D&D 5E Underwater Adventer RG

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Name: Xander Corvus
Race: Male Half Elf
Background: Sailor
Class: Warlock (Hexblade) 6
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Proficiency Bonus: +3
Inspiration: No
Spent HD: none

Strength: 12 (+1)
+Athlethics: +4​

Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Acrobatics: +3
Sleight of Hand: +3
Stealth: +3​

Constitution: 15 (+2)

Charisma: 20 (+5)
Deception: +5
+Intimidation: +8
Performance: +5
+Persuasion: +8​
Passive Perception: 14
Passive Investigation: 14
Initiative: +3
AC: 19
Speed: 30 ft
Hit Dice: 6d8+2
HP: 43/43

Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Arcana: +4
History: +1
Investigation: +1
Nature: +1
+Religion: +4​

Wisdom: 8 (-1)
Animal Handling: -1
Insight: -1
Medicine: -1
+Perception: +2
Survival: -1​


[sblock="COMBAT"]OFFENSE Initiative: +3

20/60 ft
To Hit
1d8+5 (s)
1d4+3 (p)
Versatile (1d10)
Finesse, light, thrown
Strength: +1
Intelligence: +1
Dexterity: +3
+Wisdom: +2
Constitution: +2
+Charisma: +8
Spell Attack: +8; Save DC: 16
Spells Per Short Rest 2
Spells Cast
Cantrips: Eldritch Blast, *Friends, Toll the Dead
1st level: Armor of Agathys, *Hex
2nd level: *Hold Person, Suggestion
3rd level: Blink, Counterspell, *Hypnotic Pattern
+ Spell benefits from higher casting level. * Spell requires concentration
# Requires a spell focus or cheap material component. $ Requires a material component that costs money[/sblock][sblock="FEATURES AND TRAITS"]Proficiencies and Languages
Languages: Common, Elvish, and Deep Speech
Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor
Weapons: All Simple weapons, All Martial Weapons.
Tools: Navigator's tools, Vehicles (water)​
Race: Half-Elf
+2 to Charisma, +1 to two other ability scores of my choice
Speed: 30 feet
Size: Medium;
Lifespan: Half-elves mature at the same rate humans do and reach adulthood around the age of 20. They live much longer than humans, however, often exceeding 180 years.
Darkvision: Thanks to your elf blood, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Fey Ancestry: You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.
Skill Versatility: You gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.
Background: Sailor
Skills: Athletics, Perception;
Ship's Passage: When I need to, I can secure free passage on a sailing ship for myself and my companions. I might sail on the ship I served on, or another ship I have good relations with. Because I'm calling in a favor, I can't be certain of a schedule or route that will meet my every need. My companions and I are expected to assist the crew during the voyage.​
Feats: None
Class: Warlock, Hexblade
Pact Magic : 3 cantrips & 7 spells known
I can cast warlock cantrips/spells that I know, using Charisma as my spellcasting ability
I can use an arcane focus as a spellcasting focus
I regain these spell slots on a short rest
Hex Warrior: I gain proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons. When I finish a long rest, I can imbue one weapon I touch with my will. Until my next long rest, I can use it with Charisma instead of Strength or Dexterity. I have to be proficient with the weapon and that is can't have the two-handed property. This benefit also works with every weapon from Pact of the Blade, with no restriction
Hexblade's Curse: (1 x per short rest)
As a bonus action, I can curse a creature I can see within 30 ft of me for 1 minute
• I add my proficiency bonus to damage rolls against the cursed target
• My attack rolls against the curse target score a critical hit on a roll of 19 and 20
• If the target dies while cursed, I regain HP equal to my warlock level + Cha mod
The curse ends after 1 minute, when the target dies, I die, or I'm incapacitated
Eldritch Invocations:
Gift of the Depths (Eldritch Invocation, XGtE 57)
• I can breathe underwater and I have a swim speed equal to my walking speed
Once per long rest, I can cast Water Breathing without using a spell slot (PHB 287)
• Thirsting Blade (Eldritch Invocation, PHB 111)
When taking the attack action, I can attack twice with my pact weapon
• Eldritch Smite (Eldritch Invocation, XGtE 56)
Once per turn when I hit a creature with my pact weapon, I can empower the strike
By expending a warlock spell slot, the creature takes extra damage and is knocked prone
It takes 1d8 force damage and another 1d8 force damage per level of the spell slot
The target is only knocked prone if it is Huge or smaller
Pact of the Blade: As an action, I can create a pact weapon in my empty hand; I'm proficient in its use.
I can choose the type of melee weapon every time I create it, and it has those statistics.
The weapon disappears if it is more than 5 ft away from me for 1 minute.
The weapon counts as magical; I can transform a magic weapon into my pact weapon.
This occurs over an hour-long ritual that I can perform during a short rest.
I can use an action to re-summon it in any form and can dismiss it as no action.
Accursed Specter: (3 temp HP, 1× per long rest)
When I slay a humanoid, I can curse its soul and have it rise as a specter from its corpse.
It has the stats of a specter (MM 279) with temporary HP equal to half my warlock level.
It rolls initiative and has its own turns, obeying my verbal commands.
It gains a bonus to attack rolls equal to my Charisma modifier (min +0).
The specter remains until the end of my next long rest, at which point it vanishes.
[/INDENT][/sblock][sblock="EQUIPMENT"]Half Plate AC 15+Dex (Max: +2), 40 lbs.)
Longsword (3 lbs.)
Lucky charm
Common clothes
Dagger x 2
Potion of Healing x 2
belt pouch (100 gp)

In Bag of Holding:
Pitons x 10
Torches x 10
Rations x 10
Hempen Rope, 50'
Potion of Healing x 6

Magic Items:
Bag of Holding
Smoldering Armor (Half-Plate)
Dark Shard Amulet (Attuned)

Equipment Weight: 55 lbs.
[sblock="Carrying Capacity"]
Heavily Encumbered
Carrying Capacity
Push, Drag, Lift
[/sblock][/sblock][sblock="DESCRIPTION and HISTORY"]HISTORY:
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Relationship: None
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 165 lbs
Complexion: smooth
Skin: light
Hair: blonde, shaved short
Eyes: Sea Green
Face Structure:


Traits: My friends know they can rely on me, no matter what.
Traits: Freedom: The sea is freedom― the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. (Chaotic)
Ideal: Ruthless pirates murdered my captain and crewmates, plundered our ship, and left me to die. Vengeance will be mine.
Bond: Those who fight with me are those worth laying down my life for.
Flaw: My pride will probably lead to my destruction.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero


Perilor Kelpwood
NG sea elf soldier monk way of shadows 6

[sblock=Basic information]
Name: Perilor Kelpwood
Sex: Male
Race: Elf (sea)
Class/Level: Monk 6
Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Medium
Type: Humanoid
Languages: Common, Elvish, Aquan
Speed: 45ft., swim 45ft.
Init: +4
Prof. Bonus: +3
Passive Perception: 16

Maximum HP: 45
Current HP: 41
Saves: Strength +3, Dexterity +7
Note: Deflect Missiles (reaction; reduced damage from ranged attack by 1d10+10. Catch and throw suitable projectile if damage is reduced to 0).

Silvered spear +3 (1d6 piercing; versatile 1d8)
Melee: Unarmed strike +7 (1d6+4 bludgeoning)
Ranged: Silvered spear +7 (1d6+4 piercing; thrown 20/60)
Ranged: Dagger +7 (1d4+4 piercing; thrown 20/60)
Note: Extra Attack; various monk attack options

10 (0), Dex 19 (+4) , Con 14 (+2), Int 14 (+2), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 13 (+1)
[sblock=Stats rolled] http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=205408
ASI level 4: Dex +1, Wis +1[/sblock] [/sblock][sblock=Features & proficiencies]
Elf (sea elf)
Ability scores: Dexterity +2, Constitution +1
Darkvision: 60 feet
Keen Senses: Proficient in Perception skill
Fey Ancestry: Advantage against being charmed and magic cannot put you to sleep.
Trance: Can trance for 4 hours instead of sleeping 8 hours.
Sea Elf Training: Proficient with spear, trident, light crossbow and net.
Child Of The Sea: Swim speed of 30 feet, and can breathe air and water.
Friend Of The Sea: Can communicate simple concepts with beasts with innate swim speed.
Languages: Common, Elvish, Aquan

Soldier (scout)
Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (land), gaming set (dragon chess)
Military rank: Having served in the sea elf army as a forward scout, your rank is recognized by former comrades and you can gain entrance to friendly encampments.

Personality Traits: I am always polite and respectful. I can stare down a hellhound without flinching.
Ideal: Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others.
Bond: I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Flaw: Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.

Monk (Way of Shadow)
Unarmored Defense: AC equals 10 + dexterity modifier + wisdom modifier while unarmored and unencumbered.
Martial Arts: Can use dexterity for attack and damage with unarmed strikes; unarmed strikes do extra damage; as a bonus action after attacking with an unarmed strike or a monk weapon, can attack one additional time.
Ki: Have ki points and can use these to power various abilities; see below.
Unarmored Movement: Speed increases by 15 feet while unarmored and unencumbered.
Shadow Arts: Can use ki points to cast spells; see below. Also know the Minor Illusion cantrip.
Deflect Missiles: As a reaction, reduce damage from ranged attack by 1d10+10. If reduced to 0 damage, can catch and throw suitable projectile.
Ability Score Increase: Dexterity +1, Wisdom +1
Slow Fall: As a reaction, reduce damage from falling by 30.
Extra Attack: Can make an extra attack each round.
Ki-empowered Strikes: Unarmed strikes are considered magical.
Shadow Step: As a bonus action, teleport from one stretch of darkness to another in sight within 60 feet, and advantage on next melee attack on your turn.

SKILLS (Proficient in bold)
+7 (dex) Acrobatics*
+3 (wis) Animal Handling
+2 (int) Arcana
+3 (str) Athletics*
+1 (cha) Deception
+2 (int) History
+3 (wis) Insight
+4 (cha) Intimidation*
+2 (int) Investigation
+3 (wis) Medicine
+2 (int) Nature
+6 (wis) Perception*
+1 (cha) Performance
+1 (cha) Persuasion
+2 (int) Religion
+4 (dex) Sleight of Hand
+7 (dex) Stealth*
+3 (wis) Survival
Ki points spent: 0/6
Ki save DC: 14

Ki options:
Flurry Of Blows
, 1 ki point, bonus action: Two unarmed strikes after attacking with unarmed or monk weapon.
Patient Defense, 1 ki point, bonus action: Dodge.
Step Of The Wind, 1 ki point, bonus action: Disengage or Dash, double jump distance.
Stunning Strike, 1 ki point, part of attack action: Target makes Constitution save or be stunned.
Shadow Arts, 2 ki points, action: Cast Darkness, Darkvision, Pass Without Trace, or Silence.

Cantrip known: Minor Illusion (Shadow Arts; DC 14)
[/sblock][sblock=Appearance & bio]
A bluish, slender man with long flowing hair, Perilor can easily be recognized as a sea elf. He wears simple, dark, formfitting clothes and usually carries a silvertipped spear. A quiet elf, Perilor carries himself like a warrior and is very focused on his current task.

At a young age, Perilor lost his parents to a sahuagin attack and he was adopted by his uncle Eldrin, a scout for the Blue Dolphins. Learning the basics of stealth and unarmed combat from his quiet and reserved uncle, Perilor took to this training with ferocity, hoping to one day become a defender of his home from threats like the sahuagin.

When he reached the proper age, Perilor applied to the sea elf army. Through sheer determination he was able to eventually be selected for the Blue Dolphins, a unit that focused on reconnaissance and swift strikes behind enemy lines. When his uncle was gravely injured and unable to continue his fighting carreer, Perilor was elected to replace him.

After various missions, Perilor has made a name for himself, but he is starting to grow restless. His superiors are fair and wise, but Perilor has found a burning desire to hunt down sahuagin and other threats, rather than only taking defensive actions. So he has taken his leave for a while, to contemplate what he truly wants in this life.
spear, silvered
potion of healing x7
elemental gem (emerald)

common clothes
pouch x2
case (map or scroll)
ink (1 ounce bottle)
mess kit
navigator's tools
candle of the deep
mystery key

9 gp
3 sp[/sblock]
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[sblock=Kaeldos Nalorn]
Race: Triton
Class/Level: Druid 6
Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Medium
Type (Subtype): Humanoid (triton)
Init: +1
Speed: 30ft, swim 30ft
Senses: Passive Perception: 16
Languages Common, Primordial, Druidic
Background: Folk Hero
Ispiration: none

Str 12 (+1), Dex 14 (+2) , Con 16 (+3), Int 11 (+0), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 14 (+2)

AC: 14 (leather, shield, dex)
HP: 51 (6d8 + 18) HD: 6/6 (1d8+3)
Prof. Bonus +3
Proficiencies: Light armor, medium armor, shields, (will not wear armor or use shields made of metal); clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears
Tools: Jeweler's Tools, Vehicles (land)??
Feats: none
Saves: INT +3, WIS +6
Special Defenses: none


+2 (dex) Acrobatics
+6 (wis) Animal Handling*
+0 (int) Arcana
+1 (str) Athletics
+2 (cha) Deception
+0 (int) History
+3 (wis) Insight
+2 (cha) Intimidation
+0 (int) Investigation
+3 (wis) Medicine
+3 (int) Nature*
+6 (wis) Perception*
+2 (cha) Performance
+2 (cha) Persuasion
+0 (int) Religion
+2 (dex) Sleight of Hand
+2 (dex) Stealth
+6 (wis) Survival*
* proficient

+1 STR, +1 CHA, and +1 CON
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet, swim 30 feet
Amphibious: Can breath air and water
Control Air and Water: A child of the sea, you can call on the magic of elemental air and water. You can cast fog cloud with this trait. Starting at 3rd level, you can cast gust of wind with it, and starting at 5th level, you can also cast wall of water. Once you cast a spell with this trait, you can't do so again until you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
Emissary of the Sea. Aquatic beasts have an extraordinary affinity with your people. You can communicate simple ideas with beasts that can breathe water. They can understand the meaning of your words, though you have no special ability to understand them in return.
Guardians of the Depths. Adapted to even the most extreme ocean depths, you have resistance to cold damage, and you ignore any of the drawbacks caused by a deep, underwater environment.
Languages: Common and Primordial

Folk Hero:
Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisans tools and vehicles(land)
Feature (Rustic Hospitality): Since you come from the ranks of the common folk, you fit in among them with ease. You can find a place to hide, rest, or recuperate among other commoners, unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them. They will shield you from the law or anyone else searching for you, though they will not risk their lives for you.

-Druidic: bonus language which is a secert of the druids
-Wild Shape: 2/rest, action, CR 1/2 (no flying speed)
• Your game statistics are replaced by the statistics of the beast, but you retain your alignment, personality, and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. You also retain all of your skill and saving throw proficiencies, in addition to gaining those of the creature. If the creature has the same proficiency as you and the bonus in its stat block is higher than yours, use the creature's bonus instead of yours. If the creature has any legendary or lair actions, you can't use them.
• When you transform, you assume the beast's hit points and Hit Dice. When you revert to your normal form, you return to the number of hit points you had before you transformed. However, if you revert as a result of dropping to 0 hit points, any excess damage carries over to your normal form. For example, if you take 10 damage in animal form and have only 1 hit point left, you revert and take 9 damage. As long as the excess damage doesn't reduce your normal form to 0 hit points, you aren't knocked unconscious.
• You can't cast spells, and your ability to speak or take any action that requires hands is limited to the capabilities of your beast form. Transforming doesn't break your concentration on a spell you've already cast, however, or prevent you from taking actions that are part of a spell, such as call lightning, that you've already cast.
• You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so. However, you can't use any of your special senses, such as darkvision, unless your new form also has that sense. You choose whether your equipment falls to the ground in your space, merges into your new form, or is worn by it. Worn equipment functions as normal, but the DM decides whether it is practical for the new form to wear a piece of equipment, based on the creature's shape and size. Your equipment doesn't change
size or shape to match the new form, and any equipment that the new form can't wear must either fall to the ground or merge with it. Equipment that merges with the form has no effect until you leave the form.
-Circle of the Land:
-bonus cantrip: guidance
-Natural Recovery (1/long rest), 3rd lvl (max slot), total spell level slots: 6
-Clerical Spells: note - always prepared and don't count towards maximum number of spells allowed
-Land Stride: Starting at 6th level, moving through nonmagical difficult terrain costs you no extra movement. You can also pass through nonmagical plants without being slowed by them and without taking damage from them if they have thorns, spines, or a similar hazard. In addition, you have advantage on saving throws against plants that are magically created or manipulated to impede movement, such those created by the entangle spell.
-ASI: +1 CON and WIS
-Cantrips: frostbite, primal savagery, shape water, guidance
-Spells Prepared 9:
-Spell save DC14
-Spell attack +6
-Ritual Casting
-Spellcasting Focus: druidic focus

Magical Gear:
-potion of healing
-mystery key

Combat Gear:
Leather armor
tortise shell (wooden shield)
bident (spear)

Other Gear:
druidic focus - totem
- bedroll
- mess kit
- tinderbox
- torches 10/10
- rations 10/10
- waterskin
- shovel
- iron pot
- jeweler's tools
- common clothes
Belt Pouch
- loose coins

GP: 10 SP: 00 CP: 00

Carrying Capacity: 135 lbs
Push/Drag/Lift: 270 lbs
Climb: 15' Swim: 30'
Long Jump: 9' & 4.5'
High Jump: 2' & 1'
Hold Breath: n/a (amphibious)

Trait: I am committed to the people I care about, not to ideals.
Trait: I feel tremendous empathy for all those who suffer.
Ideal: My mentor gave his life to defeat the Kraken's evil plot. I can do no less to help those that need me.
Bond: I am the guardian of the Amonal Gate. I need to make sure no monsters come through from the Plane of Water to threaten this world.
Flaw: Gaining such power at a young age makes it difficult for people to take me seriously, and they still treat me as a kid.

Sex: Male
Age: 16
Height: 4'-7"
Weight: 102lbs
Hair Color: off-white (eggshell?)
Facial Hair: none
Eye Color: pearl
Skin Tone: light blue
Scars/Tattoos: start of tribal tattoo across right shoulder
Description: Short (and still growing) Kaeldos looks like a youngster to everyone. His wide-eyed look at anything and everything when he discovers something new doesn't help dissaude people. He wears lots of bracelets, necklaces, and other trinkets he has made himself (out of shells, beads, and other objects).

Badger -Y
Cat -Y
Crab -Y
Deer -Y
Giant Fire Beetle -Y
Goat -Y
Lizard -Y
Quipper -Y
Rat -Y
Spider -Y

Blood Hawk -Y
Giant Crab -Y
Giant Rat -Y
Giant Weasel
Mastiff -Y
Mule -Y
Poisonous Snake -Y
Pony -Y
Stirge -Y

Axe Beak
Boar -Y
Constrictor Snake -Y
Draft Horse -Y
Giant Badger -Y
Giant Centipede -Y
Giant Goat
Giant Lizard -Y
Giant Wolf Spider -Y
Riding Horse -Y
Swarm of Rats -Y
Wolf -Y

Black Bear -Y
Giant Sea Horse -Y
Reef Shark -Y
Swarm of Insects -Y
Warhorse -Y

Brown Bear -Y
Dire Wolf -Y
Giant Eagle -Y
Giant Hyena
Giant Octopus -Y
Giant Spider -Y
Giant Toad -Y
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
[h4]Water Genasi Battlemaster 6[/h4]


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Size: Medium
Type (Subtype): Humanoid (Water)
Init: +4 (w/ advantage)
Senses: Darkvision
Passive: Perception 15 (always rolls with advantage), Insight 12
Languages: Common, Primordial (Aquan), Deep Speech

AC: (15 Half-plate, +2 Shield, +2 Dex) = 19
HP: 58 (13 + 5 x 9 )
Saves: Strength, Constitution
Special Defenses: Acid resistance, aquatic

Speed: 30ft / Swimm 30 ft
Melee: Trident +7 / 1d6+6 P; Harpoon +7 / 1d6+6 P
Ranged: Harpoon +7/ 1d6+4 (30/120)

Str 18 (+4), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 13 (+1), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 11 (+0)
Saves: Str +7, Dex +2, Con +6, Int +1, Wis +2, Cha +0
[sblock="Base stats"]
Attributes: 4D6.HIGH(3) = [5, 2, 5, 4] = 14
4D6.HIGH(3) = [5, 4, 1, 2] = 11
4D6.HIGH(3) = [5, 2, 5, 2] = 12
4D6.HIGH(3) = [4, 6, 3, 6] = 16
4D6.HIGH(3) = [2, 5, 6, 3] = 14
4D6.HIGH(3) = [5, 2, 1, 6] = 13

STR 16 (+2 ASI)
DEX 14
CON 16 (14+2 racial)
INT 13
WIS 14 (13+1 racial)
CHA 11

* Lucky

SKILLS: 2 fighter, 2 background
InvestigationHaunted one
SurvivalHaunted one

Animal HandlingWIS+3+3
History INT+1+1
Sleight of HandDEX+2+2

Water genasi
Control water cantrip, Create / Destroy water 1/day
Acid resistance
Swimm speed
Can breathe underwater
Languages: Primordial (Aquan)

Haunted One (ex-slave to Aboleth)
Feature: [sblock=Heart of Darkness]
Those who look into your eyes can see that you have faced unimaginable horror and that you are no stranger to darkness. Though they might fear you, commoners will extend you every courtesy and do their utmost to help you. Unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them, they will even take up arms to fight alongside you, should you find yourself facing an enemy alone.
Skill Proficiencies: Choose two of Arcana, Investigation, Religion, and Survival
Languages: Choose one exotic language (Abyssal, Celestial, Deep Speech, Draconic, Infernal, Primordial, Sylvan, or Undercommon)
Equipment: [sblock=Monster Hunter’s Pack]
A monster hunter’s pack includes a chest, a crowbar, a hammer, three wooden stakes, a holy symbol, a flask of holy water, a set of manacles, a steel mirror, a flask of oil, a tinderbox, and three torches.
and one trinket of special significance (choose one or roll on the Gothic Trinkets table)
Trinket: 88: An old little doll made from a dark, dense wood and missing a hand and a foot

Second wind: recover 1d10+4 hit points as bonus action
Action Surge: once per short rest take extra action
Fighting Style: Dueling
Extra Attack
Combat Superiority: 4/rest 1d8
Student of War (proficiency with artisans tools)
Maneuvers (DC 15) (Riposte, Goading Attack, Precision Attack)
ASI x2

Traits: I put no trust in divine beings.
Ideal: I try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. (Good)
Bond: There’s evil in me, I can feel it. It must never be set free.
Flaw: I talk to spirits that no one else can see.

(a) chain mail
(a) a martial weapon and a shield or (b) two martial weapons
(a) a light crossbow and 20 bolts
(a) an explorer's pack

Trinket: 74: A fan that, when unfolded, shows a sleeping cat

1 uncommon Trident of Warning
2 common (cast-off armor full-plate, awakened shrub)
10 gp shield
100gp healing potion x2
5gp Herbalism kit
4gp Net x2
2gp Manacles
5gp Signet ring

[sblock=Description and History]
Traveller caught in the portal from the Water Realms

Tai-Tai doesn't really remember time before Master ruled his life. He occasionally gets glimpses of men, women and children, of events he is not sure if they are dreams, memories or something planted there by Masters Will. He lived for many years in rare rock that Master chose for his home, deep in the Plane of Water. He was trusted, he was dependable and able. And he brought Master more slaves. In turn, he was rewarded with better armor, better weapons, more nets and manacles. With amulets that enabled those only visiting The Deep to breathe until brought into The Home.

While he has misgivings occasionally, with new slaves pleading for their lives, Masters Will always overrode them. And once he returned, he would be cleansed of doubt, rewarded as he wished. Once, hunting around The Home, he found a pod, floating around and took it home. More for fun than any real need, he put it in a ceramic pot he collected somewhere along the way. He kept it as a curiosity, solid earth not something you see every day in The Deep. Common kelp grew out of it anchored in provided soil.

Unknown to him, the pot also imparted magic and sentience into the plant. Thus, one day, Tai-Tai awoke with the pot broken and kelp comfortably nested around his shoulders and under his chin, holding it off the stone and anchoring him to one place for sleep. Still woozy from the sleep, he shruged and turned the other way, not once sleeping in the sea you wake up surrounded with algae as you slightly float off your sleeping space. But indifference turned to alarm as he realized the creature actively followed him when he woke up, always staying around his neck and shoulders. With big stinger at one end and couple of small pods on the other, resembling eyes, from up close it looked dangerous. But it didn't attack and after short period of alarm, Tai-Tai shrugged again and continued his empty life.

The creature liked the motion and, as the two grew comfortable together, would mimic the movement when they talked. Thus, Shrug was born. And it provided needed impetus moving Tai-Tai to harder effort to free himself. Shrug was never around The Master so he remained free.

The chance came randomly, pure luck. Tai-Tai explored strange arch that seemed part of some ruins...which maybe sank deeper or were destroyed completely or whatever. The arch entry flickered and Tai-Tai found himself in darker and much colder waters, too deep for comfort, unfamilar taste of water and strange feeling of pulling. He chose to go against the pull as there were signs of light in the other direction.

In the minutes it took to swimm upwards, he realized another thing. For the first time in very long time, he couldn't feel Master pressing down on his own thoughts. Soon, the pressure eased, it grew lighter and he was confronted with armed sea-people. Exuberant with freedom, he didn't notice them until Shrug nearly choked him trying to draw his attention to them.

First among the Guardians was Kaeldos Nalorn ( [MENTION=6899077]EarlyBird[/MENTION] ) who took the genasi and maybe even recognized the signs of Aboleth influence. Tai-Tai now is free, albeit haunted, man who still lives the horrors he commited under the influence of The Master. There is evil in him, he just knows it. And he never, ever, lets it go unless he is fighting slavers or other vile things. He uses his new found freedom to free others from similar fate.
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Stamr Cavehaven
Mountain Dwarf Rogue Scout 6


Str 18 (+4)
Dex 14 (+2, save +5)
Con 14 (+2)
Wis 11 (+0)
Int 11 (+0, save +3)
Cha 7 (-2)

Size M
Speed 30 (with Cloak swim 60')
AC 16
Init +2
Hit Points: 45 (6d8)

Proficiency Bonus: +3
Proficiencies: Light and Medium Armor, Rogue weapons, Dwarf weapons
Skills: Insight, Religion, Athletics**, Stealth**, Slight of Hand**, Investigation**, Acrobatics, Nature**, Survival**
Tools: Thieves' Tools**, Mason’s Tools, Poisoner's Kit, Herbalism Kit
Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Thieves' Cant

Shortsword a: 1d20+7 to hit, damage 1d6+5 piercing (sneak attack 3d6)
(2-weapon, using bonus action) Shortsword b: 1d20+7 to hit, damage 1d6.

Background: Acolyte (adapted)
Feature: Shelter of the Faithful
Tools instead of Languages: Poisoner’s Kit, Herbalism Kit (midwifery)

Rogue Abilities:
Expertise in 4 skills (marked **)
Sneak Attack 3d6
Cunning Action: use bonus action to Dash, Disengage, or Hide
Uncanny Dodge: Use reaction to halve damage against me
Scout (XGTE): Skirmisher: Use reaction to move up to half move if enemy ends turn w/in 5' (no opp. attack)
Scout: Survivalist (included in skills, **)

Dwarf Abilities:
60’ darkvision
adv. On saves vs. poison, resistance to poison damage
Stonecunning (double proficiency on Hist. rolls for origin of stonework)

Squat Nimbleness (XGTE): advantage on Athletics attempts to escape grapple.

+5 (dex) Acrobatics*
+0 (wis) Animal Handling
+0 (int) Arcana
+10 (str) Athletics** (adv. to escape grapple)
-2 (cha) Deception
+0 (int) History (+6 stonecunning)
+3 (wis) Insight
-2 (cha) Intimidation
+6 (int) Investigation**
+0 (wis) Medicine
+6 (int) Nature**
+0 (wis) Perception
-2 (cha) Performance
-2 (cha) Persuasion
+3 (int) Religion*
+8 (dex) Sleight of Hand**
+8 (dex) Stealth**
+6 (wis) Survival**

2 x Short Sword (20 gp, 4#)
Moon-touched Short Sword (15’ glow bright light, dim light to 30’) (2#) "Scratch"
Cast-off Breastplate (action to doff) (20#)
Holy Symbol (5gp, 1#)
Thieves' Tools (25gp, 1#)
Mason’s Tools (10gp, 8#)
Poisoner’s Kit (50gp, 2#)
Herbalism Kit (5gp, 3#)
Healer's Kit (5gp, 2#)
Cloak of the Manta Ray (swim speed 60', breath water; action to activate)
Backpack (2gp, 5#)
2x Traveller's Clothes (2gp, 8#)
Robes (1 gp, 4#)
373 gp.

[sblock=Background]underwater: 4D6.HIGH(3) = [5, 1, 6, 4] = 15
4D6.HIGH(3) = [1, 5, 2, 4] = 11
4D6.HIGH(3) = [2, 3, 1, 2] = 7
4D6.HIGH(3) = [2, 6, 6, 1] = 14
4D6.HIGH(3) = [4, 2, 3, 5] = 12
4D6.HIGH(3) = [4, 4, 3, 2] = 11

Stamr wanted to be a priest, as his father had been, and his mother before him, but he never received the calling. He was trained, but while he had an aptitude, neither Moradin nor any other god seemed to want him as theirs. So he became a midwife, since midwives were few and deep in the mountains a healthy child was an important addition to any household. Midwives had to be single, of course, which Stamr was, though not by choice. Stamr isn't pretty to look at. His short beard grows only in patches, and as a result he lacks the authority and command typical of his race. He is funnily shaped, and though there is no doubt that he is strong, he regularly proves himself a disappointment to those around him.

Stamr's mind wanders; due to his size to his size and social awkwardness, he is sometimes thought rough and even cruel. While he is good when he has a task, when left to his own, he is apt to seek trouble. He enjoys a good brawl as much as the next dwarf, but he hasn't stayed on the straight and narrow as much as he might.

Stamr has learned a number of skills in his life, and insists on carrying a backpack filled with tools that may come in use for him. Consequently, he looks like a junk peddlar. But he's good with a blade, and he is willing to fight dirty. And so when he's not needed to help with a birth (and there aren't that many births under the mountain anyways these days), he makes his way to the surface, where he finds he can fill his time, working as a highwayman, or as an apothecary, or as a scout, or as a bouncer, or, indeed, as a midwife. He has a number of skills, after all.

Stamr has three treasures that he keeps with him. First, is his father's breastplate, which has a quick-release mechanism and an elaborate filigree pattern that is said to be a map to a family treasure. Second, is Scratch, his magic short sword. It's not a powerful magic, admittedly, but it was given to him by a lady he once helped out of trouble whose husband had left her. The sword was the husband's, in fact, but it served as payment, and Stamr has kept it since. Third, is his cloak. This is a new treasure, and one he has not fully tested. He has stolen it from a corpse, but he feels it's okay since he had made the corpse, which had formerly had been a being who had wanted to kill him. He buried the body, but kept its treaure, and now it is his, and he has brought it to the coast, where he intends to try it out.


[sblock="First Try; disregard"]One-Eyed Sam
Stout Halfling Rogue Scout 6

Str 5 (-3)
Dex 14 (+2) [save +5]
Con 12 (+1)
Int 10 (0) [Save +3]
Wis 7 (-2)
Cha 7 (-2)

Size S
Speed M (with Cloak swim 60')
AC 14
Init +2
Hit Points: 39 (6d6)

Proficiency Bonus: +3
Proficiencies: Light Armor, Rogue weapons
Skills: Insight, Religion**, Acrobatics**, Athletics**, Stealth**, Investigation, Nature**, Survival**
Tools: Thieves' Tools
Languages: Common, Halfling, Dwarven, Goblin, Thieves' Cant

Shortsword: 1d20+5 to hit, damage 1d6+3 (sneak attack 3d6)

Background: Acolyte
Feature: Shelter of the Faithful

Rogue Abilities:
Expertise in 4 skills (marked **)
Sneak Attack 3d6
Cunning Action: use bonus action to Dash, Disengage, or Hide
Uncanny Dodge: Use reaction to halve damage against me
Scout: Skirmisher: Use reaction to move up to half move if enemy ends turn w/in 5' (no opp. attack)
Scout: Survivalist (included in skills, **)

Halfling Abilities:
Lucky: reroll 1s on attack, save, or check
Brave: advantage on saves vs. frightened
Nimbleness: move through any space of M or larger creature
Stout Resistance: adv. vs. poison

(4) Lucky. 3 luck points for a re-roll per long rest.

+8 (dex) Acrobatics**
-2 (wis) Animal Handling
+0 (int) Arcana
+3 (str) Athletics**
-2 (cha) Deception
+0 (int) History
+1 (wis) Insight*
-2 (cha) Intimidation
+3 (int) Investigation*
-2 (wis) Medicine
+6 (int) Nature**
-2 (wis) Perception
-2 (cha) Performance
-2 (cha) Persuasion
+6 (int) Religion**
+2 (dex) Sleight of Hand
+8 (dex) Stealth**
+4 (wis) Survival**

Studded Leather (45 gp, 13#)
2 x Short Sword (20 gp, 4#)
Holy Symbol (5gp, 1#)
Thieves' Tools (25gp, 1#)
Cloak of the Manta Ray (swim speed 60', breath water; action to activate)

2 common magic items, 405 gp.

[sblock=Background]Sam was the best of those hoping to attain a priesthood, well beyond his years in theological insight. Yondalla be praised, his future was set, and his parents in the Golden Hills were proud of him, even if they didn't fully understand the degree of his devotion. And it was on the day of his Ordination, the very first day of Spring, that the Bugbears came with their leather bags.

Sam was one of the first ones captured (he could not run well in his vestments), but the sounds he heard, as his village was slaughtered and razed to the ground, haunt him to this day.

Of the twenty or so who were carried underground, four died of injuries (Mary, Lisl, Tom, and Fat Barry), six were eaten (Kar, Tami, the Hopeson twins, Tal, and Fran Fran), and one while trying to escape (his sister Farah). He did not die in that escape attempt. He had always been lucky, or at least that's what he told himself when the axe hit his face, taking his eye, and some of his sense, and much of his good humour. He was left for dead, his big sister's body covering him, no longer of interest to the goblinoids perhaps because he was so small to begin with. He never learned what happened to the others: Stump, McNee, Other Tom, Sandy, the Professor, and Wintergreen, but he is not hopeful.

Lying in the stagnant puddle, pain assaulting him in the darkness, it was days before he dared move, and by the time he had pulled himself to the surface, Yondalla's golden light finally shining on him again, Sam was no longer the same. His village was gone, his Temple destroyed. His face did not heal well, and the long scar across his ribcage continues to itch.

The next closest Temple was in Belle Reve. He worked there, a broken man, in penitent silence, hoping to again receive the favour from Yondalla that he once had enjoyed. No blessing came, and while he still wears her Shield around his neck, he had come to understand that no one who looked like him should channel the goddess's power, as once he had been ready to do.

So Sam went to the city, trusting that there were always big folk nearby who could use a small fella like him, even as he was. And sure enough there were. Sam could fit in drainpipes and actually was pretty good with a sword when he needed to be, and if this is what Yondalla wanted for him, then who was he to argue? Sam could climb trees and could be conscripted into the army where he didn't eat much, and how he looked didn't matter so much.

Sam had never thought of himself as a Deserter, but his Sergeant was a drunk and called him foul names, and one morning he decided to head for the mountains, far from the reach of his regiment. He stole his Sergeant's cloak (he was sure Yondalla would understand) to help hide in the darkness, and fled in the night.

He never made the mountains. The Sergeant's cloak, far too big for Sam's tiny frame, was almost thrown away. But Yondalla showed him that it was magical (Sam did not know this when he took it, but had been attracted only by its black leathery texture that reflected no light.) He is embarrassed by the story about how he learned of its enchantment, but the salient detail is that manta rays can swim downriver faster than a military wagon that has gone off a bridge.

And that's how he's here, in this tavern on the coast, his misshapen skull reflecting hollow shadows as the candle at his table flickers from the stump of wax that remains. He tries to be cheery, and he knows his life has been better than some. He's been here a few months, and he calls this table his chapel. He insists that if you want to be married, he can do it for you legal, but those who ask him are usually inebriated and not always polite when they get a close look at him. Still, it's the life he's been given, and that's more that was given to Farah and Other Tom and the Hopeson twins.[/sblock][/sblock]


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Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
Jamoar Gallentra


Jamoar Gallentra
NN Half-Elf (Aquatic) Storm Sorcerer; Naval Officer (former)

[sblock=Basic Data]
Name: Jamoar Gallentra
Sex: Male
Race: Half-Elf (aquatic)
Class/Level: Sorcerer 6
Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Medium; 6'1", 190 lbs. Pale green skin, blond-blue hair, emerald green eyes
Type: Humanoid
Languages: Common, Elvish, Primordial
Speed: 30 ft., swim 30 ft.
Init: +3
Prof. Bonus: +3
Passive Perception: 8

AC: 13
Maximum HP: 42
Current HP: 42
Saves: Constitution +6, Wisdom +1, Charisma +7
Resistance: lightning and thunder damage
Note: mage armor AC 13+Dex (16), 8 hours (16 when extended)

Melee: Quarterstaff +5 (1d6+2 bludgeoning; versatile 1d8+2)
Melee: Dagger +6 (1d4+3 piercing)
Ranged: Dagger +6 (1d4+3 piercing; thrown 20/60)
Spell Attacks: +7 (dmg depends on attack option)

Str 14 (+2), Dex 16 (+3) , Con 16 (+3), Int 12 (+1), Wis 7 (-2), Cha 18 (+4)
[sblock=stats rolled]
Half-Elf: +1 Dex, +1 Con, +2 Cha; Resilient (Wisdom) Feat: Wis +1[/sblock][/sblock]
[sblock=Features & Proficiencies]
Half-elf (aquatic)
Ability scores: Dexterity +1, Constitution +1, Charisma +2
Darkvision: 60 feet
Fey Ancestry: Advantage against being charmed and magic cannot put you to sleep.
Aquatic: lose Skill Versatility, gain 30' swim speed
Languages: Common, Elvish, Primordial

Naval Officer (Soldier/Sailor combo)
Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (water), Navigation tools
Military rank: Having served in the Imperial Navy as a lieutenant and navigator, your rank is recognized by former comrades and you can gain entrance to friendly encampments/ship yards/etc.

Personality Traits: To me, a tavern brawl is a good way to get to know a new city
Ideal: Someday I will chart my own destiny
Bond: I will hunt my mothers killers to the ends of the world
Flaw: I have little respect for someone who is not a proven warrior

Sorcerer (Storm)
Wind Speaker: Learn Primordial
Tempestuous Magic: as bonus action cause gusts of elemental air to surround you. Immediately before or after casting a spell of 1st level or higher, you can fly up to 10' without provoking opportunity attacks
Font of Magic: Sorcery Points (6/day)
Flexible Casting:
  • Create Spell Slots: 1st = 2 sp; 2nd = 3 sp; 3rd = 5 sp; 4th = 6 sp; 5th = 7 sp
  • As a bonus action on your turn, expend a spell slot to gain sorcery points equal to spell slot level
Metamagic: Extended Spell, Quickened Spell
Heart of the Storm:
  • Gain resistance to lightning and thunder damage
  • Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher that deals lightning or thunder damage, deal lightning or thunder damage equal to half sorcerer level (3) to creatures of your choice that you can see within 10 feet of you
Storm Guide: You can control the weather around you. As an action stop rain in a 20' radius, can end as a bonus action. As bonus action choose the direction that wind blows in 100' radius sphere centered on you

SKILLS (Proficient in bold)
+3 (dex) Acrobatics
-2 (wis) Animal Handling
+1 (int) Arcana
+5 (str) Athletics
+4 (cha) Deception
+1 (int) History
+1 (wis) Insight
+7 (cha) Intimidation
+1 (int) Investigation
-2 (wis) Medicine
+1 (int) Nature
-2 (wis) Perception
+4 (cha) Performance
+7 (cha) Persuasion
+1 (int) Religion
+3 (dex) Sleight of Hand
+3 (dex) Stealth
-2 (wis) Survival

  • Resilient (Wisdom): +1 to Wisdom, Proficient in Wisdom saving throws
Spell Attack: +7 - Save DC: 15
Spells per Day:
LevelPer DayKnown:
Cantrip (5)-light, mage hand, ray of frost, shape water*, shocking grasp
1st4chromatic orb, mage armor
2nd3alter self, dragons breath*, gust of wind
3rd3lightning bolt, thunder step
* = XGE
[sblock=Inventory & Gear]
dagger x2
potion of healing x6

arcane focus
case (map or scroll)
clothes - common, fine, imperial uniform (wrapped in oilskin to keep dry)
fishing tackle
navigator's tools
oilskin pouch
squid ink (1 ounce bottle)
silk rope - 50'

orb of direction (common)*
cloak of many fasions (common)*
necklace of adaptation (uncommon, attuned)*

Coins 1 pp, 14 gp, 10 sp
Gems: 3x 25gp; 1x 50gp[/sblock]
[sblock=Appearance & Background]
Tall, fit, and dashing... at least that is how the ladies at the festhalls in ports across the world would describe Lieutenant Jamoar. Standing just over 6' tall, Jamoar is one of the tallest half-elves many people have seen. With his pale green skin and half-elven features, he is the exotic lover of many women across the lands. When not in uniform, he wears standard dock worker clothing, the better to climb the rigging or lounge about town. When in uniform he cuts a dashing figure, though even in full kit the only weapons he dons are a couple of daggers and occasionally a staff for rapping the knuckles of sailors on deck.

Jamoar can be flighty at times, and his attention can be hard to get, but when he is at sea there is joy on his face and a song in his throat.

Though he is jovial to crew and tavern folk, Jamoar's heart drifts to darkness at times. A deep anger burns in his core, fostered through his youth by his human father's own hatred. Born to a sea-elf mother and human father, Jamoar is a child of two worlds, rather half-worlds that don't quite fit together. His father, Tallek never spoke of the circumstances or romances that lead to his conception, but he often spoke of those surrounding Jamoar's birth. With vitriol and hate, many times through his life, Jamoar was raised on the story of how Tallek found the babe Jamoar swaddled in sealskin, lying next to his mother on the shore where Tallek would meet her for their liaisons. A smooth note of some ocean skin with waterproof ink was pinned to his mother, near her slit throat, reading "the babe is delivered to you, her penance is paid" in common. When Tallek passed, the only thing he left to Jamoar was that note and his anger and bitterness.

His mother on the other hand somehow left him a legacy of power that unlocked the elemental magic of the seas and storms. Manifesting when he was still an ungainly youth, his ability to swim the seas with ease and his natural magic of wind and storms made him a natural fit for joining the imperial navy, which he did soon after his father's death at the hands of a bottle and penny thug.

Jamoar's natural aptitude, leadership abilities and charisma, enabled him to secure first an officer candidacy and then an officer's commission, almost unheard of for a non-noble seaman. Though his rash words and sometimes inattentiveness got him reprimanded enough that he was never able to rise much above his that initial rank of lieutenant. After a few years at sea, commanding men and doing very well for himself, a chance encounter with a sea-elf out sailing re-kindled his then dormant anger. Vowing to finally find and avenge his mother, he took his rashest actions yet. At their final port of call before heading back to their home port, Jamoar suddenly resigned his commission, collected his belongings which were few beyond his clothing and left. Along the way, he may have taken the liberty of the captain's necklace which allowed underwater breathing and one of the ship's navigational orbs. He had crossed the length and breadth of the ocean's surfaces, it was time to get beneath them and bring justice for his mother. [/sblock]
** if there are any questions or issues, just shoot me a PM, but this should all be basically correct.
*** format shamelessly stolen from [MENTION=6776182]JustinCase[/MENTION] and updated to my needs, thanks!
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