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D&D 5E The Rhyot Break (OOC) - Discussion

Steve Gorak

Cool, thanks! I'll wait for the other's input before lighting the tourch.
Based on the noise, can we guesstimate the number of Korrund coming?
Also, can you spell out the gear found on the sled and on the Korrund?
This is getting quite exciting! ;-)

Thanks and cheers!

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Steve Gorak

Hey guys, I have an idea. It's a bit gruesome, but could play out nicely.
1) we give the 3 wolves on the 2 sleds a taste of Korrund meat, as described in the IC thread.
2) We chop up some additional dwarf meat, and put it in small "meat bombs" using the clothes of the Korrund that our characters slew.
3) Gimlak goes after the incoming Korrunds with a torch, and attracts them to an ambush.
4) once the group is ready for the ambush, they also throw the "meat bombs" at the new/incoming wolves. This will serve several purposes 1) keep them busy and not attaking our characters 2) chances are that they will stop suddently to eat (I am sure they are quite hungry and the Korrund are not feeding as much as they could/should because meat is expensive and resources are scarce) 3) this would get the other wolves used to Korrund meat, perhaps assisting our group (I love the idea of a wolf pack that targets Korrund in the wilderness).

I think that on the good/evil axis this sits on the line, but our group is looking for revenge, and I think it does go with the greater good.



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Damn, Gimlak. You are a barbarian's barbarian. I think, for Zemryn, this might be too far. Atemi is a goddess of battle, but an honorable one. Killing an enemy, even brutally, is one thing, but chopping them up for animal kibble probably won't work for her. I like the idea though, don't get me wrong.

What if they just left the Korrud dead where they were at? Maybe the wolves would eat them on their own volition?

Zemryn will protest the tactic, but if she's outvoted, she's outvoted!


So, nothing to do with the game, but I was recently surprised to learn how true it is when one says that pretty much everything is out to kill you in Australia: apparently, now there are needles in strawberries... Maybe that's taking things a bit too far ^^


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Way I see it, Gimlak and Zemryn can take those extra short swords and wield two weapons for a bit. She wouldn't mind some boots, either. I believe she already has some leather armor that she is using for a makeshift pack. We can shove a bunch of the other stuff in the leather backpack.


...everything is out to kill you in Australia: apparently, now there are needles in strawberries...

Lolz. It made international news then? Ain't stopped me, but I cut them up. I think they are trying to trim the aussies out of the population who eat their fruit whole. We have metal detectors in airports? Maybe its time to have them berry packaging plants :p

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