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The Pinnacle of your Collection


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Whether you started playing D&D last month or last century, all gamers have a collection of RPG Stuff [tm] that is filling a shelf or ten somewhere. My question is, of your entire horde what is the one item that you prize the most?

My pinnacle: I have every print issue of Dungeon magazine. I started subscribing early on and loved them all. Campaigns have been built atop the stories therein and when I wasn't in a game, it was Dungeon that sustained my interest in the game. Many of the great authors got their start there. It's a wonderful thing to have.

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1st ed AD&D Fiend Folio. When I was playing 1st ed back in the 80's I could not get one for love nor money. Eventually managed to get a near mint copy second hand a couple years ago. Thats my pride of place piece.


That's like choosing which of your children is your favorite :eek:

Darksun Dragonkings 2e is up there. It was the first cxampaign world I ever DM'd and as such it will forever have a special spot in my heart anyway.


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Probably my old Thieves World box sets. They aren't worth that much and don't seem to be too rare but I love that setting.


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Probably my collection of dragon not so mini's (Colossal red, gargantuan white, black and blue) and my ancient original copy of book 2: BlackMoore.


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Hmm.. I have a lot of books, but I gotta go with the Rules Cyclopedia. It's pages are pure inspiration ;)


The original artwork for the cover of 'The Great Beyond' by Paizo (by Wayne Reynolds), which was my first solo project. Link to the image

The original artwork for the first page of 'The Gatetown of Ecstasy' in Dragon 351 (by Jeff Laubenstein) which was my first article published in Dragon.


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Deadlands: Reloaded, 10th anniversary collectors edition.
Number 13 of 1000, personalized by Shane Hensley
Hey Andrew!
"Lucky" #13 for you!
Thanks for all the help and support for Savage Worlds and Deadlands
Keep your powder dry.

Received as a gift for pushing Savage Worlds so much while working at the FLGS.

I've got older stuff, and rarer stuff, but this one book holds a special place in my heart, and on my shelf.


Value? Probably my unpunched copy of Night's Dark Terror. Vecna Lives and some of the other Greyhawk stuff would be up there (Iuz the Evil, The Marklands, etc).

And surprisingly enough, the Iron Kingdoms books are very valuable.

For sentimental value, probably my Greyhawk boxed sets: From the Ashes and City of Greyhawk. I used a TON in my early gaming days.


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The copy of the Moldvay Basic set I bought dirt-cheap a couple of years ago. My old one was battered beyond recognition so I thought I'd replace . On opening the somewhat tatty box I found the rulebook and module in pristine condition. The Keep on the Borderlands looks like it was printed yesterday.


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Ah, I have a lot of stuff. But I don't think I could possibly value any product over the friends that I've made and the fun that we've had playing RPGs.

And yes, they are part of my collection. My cellar is outfitted with manacles.


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I'll have to name three:

1) Complete print run of "classic" White Dwarf magazine. That is, every issue from 1 up to about when they became a GW house organ.

2) Complete print run of Dungeon magazine. Unlike the White Dwarves, they've only ever had one owner, me. :cool:

3) Signed copy of Iron Kingdoms' Monsternomicon.

I have "three". One is the 3.0 PH I got at GenCon 2000 signed by Gygax, Arneson, and all the authors.

The other is a complete collection of Dragon Magazine, start to finish, including all the issues of its precursor, The Strategic Review.

Third is the collection of over 1500 minis I have.

Though it would hurt VERY deeply to part with any of these, if I had no other choice that is probably the order I would also part with them in, and also the order of their actual cash value. For sentimental value the Dragon magazine collection is tops though.

Runner up is the photocopy of Holmes Basic my DM gave to me which is the VERY FIRST thing related to D&D that I ever owned.
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Ycore Rixle

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Tough one. I'd have to say my 1e Deities & Demigods in all its copyright-shmopyright glory, with Cthulhu and Elric included. But my favorite thing about it is that right there next to Lolth, in thick black marker, I calculated the experience points the PCs got for killing her. Got to love middle school.


Going to have to go with my very well used copy of Queen of Spiders (GDQ 1-7). While I have hardcopies of the original modules as well, the compiled book has a special place for me.

The Temple of Elemental Evil (T 1-4) is a close second (actually have two copies of that).

And third would be the 1e DMG. Mostly for the tables in the appendices.

(PS - Boxed set of Menzoberranzen is up there too!).


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If this were for any book from my collection, I'd probably go with the Call of Cthulhu rulebook. That one book - and the Haunting scenario within - introduced most of my friends to RP. It's so quick to generate characters, and the scenario is so short, you can reasonably do the whole thing in a night.

But since you mentioned D&D in your post...

Right now I'm playing 4E, so if it were for sheer usefulness, I'd go for dungeon delve. That's been so handy for one-off nights when we want a game.

If it were for nostalgia, I'd go for the Ravenloft red box.

If it were for sheer coolness, I'd go with the framed D&D Sharn print which Wayne Reynolds signed with a dedication for my campaign world =)


Writer of The Bitter Reach
Hey, choosing entire runs of magazines is a bit like me saying that the one thing I value the most is my entire rpg collection. ;)

But hey, I'm just jealous of people who own entire runs of classic White Dwarf ... sigh, that'd be a dream to have.

The single item I hold most dear ... I guess it has to be the game that started it all for me, first edition Drakar och Demoner from 1982 (a.k.a "the game that trounced Dungeons and Dragons in Sweden").

Up there is also first edition WFRP, second edition Call of Cthulhu box and first edition Mutant Chronicles (being my major work in the field).

Oh, and The Traveller Book.




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Tough one. I'd have to say my 1e Deities & Demigods in all its copyright-shmopyright glory, with Cthulhu and Elric included. But my favorite thing about it is that right there next to Lolth, in thick black marker, I calculated the experience points the PCs got for killing her. Got to love middle school.

Mine too!

Minus the thick black marker.

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