Ukraine invasion

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CR 1/8
So, ABC showed actual pictures of protesters inside Moscow. This is, evidently, why Mr. Putin is blacklisting foreign media outlets; He thinks they are poisoning the minds of the youth with Western ideals and fake news. lol
Yep. Can't let those pesky western outlets compete with the real news, after all....


I learned nerd for this.

Look at that puppy. He's so cute.

Sorry, I had to do it. I was reading the story in the link. It's horrible. Almost the opposite of a story I heard earlier. A person living here in the US was on the phone with their mother back home, and could hear the shelling through the phone.


Also, Putin does not have "the red button", he can only give orders to military/navy/air force to use them. And I'm pretty sure generals would refuse that order as using one nuke might mean total destruction of Russian cities and military. And good part of European/North american cities also
Would they? Putin had a lot of time to handpick fanatically loyal people to be put at the right places. I would not put it past him if there are fully indoctrinated young soldiers, isolated from the outside with no information but what Kremlin feeds them are sitting at least some of the nukes.

If Putin comes to a point where he wants to take the world with him, he could have made sure that there will not be another Stanislav Petrov preventing nuclear armageddon.

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