Turtle defeats Jackal

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turtle laughs derisively... traditional match 2 flags....

Without hesitation Turtle hurtles herself into the fray...

The kama mangles the badlands; absorbs the roar of the lily!


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well...if I can't judge I'll watch........

*archangel hovers a good ten feet over the fighter heads and off to the side a little bit and watches the match...smoking his everburing pipe..... *

(mmmm I love everburing pipes...... *LOL*)


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Two floating orbs phase into exisistance between the fighters.

"Both combatants are powerful. They seek to end this battle swiftly. Using the fluid form of the Kama, the Ancient Masters decree that Turtle takes the round."

Point Turtle, One Orb Turtle, One Orb Neutral

One orb floats over to Turtle, shadowing her moves.
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Turtle continues to attack furiously, pressing the advantage. She laughs while she swings.

The chimera prances atop the ruins; quells the chi of the ki!


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Jakal slightly stunned from the blow his foe regains his wits and runs at his opponent and strikes his foe in the arm. He then quickly rolls away from his foe preparing a defense.

The thorn strikes on top of the prairie; overwhelmingly dominates the rolling of the four winds!


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"With the double offensive, Jackal takes round two."

Point Jackal, Two Orbs Neutral

The wayward orb floats gently back to join the other in the center of the battlefield.

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