D&D 5E The Rhyot Break (OOC) - Discussion

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Up to you guys :) We could dissolve it down to:
Main Party

Then once Rolin reveals himself we can absorb him into the main party init.


It's easier to keep it rolling when it's not a set initiative. I'd just make it "Party/NPC's". Let the party go in whatever order they can, and either have a the NPC's go when the party is done, or have a few NPC's go after a few of the party, and resolve it little my little. Up to you, though.

Steve Gorak

By the way, I'll always try to have Gimlak act last, to maximize the use of the great weapon master feat. I'm watching the IC thread on a daily basis, so I don't expect this will hold backthe game. Once everybody in the group has posted, I'll post. I'm mentionning it to make sure I won't incurr the DM's wrath ;-)
If ok, I have a feeling that this approach will make a big difference in this fight!



Hi Guys,

I'm cool with this :). All the players can go, then I'll do any NPC's and nasties.

No probs with Gimlak going last out of the player round (effectively delaying initiative), makes sense for some character types to stand and block and attack later, works well for those with sneak attack etc too.


First Post
Hey everyone, good times so far! I'm going to be off grid tomorrow through Sunday. Feel free to post for Zemryn as an NPC. I look forward to catching up on Monday.

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