied 14 Surge Value 7; Surges Per-Day 7

AC 16 Fortitude 11 Reflex 14 Will 16

Speed 8; Size Medium
Str 13 (+1), Dex 16 (+3), Wis 20 (+5)
Con 11 (+0), Int 10 (+2), Cha 8 (-1)

AP: 1, Second Wind: Unused

Wild Shape, Savage Rend, Fire Hawk, Grasping Tide
Thorn Spray, Elven Accuracy - USED
Summon Giant Toad

HP Remaining -12/28hp, unconscious, dying, blinded, marked(Shield Bearer 4), grants CA, prone
Failed saves for dying: 1

Son of Meepo

First Post
Dina looks down at Corragan, disapprovingly.

"That just won't do. We've only just gotten started. GET UP!"

There seems to be more than just words to her command as Corragan's body spasms and the druid's eyes open.

Dina then thrusts her longspear at the goblin standing over the elf but it catches her out of the corner of it's eye, raising it's shield in time to catch the tip of her spear.

As the two are locked in conflict, Dina remembers something.

"The goblin shieldbearers at Anakabar might have tipped the battle, but they did not realize the spearmaidens had long sparred against their own warriors who similarly fought with weapon and shield. They learned how to roll the point of their spears along the groove of the shield, until it was at precisely the proper point."

As Dina talks, she begins to do this and at exactly the right moment, she thrusts again, driving the spear into the goblin's neck.

"Then, with a second thrust, they would disable their opponent."

Dina pauses and smiles.

"I should know... I was there."

The crowd roars their approval at the historical demonstration.

[sblock=Actions]Minor: Inspiring Word (1d6=5) Corragan spends a healing surge and is at 13/28 hp.
Standard: Magic Weapon vs AC (Shieldbearer I10). (1d20+8=12)
No Action: Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes (1d6=4) HIT Goblin Shieldbearer at I10 dies. Sha'kar gets +1 to hit and +3 to damage until the end of Dina's next turn.
Minor (Move): Appease the Crowd: History (1d20+12=21) Dina gets +4 to her next d20 roll.[/sblock]

[sblock=Dina]Status: OK

Dina - Level 1 Artificer|Warlord
Init: +2 Speed: 6
Passive Perception: 13; Passive Insight: 13
AC: 17 Fort 11 Ref 15 Will 15
HP: 18/24 Surges: 7/7 Surge Value: 6 AP: 1
Languages: Allarian, Draconic, Eladrin
Str:10 Dex:10 Wis:17 Con:12 Int:20 Cha:8

Commander's Strike
Magic Weapon

Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes [x]
Healing Infusion [x]
Inspiring Word [x]
Use Vulnerability []
Provocative Order [x]
Second Wind[]

Punishing Eye[][/sblock]
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OOC: *shakes head, slightly miffed*
I should know better, I've used this power before. I gotta stop posting when I'm tired.

Consider what I said above rephrased appropriately, as I don't want to edit it *again*.

I'll post my turn in the morning when I'm awake and paying better attention.


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OOC: [MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION]: If the squares in the city are difficult terrain, shouldn't the push from the goblin have no effect?

EDIT: Or I guess in this case, the extra square of movement required to cross the wall to leave the city.


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OOC: Forced movement ignores difficult terrain, and so it's reasonable that the DM would extend that rule to include the pseudo-DT effect created by crossing the wall outward.

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