D&D 5E Underwater interest (Closed)

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I feel I owe everyone here an apology. I had three games going last year, some that had been going on for over a year, and I bailed on all of them. I didn’t mean to, but the last two years leading up to when I stopped last November had been difficult. I won’t go into the details, but since December, things have been much better, financially and emotionally. I'm ready to start picking my games back up, but to be honest, this one is at the bottom of my list. Unless there is tremendous interest to move this forward, I think we should just close this game down for the time being. Maybe come back at some other time, if/when my other games go away.


Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
I'm here, but realistically I have not been part of this game since I was only recruited in December or whatever. Do what's best for you. All good.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Good to see you return, tglassy, and even better to hear that things have improved in your life.

Personally I wasn't very invested in this game, so prioritizing your other games is fine by me!

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