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Well, in this case, I just got a mail for a new message.
The message being the one you sent before that last one. When I wasn't subscribed anymore. Uh...

I guess I'll have to check regularly...

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I'll post again tomorrow to keep things moving folks. Just working on a map of the nearby area.

PS: I'm in Australia, so my tomorrow might be your today hehe.


Just posted. Assuming you will eventually exit the area, I'll need to know what your marching order or formation roughly is :)
Imladir, Japan nice! Lived there for four years in Tokyo, but long ago. We head over there every few years as have friends in Okinawa too. My dream is to retire there... a little seaside house with a nice view... and lots of time to write :) Really miss the place. So much inspiration everywhere.


First Post
So the shortsword...

Is it between Zemryn and Gimlak? Faenala and Thorin are mystics, and Gob isn't there yet.

I would lean towards Zemryn, only because Gimlak already does a good amount of damage with his fists. Almost as much as a short sword.


Hi Team!

@daindarkspring - Zemryn Neveryn - Female High Elf Paladin
@EarlyBird - Gob Ironfoot - Male Halfling Monk
@tglassy - Thorin - Male Dragonborn Sorcerer
@Steve Gorak - Gimlak - Male Human Barbarian
@Imladir - Faenala Onarieth - Female High Elf Wizard

Sorry, just tagging everyone here in case the forum email alert subscriptions are still playing up, as its Thorin and Gimlak's go :)

Good thinking with the sword Dain :)

You guys are great, the posts are awesome.

Hope everyone has a good weekend :)


Well, I got the mail 6h30 after the message was sent.
I suppose the most important thing is that it gets sent, so it's not that bad.


And I got the mail for the last IC post the minute it was posted. Go figure…

Sometimes I think it uses dice rolls too. That must have been a 20 :D

Folks, I've started adding the odd Interlude post to build some NPC's and other story arcs up. They help keep me amused between posts and might work into other things later. If anyone ever wishes to work on something with me about their background (a memory or flashback kinda dealio) feel free to get in touch :) They could be old contacts, people doing things in places you've been, or memories of life before capture that slowly rise to the surface as you come to terms with "freedom".

Totally optional though! Everyone has differing amounts of time to write.

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