Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Starter Spells; Plus UA Returning To Monthly & Sage Advice Returning

Chaos Bolt is the first Sorcerer-only spell. Interesting.

What I've read so far looks really good. I like the idea of Ceremony quite a bit, but some of the effects (Investiture!) might be a little overpowered.

This week's Unearthed Arcana (this time by Robert J Schwalb, rather than Mike Mearls, along with Jeremy Crawford) details a section of new cantrips and 1st-level spells. In addition, WotC has announced that UA will be returning to its old monthly schedule, and Jeremy Crawford's Sage Advice column will return -- "For a while now, we’ve been releasing Unearthed Arcana multiple times a month as part of a special series of articles. That series wraps up at the end of April 2017. After that, we’ll return to releasing Unearthed Arcana once, sometimes twice, a month, and the Sage Advice column will return."



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Hi, I'm a Mindflayer, but don't let that worry you
Man, "Marriage" is going to make adventuring way more awkward...

Half-orc: "This is going to be our most difficult fight yet!"
Goliath: "I'm not sure we're strong enough!"
Cleric: "Would +2 AC help?"
Half-orc: "Yes!"
Cleric: "Great. You'll just have to marry each other."


I like cause fear, and becomes pretty good against low hp creatures. I wish it was like sleep, where you could increase the hp if you cast in a higher slot. Chaos bolt would normally be a lot of fun, but I hate wild mages, so I just know one of my gamers (who loves them) will use this as a go to spell lol. And my druid/barbarian will make frequent use of primal savagery. I see use out of zephyr strike as well


On the other hand, I don't understand Guiding Hand. Does the hand move through walls or even mountains or does it take the shortest possible route, solving any pathfinding problem on the way?

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I like the Ceremony spell, it's very flavourful yet generic enough to be twisted into a lot of fun scenes. I can see this being something that the players agonise over using, and maybe even build concepts (the young lovers, etc) for.

I'm also pleased at the Toll the Bell spell, a solid Necromancy cantrip for Necromancers, who I vaguely recall were struggling for them.

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