The Return of Volo; Plus An Official D&D Coloring Book

A couple of new non-rules Dungeons & Dragons books are being released later this year. A Monsters & Heroes of the Realms Colouring Book, and a book from Forgotten Realms travel guide Volo in a book called Dungeonology. The former is expected in September, and the latter in November. They've being produced by Kings Road Publishing, who have signed a global deal with Hasbro UK and WotC (this the GBP prices below). (thanks to Mike for the scoop).

Monsters & Heroes of the Realms: A Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Book.
Paperback; £9.99; September 2016. "A treasure trove of illustrations summoned from the pages of the official rulebooks – including the many classes, races and monsters from the Forgotten Realms. Studio Game will also be offering D&D fans a "unique" digital experience, in a free-to-download colouring app with in-app purchasing."

Dungeonology. Hardback; £19.99; November 2016. "Introducing the fantasy brand, Dungeons & Dragons to Kings Road Publishing’s Ology series, as the Forgotten Realms guide, Volo, takes fans on an "unforgettable" journey".

The colouring book also comes with a mobile app which will be available when the book itself is released.

The character Volothamp Geddarm (Volo) is a traveller of the Realms, who publishes a range of "guidebooks".


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Cody C. Lewis

First Post

Is this related to the Ed Greenwood announcement (I think I remember something about this earlier) that he was going to release more settings books under the DMsGuild?


I would be amused if this Volo managed to survive the Spellplague by being an imposter pretending to be Volothamp.


Is it actually a real "Volo's Guide" though? Do we know if Ed Greenwood is really the author, or this by some other writer/publisher using the character? The title "Dungeonology" doesn't seem consistent with the rest of the Volo's Guide series, and there's no mention of Ed in the announcement...


Eternal Optimist
Wow... very, very interesting!

I've only recently picked up most of the Volo's Guides. (One more to go!)


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