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Ultimate Dual Monitor Setup


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Okay everyone, I recently hooked up my laptop to my TV using an S-Video cable for displaying images and maps to my players. I've tried a couple of options:

1. Microsoft Powerpoint:
GOOD - Can configure program to show slideshow images (fullscreen) on second monitor
BAD - Too time consuming creating a slide for the images

2. Picasa2 (from Google):
GOOD - Very user friendly and organizes thumbnails well
BAD - No options with slideshow; cannot view on second monitor; slideshow cannot be controlled manually

3. MS Windows Viewer (XP default):
GOOD - Easy to drag window to second monitor
BAD - No option for slideshow on second monitor; cannot control slideshow

4. Infarview:
GOOD - Best thumbnail organizer (tree format); many options to customize
BAD - Drag and drop option does not work on second monitor; cannot configure full-screen on second monitor

So, I wanted to know what programs/tools you use if you have a dual monitor setup in your games. Basically what I want to do is either A) drag an image to the second monitor and image is displayed and/or B) have a program opened on main monitor (laptop) with list of images (thumbnails) and when selected it automatically appears on second monitor (TV) in Full Screen mode.

The program that comes closest to this is Powerpoint, but creating a slide and inserting an image is too time consuming. Also, if during the game I find an image online it takes too long to show players.

Kitra is great for this, you can setup a second display and control layers from main display.
it allows for layer editing for fog of war and hidden rooms/features etc. takes a minute to get used to but with a bit of pre prep and an organised library of assets(maps, traps, spell effects etc) its a solid candidate. i run youtube on opera browser for adfree background music/sounds, and a custom soundboard for localised and story centric sounds.

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