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D&D General Tieflings


I like mine to be super colourful, with tons of variation when it comes to colour, hair, horns, and tails. Mostly I let the players decide, so it they want a really subtle look, that would be cool, too. I almost always defer to the player when it comes to what their character looks like, as long as it fits the broadest parameters of the chosen species. Look at actual human beings - there is a pretty vast range of cosmetic variation.

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Fellow Tiefling Players, how do you design YOUR Tieflings?

Personally I prefer a more subtle approach to designing them, I give them human skin tones, 0 horns and white hair, no hooves or digitgrade legs and leave the rest of their bodies your stereotypical tiefling design, pictured below are what I'm trying to get, they're a rough estimation,

Also please don't mind my crappy Photoshop skills or my crappy Camera skills
As a fellow Devil May Cry fan, I approve!


Tail: Mandatory. Doens't matter if it's thick (Thicc?) or thin with a little spade end. Like with dragon people, if there's no tail, what are you even doing?

Horns: Yes. One minimum, but go nuts. Give me a styracosaurus lady. Again, if you're making a devil person, what are you doing not having horns?

Legs and feet? I can give or take the digitigrade legs and hooves. Either is fine.

Skin: If a human can have it, a tiefling can't. Give me colors like a rainbow on psychedelics. Red and purples and blues, obviously, but can I interest you in yellow?

I don't go for the random mutations. Especially not that table where the terrible, hellish mutations you could roll up are things actual humans have/do.

Generally, I like the 4e standardization coupled with 'yes, and'.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Yeah this.

The 4E approach made sense in 4E where it was a specific curse, but makes zero sense after that, because Tieflings are supposedly descending from literally dozens or hundreds of different beings, and thus should be extremely variable in appearance. Yet sadly most art apes the 4E approach.
Yeah, I love 4e tieflings, but their design was tied closely to their lore in that edition. Ditching the lore and keeping the design in 5e was a weird choice.

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