Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Presents The Cleric's Order Domain

1) I'm glad those archetype designs appear on UA, most of them are wildly exotic and the concept behind them is real interesting.
2) This domain is probably one of the first cleric domain to actually interests me. I love the cleric class chassis, but most of the domain dont inspire me much (maybe the knowledge domain, but since I play with a bunch of murderhobbos, the features are useless). Order Domain may be the one that convinces me to play one.


Also, if choosing this class and playing as pure support, I would encourage the group to be 2-h weapon users, Barbarians, rogues, and of course a Paladin as your inquisitor to get a reaction attack chance to land that critical hit divine smite.

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Jacob Beaudoin

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I think the quick fix is to put a wis modifier cap on the extra attacks granted by your order like most other potent abilities of its class, other than that I agree that the spell recycling and extra damage abilities are to entice you to do more than spam heals and buffs like some other clerics tend towards, maybe reducing the damage granted to your allies to 1d8, or having a maximum number of possible times the capstone can be used might stop it from breaking as easily.
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Jacob Beaudoin

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Yeah it wouldn’t break my heart to see this class lose heavy armour. Maybe a bonus proficiency or tool.

It wouldn't break my heart but the slight melee focus ( could use a hand crossbow to land those divine attacks instead) and the very judge dread feel of it makes me glad it's there.

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