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First Post
Hi All! Let the good times and bad puns roll! :p

Ahem, sorry about that. Anyway looking forward to adventuring with you all :)

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Hi Guys!

Great work so far :)

Just need to check something with you.

Faenala (ladies first haha) might have beaten Gimlak to some of the items. If I'm reading right the distribution is:

Faenala vs Gimlak:
1x small aquamarine gemstone
1x dagger and sheath
2x unsavory looking dried rations
1x small metal bottle with liquid inside

So either Faenala is happy for Gimlak to carry this stuff for her/the team, or we need to resolve who is carrying those items?

The rest was fine:

1x boot harvested as spell components
1x boot (to hold small items above)

1x longsword
1x belt
1x boot

1x dagger and sheath
1x light crossbow
10x bolts in a quiver
1x belt
1x leather armor (to hold goods)


1x leather armor
1x boot

Looks like Thorin's go @tglassy and @McD is welcome to post whenever he is ready :)


Thanks Steve :) It seems Gimlak will forever curse the day he declared "ladies first" lol. Then again, maybe the same rule will apply to combat :D
"After you, fine mistress." Munch.
Gonna give Thorin a few days to drop in, and McD to jump in, and then we can roll on.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!


With Zemryn saying the same thing about the stuff, I was beginning to worry that no one was reading my post :p
Anyway, I don't really care who carries what. Just thought that considering Faenala won't be using a weapon she can easily afford to carry a few things (not too much obviously, she's no Hercule).

Oh and I didn't say, but I like the images you made for the game, it's pretty cool.

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