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Hi guys :)
[MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION] the link to the character doesn't seem to work for me.
[MENTION=15132]Steve Gorak[/MENTION] nice! Approved. Going to be very handy having someone meaty on the team, to protect all these fine ladies :) Rustic Hospitality will certainly be handy too.

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Appreciate the interest. I believe Elves reach physical maturity at more or less the same age as humans, but then take many years to become 'adults' by the standards of their ancient and hallowed cultures. With Zemryn, being born in a shrine dedicated to a martial goddess like Atemi, very far from her homeland, there was no time for those decades of dalliance and self-reflection. She had to grow up quickly in order to take her place as a priestess.

That is not to say that, had her mother and peers survived, she would not have benefited from several decades of study and meditation. But I imagine that the priestesses of Atemi have a much shorter lifespan than others of their kind, due solely to the fact that one of their main tenants is to spread justice and fairness through the use of martial interaction. This often leads them to a violent end.

But even so, as you say, Zemryn is very young to be out in the world by her culture's standards. I suppose that is part of the tragedy.

Steve Gorak

[MENTION=15132]Steve Gorak[/MENTION] nice! Approved. Going to be very handy having someone meaty on the team, to protect all these fine ladies :) Rustic Hospitality will certainly be handy too.


Some question: is "dwarf" the same language as that spoken by The Korrud? If not, can my character have picked up The Korrud's language while he was a resistance fighter (2 years) and his stay in the mines (10 years)? It seems long enough to be realistic. He would have kept his ability absolutely secret, but would have helped his fellow prisonners whenever he could with whatever information he picked up.

Other question: did The Korrud brand the prisoners with prisonner tatoos? Since they are tatooed themselves...

FYI, my character will have a few tatoos, on he body and face, so commoners will have the opportunity to recognize them (folk hero benefit), even if he changed physically (age, and bulk).




Hi [MENTION=15132]Steve Gorak[/MENTION] great questions!

I should probably add this to the Tome :) The Korrud speak dwarven but with a slightly different accent and some dialect that is unique to their homeland. Kinda like a queen's English speaker listening to Welsh. Anyone who can understand dwarven can probably make out most of their language. For party members who have dwarven as a language, I'm happy that after all this time you could have picked up on the nuances and unique words that The Korrud sometimes use.

Characters are welcome to have tattoos from their time pre-capture. The Korrud haven't branded or marked anyone here as slaves however. Probably because they are either over confident, or consider their tattooing too sacred even for their victims, and also because they feel comfortable that anyone who escapes will most likely perish in the wilderness anyway.

Some tribal markings or identifying marks on a folk hero sounds really good. Can definitely see it help gain trust and allies along the way :)


Hope everyone is well :)

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