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D&D General The Sad Tale of a HeroForge Death Knight

As an experiment I designed and made myself a death knight using HeroForge. It cost me $100. Here’s how it looked on the site after I’d finished designing it.


It arrived broken, unfortunately, and took ages to get here due to Brexity shipping delays but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. These things are not cheap though!

The broken sword is easily fixed with a spot of glue so I’m not too worried about that.



I liked my death knight. I’d designed it from scratch using HeroForge. I was going to give it a name. Make it a named figure in games I wrote.

But my dog ate it.

Yep, I owned my $100 HeroForge death knight for less than 6 hours. It is now a mangled mass of plastic.

Life goes on. For me. Not for the death knight.


The culprit​

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


The way to go today is 3d printing. You can even design your own minis however you want, and if you have a good place to pick up the material, even which type of plastic you want to print them in!

You could have that Death Knight back within a few hours!

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