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D&D General The real Queens of D&D


Reeks of Jedi
A certain someone declaring themselves the “Queen of D&D” and how IMO that was laughable.

But who are the real Queens of D&D? Those who not only contribute it to it but molded it and shaped it.

People like Jennell Jaquays and/or Margaret Weis who made some iconic modules. Or in Weis’ case also wrote and still writes some of the most iconic D&D fiction and campaign worlds.

Or perhaps Gary Gygaxs daughter (Cindy?) who apparently named the game. And didnt one of his other daughters help play test it?

Or perhaps Lorraine Williams? The Dark Queen? Without her you wouldn’t have 2E and through several mismanagements and company being sold a couple more times you wouldn’t have 3rd ed which changed the industry and later 5th Ed as you know it.

Who else?
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Thanks to her "Greyhawk" books, she's the Dark Queen... right behind Lorraine Williams 🤬
Those Endless Quest books really got TSR in bookstores and jumpstarted the novel line - if I remember the history.
I do understand not liking some of what they did. But I think both of them played a role in prolonging TSR's existence so it would still be around to be purchased by WotC. Had Gygax kept up the mismanagement even one more year, I think TSR would've died. If TSR collapsed by 1990 (for example), there would've been little interest in bringing D&D back at all. At the best, it would be in a position like Palladium.

But as I pointed out in the original thread, my vote is for Jennell Jaquays. She's a great writer, one of the earliest contributors to the game, a surprisingly talented visual artist, and a seemingly decent human being to boot - long active in equality movements. Her DMing advice was some of the first practical tips I recall reading.

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