Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Subclasses Part III: Artificer, Druid, and Ranger

The third in the recent spate of D&D subclasses from WotC! "Continuing our series of new D&D subclasses in 2020, Unearthed Arcana presents three more for you to playtest: the Armorer for the artificer, the Circle of the Stars for the druid, and the Fey Wanderer for the ranger. Today’s article also includes some new infusions for the artificer."


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The Armorer I feel is an inevitability as I feel there had to be some sort of arcane spellcaster that uses heavy armour.

For the Court of Stars, I approve of any Druid subclass that has alternative uses to Wildshape, it's interesting that this Druid is sort of tied to Astrology. I think being able to become incorporeal is it's biggest strength.

The Fey Wanderer has some neat ideas, it's quite into psychic damage. Though I feel Blessings of the Court could be more like Smite and scale up depending on which level of spell slot is used. I don't know why they mention channel mind-altering magic from your allies for Beguiling Twist. As you can definitely force a different enemy to make a saving throw against a spell that either your or your allies cast.


This artificer gets the same thing at level 3. And a whole laundry list of additional abilities on top of that. At level 3.

Totally unbalanced.

Unless your sarcasm is going over my head, quantity tells you nothing. Besides, it's the same number of class features the Battle Smith gets at Level 3, and for pretty much the same reason.

One is the bonus prepared spells every Artificer sub-class gets. One is a bonus proficiency to make a caster into a gish. One is the special modifier to use that bonus proficiency without having to go MAD, plus a couple ribbons. And one is the actual substantive class feature for the level, which is mostly about making weapon attacks a viable alternative to Cantrip spam.


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
Yeah, you can't really compare two archetypes from two completely different classes on such a simple scale

You would think they would be able to do a Subclass of Artificer for every magic item type:
Armor, Potions, Rings, Rods, Scrolls, Staffs, Wands, and Wondrous Items.

I mean Wands, Staffs, and Rods are already covered in the Artillerist. But there are still Rings, Scrolls, and Weapons to be covered. (The Battlesmith clearly goes for Wonderous Items with that pet)
The Archivist was the scrolls artificer, or it should have been if they hadn't been hung up on the "artificer is the pet class" idea at the time.

They are supposed to be having another crack at it anyway.


Possibly a Idiot.
Oh, I just realized that Dreadful Strikes actually works worse with Two Weapon Fighting than I thought. Because the Bonus Action that triggers the extra damage occurs after you take the Attack Action, meaning only the Bonus Action qualifies for bonus damage.


Possibly a Idiot.
No you can't - the infusions must be used on a non-magical base item. Which these clearly aren't.
Which is the real point of the level 9 ability, letting you finally infuse your magic armor and it's weapons. Kind of puts you on the back foot compared to other (non-alchemist) Artificers who have a +1 weapon or Focus starting at level 2.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
The power armour is one of the reasons why I'm not fond of the artificer class. I'd rather the armour be treasure that anyone with the right proficiencies can use effectively rather than just having it as an artificer ability. I had the same disconnect with the old UA thunder cannon subclass and a bit with the current artillerist class.
I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t there be ways to temporarily enchant a thing that are unique to a tradition, or new, or whatever?

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