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Tome of Battle Cards!

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Ranger REG

Not bad, but for some manuevers their [unabridged?] descriptions are printed on both sides of their respective cards. They need to make description brief, or just refer to the pages of the ToB.


First Post
Yeah, them continuing on to a second side is a bit of an issue in some cases.

Honestly though, I will bear the children of the person who created these, biological impossibilities be damned. They are incredibly useful.

blargney the second

blargney the minute's son
That's a serious doozy of a Christmas present! It's the *entire* maneuver section of the ToB. Thank you for being so incredibly generous, WotC people!



First Post
Aww Man!

I just finished writing out the maneuvers my new Swordsage has on my own index cards.. and then they hand out this.

Yay for the print out.. boo for the timing :)

J from Three Haligonians