Between this and Fildrigar's review (not to mention the AL preview), I'm eagerly awaiting this...

Between this and [MENTION=67925]Fildrigar[/MENTION]'s review (not to mention the AL preview), I'm eagerly awaiting this adventure. My home group is coming up to the finish of LMoP, so I should be able to move them straight into PotA pretty much straight away.

Any chance you could spill the beans on the new monsters contained in chapter 7? No stats or anything, just a list of new beasties and such. Pretty please?

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At the risk of inciting yet another long thread about WotC's communication and/or lack thereof, I asked Mearls on Twitter if there would be a PotA supplement for the Basic Rules, with Monsters and Magic Items. His reply was, "Yes, don't have a release date for it yet though."

Still a bit odd given that she is given the cover.
Also per Mearls On Twitter, it was felt air cult looked more dramatic, with the wings and storms and such.


Ugh, it's much better if it's just in the book itself.

It sounds like the 40 new monsters are.

Having to use an additional book is annoying, worse when there are multiple monsters on multiple pages for the same fight. So much handier if there was a PDF we could have on a tablet or print out...

It seems the majority, if not all of the other monsters are in the Basic Rules and the Supplements for HotDQ and ToD are available via pdf.

So there you go, it sounds like you have the majority of what you just asked for. Maybe not organized exactly the way you're thinking, but it's there.



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Huh Aerisi is pretty weak compared to the others.

CRs are estimates and they can't accurately account for the full effects of spells and special abilities that don't deal direct damage (i.e. her schtick). Also, bounded accuracy, and the way an encounter is written. As with Tucker's Kobolds: lower CR, ruthless strategy.

From a purely physical standpoint she won't win a boxing match against the other prophets. Air is about subtlety over brute strength, and ideally her tactics, abilities, role-playing background, and the way the DM plays her will reflect that.

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