Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana August: Races of Ravnica

I don't know modern MtG or Ravnica other then what we have been talking about on here and at D&D the last few weeks...but quick look I like this.

Vedalken sound like I could totally play the blue elves like 'mystic elf' and 'magician of black chaos' from yugioh. I think I really like the race even if I never heard of it before.


I laughed and cringed at this passage from the Viashino:

"They’re also easily distracted, jumping from one idea to another in an instant. Likewise, they’re easily bored, and if nothing captures their attention,
they’ll do something interesting."

My first thought was reptile Kender. lol

Sounds like players!

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Needs more crunch on exactly what the can and can't do with their trunk. I would allow use of an arcane focus, somatic spell casting and picking pockets; disallow use of any weapon or shield. Otherwise pretty boring, natural armour virtually useless.

Simic Hybid:
Cool concept, would like to see some more options. Grappling appendages + Battlerager…

Boring as hell. Tall blue gnomes.

Unarmed attack as a reaction: possibly stronger than intended for a monk?

These are pretty disappointing compared to the Eberron races. Literally the only really good thing in the whole document is the tail lash ability that the reptile races gets. Everything else is something I'd pass on in order to play some other race.


I really like the concept of the Simic Hybrid. Finally some transhumanism in D&D. More options or a feat would be cool though.


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I wonder why they went with the less-evocative name "Simic Hybrid" rather than "Krasis," which is what the hybrids are called in the Ravnica cards.

I also think the Loxo and the Vedalken need some more work on things to get them to stand out as races.

Other than powerful build Loxo doesn't feel "Elephant" enough to me.

Vedalken just doesn't feel unique enough to me. Maybe they need some more abilities related to their focus that isn't as boringly generic as a +1d4 to a skill and a tool.

Viashino I like that they have a tail that can lash out, I feel what sets them apart from Lizardfolk is that they're more about using natural weapons. Though I feel that some natural weapon using races should have a damage boost at certain levels (like after a Monk gets a damage increase).

The Simic Hyrbrids are interesting, though they could do with at 2 more lesser and greater enhancements.

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