Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: The Artificer Is Here! & UA Schedule Changes

Not liking the shape of this. It's certainly powerful in a batman-utility sort of way, but I didn't expect the Artificer to become a "Must Have Pet" class. My potion thrower is gone, and the party Beastmaster is giving me side-eye.

Unless you can put Returning Weapon on the potions you throw.


3. Why does this class get extra attacks per round? I mean, the spell list for both subclasses is pretty robust - they've got damage spells down pat. None of the other casters get multiple attacks as a baseline. Seems a tad unnecessary to me. And, unless you pick up a magic weapon, doesn't that make the Enhanced Weapon infusion pretty much a must have?

This is the part that I'm still trying to get my head around. There seem to be two paths for what your default combat action will be. You can take an attack Cantrip that's buffed by your subclass's Level 6 class feature or you can buff a crossbow (or firearm) with Arcane Weapon and Enhanced Weapon. The two paths don't synergize, but they also don't force many mutually exclusive class choices. So I'm not quite sure what sort of builds are being encouraged.

It's too bad that Gunsmith is gone. I really liked the concept, and even if the flavor might be less out of place Artillerist doesn't feel like it delivers as a wandslinger the same way. Better to go EB spam Warlock if that's what you want.

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Mr. Wilson

While I'm still somewhat...confused as to why the Artificer is suddenly a pet class, I'm thrilled they stripped out the gunsmith from it and moved it back towards wands given the origination of the class.

I was hoping it would have more interesting ways to interact with Warforged, but overall I dig the changes.

The Myopic Sniper

Looks good. A distinct improvement on the last iteration. It might need one more round of polishing, but this seems playable right out of the gate.

I would probably break up the archetype levels a bit.... 1st, 3rd, 6th, 10th and 14th.

1st level would get the bonus tool proficencies and bonus spells from 3rd level, while 3rd level would retain the homunculus/turret ability. At 14th level, both archetypes currently get really two related abilities in the current format, I would probably split them between 10th and 14th. It just gives a slight little power up to balance out the flavorful, but usually just fluffy cantrip swap ability at 10th level.

Overall though, I am very happy with where all this is going. I kind of wish that Paladins and Rangers got their spellcasting at first level like the Artificer. I may have to tinker with that for my home game.


Kinder reader Inflection wanted
I posted about this in the on the way announcement but see this maybe here is better, Very curious what other have to say, here is my first impressions:

First thing I notice... Artificer's as far as I now are now the first class to be able to change out cantrips.. as well as being the only 1/2 caster class to have cantrips at all. "When you gain a level in this class, you can replace one of the artificer cantrips you know with another cantrip from the artificer spell list." This makes them a bit more forgiving for new players. … Then they double down on that at level 10 and with the Artillerist subclass with Wand Prototype ... interesting even if cantrip over kill.

Also, my first look at their current spell list makes me think, where is unseen servant and Comprehend Languages? They are ritual casters with 6 rituals seems kind of a waste for Identify and detect magic. Alarms nice but an extra pair of hands and the ability to read deferent manuals and books seem like things that any artificer would really want and prioritize.

Infuse Magic at lvl 4 was what I liked best about the Artificer... now its Spell storing at level 18 and limited to 1st and 2nd level spells. That limits its best use to Disguise Self, Alter self, Expeditious Retreat, Blur, See invisible, Enlarge/Reduce, heat metal, Invisibility, shield of faith, and then New Arcane Weapon. That's not a bad list, the loss of fly, haste, and revivify hurt it but don't break it. The biggest thing here is that at level 18 your not likely to ever seen perhaps one of the most unique and interesting abilities of the artificer. If they could drop it to the lvl 10 ability it would be way better since at level 18 its underwhelming but a little useful but at level 10 its pretty good. Besides you can already change your cantrips when you level the Artillerist sub class can cantrip wands so the level 10 ability get to a point where I just ask, "Why do I want this?" its kind an unwanted unneeded triple down on minor feature, the double down on the subclass if fine plus it adds an intellect bonus to damage but this seems a bit much.

Infuse Item does feel more like an artificer than the previous version namely when it comes to Replicate Magic item in replace of the free magic items from Wonderous Invention. Really this takes a page from warlock Eldritch Invocations and opens up the class to greater player to player variation... WHICH I LOVE!! This is a great improvement.

But the Subclass Crafting bonus..... That makes the Artificer actually an artificer. Hell yes! I generally like the new subclasses better, they are less cumbersome. They seemed like they were trying to be too much their own thing before. They seem to haves successfully made the artificer more an artificer and subclasses feel more like specialties than almost entirely new classes.

... that's just my opinion / review. curious to see what others think.

Over all... It's much improved from my prospective. I am also hopeful for a scroll based subclass, I keep thinking of a 3 Naruto characters, one who used scrolls like Drawmij's Instant Summons (pulling weapons and equipment out of a scroll, kind of like robe of many things), the summoned illusion enemies to fight like Simulacrum (A paper mache decoy fighter), while another used things like symbol (buff/debuff), glyph of warding (exploding notes) and Illusory Script (secret notes)… combining something like that would make cool option I think.
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Possibly a Idiot.
Class Features
The basic stuff is to be expected. Though Con/Int saving throws is unique.
It's a rogue with more defense. Though the reliance on crossbows leaves me wondering about their Bonus Action economy, I have a feeling it wont matter in the long run. Oh, and as an option, they can use guns.

Magical Tinkering
If there was ever an example of magitec opulence this is it:
The magic way to send Text messages, selfies, and even stink bombs. I can see this being used for oodles of flavor and humor.

They follow the Cleric Method of spell casting. Pick a few of the spells from the entire list available per day, and also ritual casting but only of spells you have already prepaired.
They also use INT, which is nice, INT needs way more love, but it's totally expected.
The real interesting thing here is that this is a half caster with cantrips! Finally!

A combination of Wizard and Druid! cantrips. Though I would have used Produce Flame instead of Firebolt.

Level 1
No direct offensive spells. There are a lot of buffs, detection, a smattering of area denial, and some restoration here.
Cure Wounds over Healing Word is an interesting choice. I suppose they couldn't justify the less tangible Healing Word.

Level 2.
Finally a spell that can be used to apply the hurt, but otherwise the trend continues.

In fact, outside of getting Fabricate and Creation, the spells are basically the same but better from here on on. Not much to comment on other than the fact it gets all of the essential healer spells, except for Remove Curse, which it should totally have because it fits perfectly.

Infusing Items.
They fixed the bug where your class features could be permanently stolen from you. Which is nice.
Other than that, they are basically Invocations that you can share with your party, with the additional bonus of the items being semi-swappable every day.
It is a bit odd that the +x weapons and Armor only go up to 2, but then again a +3 item is legendary.

Tool Expertise.
Lets you keep up with the Rogue in the disarming arms race.

Everyone gets them.

Arcane Armament.
This is an oddly specific take on the extra attack feature. One that is easily overcame mind you, but still really damn weird considering they are meant to use Crossbows of all weapons. It's a pity they don't get a bonus to Cantrip damage, or something akin to Divine Strike instead.

The Right Cantrip for the Job
A Wizard would kill for this. In fact, put this on the pile of features I earmarked for the Generalist Wizard.

Spell-Storing Item.
This is a capstone-esque ability that lets you finally share your spells with your group. Or just get 5 extra low level spells per day. Either way it's rather boss.

Soul of Artifice.
Because having one capstone wasn't enough!
Not only do you get to attune to 6 magic items, you get a +6 bonus on all saving throws!

I'm just going to say this ability needs some heavy retooling. Drop the bonus to saving throws, and make it come online somewhere at the end of t1 or beginning of t2 so that the artificer can use the goodies they are making.

Alchemist, for those who want to be party support.
They get skills to use the proper tools. Of note, you are intended to craft potions with this subclass.
An expanded spell list that has some OK options.
It gets better healing powers, a bit more acid/poison damage, and a familiar that would make a Beastmaster Ranger cry.

Artillerist, because the boomstick subclass wouldn't fly in Eberron.
The tools are technically worse, but you get to use Wands, Staves, and Rods as compensation. Also, you are supposed to craft permanent wands with this subclass, but good luck with that one.
Speaking of wands, you can use them to cast [-]Any Cantrip In The Game,[/-] any artificer cantrip, even those you don't know, with a damage bonus.
[-]Did you want to Eldritch Blast like a Warlock? Good news! Really want to pick up Druidcraft because you like flowers? No problem! [/-]

~~~I stand corrected, apparently I didn't catch the restriction the first time around~~~

To hammer home the idea that this subclass is all about the spell booming, you get Fireball and a selection of other destructive spells. And also Shield, for reasons I'm not really sure of, but then again the base class should have gotten that spell anyway.
Now, the really fun part about this subclass is the Arcane Turret, which is a walking Flamethrower, Laser cannon, or force-field generator, with the option to self destruct, and be resummoned with a spell slot. It's a lot like a Spirit Totem from the Circle of the Shepard, only more explosive.

Over all, the class sounds fun, but they aren't even remotely tooled to be an Attack-Action class, despite having class features intended to back them up.
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Speaking of wands, you can use them to cast Any Cantrip In The Game, with a damage bonus.
Did you want to Eldritch Blast like a Warlock? Good news! Really want to pick up Druidcraft because you like flowers? No problem!

This isn't right, I don't think.

Wand Prototype said:
When you do so, you invest it with one artificer cantrip of your choice — even one you don’t know — that has a casting time of 1 action.

Or is there another class feature I'm overlooking?


Kinder reader Inflection wanted
I really, really, really don't like that they're trying to fit mechanical engineering into a spellcasting chassis. The whole "The Magic of Artifice" text-box makes my skin crawl:

"As an artificer, you use tools when you cast your spells. When describing your spellcasting, think about how you’re using a tool to perform the spell effect. If you cast cure wounds using alchemist’s supplies, you could be quickly producing a salve. If you cast it using tinker’s tools, you might have a miniature mechanical spider that binds wounds."

It gets worse as it goes on, and the whole time I'm wondering... why? Why not just give the Artificer their own unique abilities that allow them to manufacture mechanical spiders that bind wounds or produce healing salves? Why make these abilities "spells" and dump all the responsibility of making them cool and flavorful onto the players themselves? Also, what happens when the Artificer enters an anti-magic zone? Do the clockwork spiders suddenly stop working? Or the healing salves? Meh...

I wish they'd just make an all-out engineer class (with gunpowder and clockwork inventions a la World of Warcraft) or an all-out magic-item-creation class. Instead, they're trying to kill two birds with one stone and fit both archetypes into a single class. It just doesn't work.

A good post. I agree they should stick with magic and make Tinker/Engineer something else like The Critical Role gunslinger. By the title of Artificer, they should be about infusing objects into magic items.

What like, I REALLY like, its the Crafting bonus, Infuse Item, Spells storing(though at level 18 its so late they are denying a strong heart of the class like giving moon druids shape change at level 18), and Soul of Artifice (which is good but I liked Superior Attunement at level 5 easing you into it). I even like it as a half caster class with cantrips that they change as they level (its shifting low level magic which I can except with class that studies the workings and manipulation of magic for the purpose of infusing it into items) and 1st level spells at level 1 with ritual casting. To me this makes them Wizards who decided to specialize in crafting items then at level 3 they specialize into a specific type of items. I love this feel and it makes since as studied practitioners of magic learning to infuse that magic into items should require some of the same base fundamentals.

What I don't like is the support constructs (make Golemancy / Forge a subclass give them a "Warforged light assistant"), Arcane Armament (they are a caster class dedication way to much time to magic and construction to be picking up "Extra attack", its the same problem with magic and engineering. A little is fine. They have armor, shield, simple weapons, crossbow proficiencies and give them Green Flame Blade/Booming Blade a magic solution to melee but not extra attack a melee staple ability), and The right cantrip for the job (This is something wizards can't do and should be better at)

My Suggested fixes: switch Arcane Armament at level 5 for a "Superior Attunement/Spells storing" hybrid, The +1 attunement item is very artificer like but not useful until you get a magic item and scaling it up to level 15 is good but not useful at lower levels. Spell storing is key ability of awesomeness which becomes wasted at level 18 but perhaps too powerful at lower levels, so you need to cap it at lower levels then open it up at higher levels.

Magic Item connections
At 5th level, your superior understanding of magic items allows you to use them to a greater degree. You can now attune to up to four, rather than three, magic items at a time. You also learn to store spells in none magical items. Whenever you finish a long rest, you can touch one simple or martial weapon or an item that you can use as a spellcasting focus and store a spell in it, choosing one 1st level spell from the artificer spell list that requires 1 action to cast (you don’t need to have the spell prepared). With the object in hand, a creature can take an action to produce the spell’s effect from it, using your spellcasting ability modifier but their on concentration if required. Once used the item is once again mundane. You can have this ability active on a number of items equal to your intelligence modifier. If you cast it on an additional item after that the oldest active items magic dissipates and becomes mundane.

Superior Magic Storage
At 10th level, You also learn to store larger spells in none magical items. You can now store spells of level 2 and level 3.

Master Infusion
At 18th level, your superior understanding of magic items has expanded again. You may now attune to five items, rather than four. You also lean to use duplicate infusions letting you put the same infusion in multiple objects at a time but your total number of infusions still can not exceed your intellect modifier (minimum of one).

(AKA, voids: "You must touch each of the objects, and each of your infusions can be in only one object at a time.")

Li Shenron

Wait...can the Alchemical Homunculus give all PCs advantage on all out of combat skill checks, and 12+Int temporary hitpoints prior to any combat, as often as it wants at no cost?

That was my first thought too.

Maybe I am overlooking something but I see no restrictions in this draft for the humonculus to give inspiration AND temporary HP to everyone all the time outside combat. It's even worse than Guidance which is technically broken but somewhat tolerable.

I am sure this will be corrected.

Edit: aha, there IS a limit of 3/day fortunately!
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Li Shenron

Any PC can give another Advantage outside of combat.

That's a common misconception. They "can" in the sense that they "might" if the DM rules positively, but the RAW on helping others doesn't entitle anybody. The Homunculus RAW doesn't include DM's adjudication so it just works.

Li Shenron

Just to say something positive: I really like the infusions.

But overall I don't think I am in the customer base for this class, I never was because I don't want another spellcaster in the game, especially one that takes the magic items availability control off my DM's hands. And I have zero interest in Ravnica or Eberron.

The only Artificer I would be interested in would be a non-magic MacGuyver class, which is clearly not what they want.

I do think the Alchemist has potential as a Wizard subclass however.
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That was my first thought too.

Maybe I am overlooking something but I see no restrictions in this draft for the humonculus to give inspiration AND temporary HP to everyone all the time outside combat. It's even worse than Guidance which is technically broken but somewhat tolerable.

I am sure this will be corrected.
Isn't the Inspiration and the Temp HP a kind of salve and thus restricted to 3/day?

I would like, or I suggest, a future subclasse about runes as a softer version of seals for pacts with vestiges, and other about incarnum soulmelds like the ironsoul forgemaster.

OH MY GOD! Can you guess what is my fear now? Fortnite. I mean now some player will want a subclass about creating walls and traps like in the videogames "Orcs must die" or "Fortnite: Save the world". Maybe it will be only a homebrew version.

I imagine artificer like a master of crafting single-use magic item (scrolls, potions, talismans, runes, tattoos..).

* Now I am try to imagine a story about a blue goblin half-fraal ("the little grayskin aliens were here") who is a trapper, an artificer living in a wild zone using primal magic (and a piece of psionic powers) to teletransport traps (and other biopunk tech, machines by living tissues) created in the tribe ville to hunt savage species (and sometimes enemy werebeasts). His weapons would be a crossbow what reload itself, and his mount is a mutant board with tentacles what can reload a crossbow. He found a planar rift to a demiplane with living constructs like the creatures from the videogame "Horizon Zero". Maybe it is a stupid idea but at least we need something to start a idea storm.

It still needs a bit of work. For example, the Wand Prototype feature of the Artillerist uses wands to fire cantrips (magical pistols, essentially), but it doesn't quite say if that wand also casts cantrips at the same caster level as the artificer. I suppose it does, but for cantrips, that's crucial information.

I like the 'use magic as shorthand for gimmicks and gizmo's'-aspect to it, myself. I can handle the abstraction, and one can easily refluff it to fit different types of settings.

How is the abnormal spell progression table supposed to combine with multiclassing?

No problem. Just a standard half caster. Divide artificer level by 2. Cantrips are always on top of the multiclassing table. No matter what second class you have, you at least have a single level on the spellcadting table. It is now possible to use the first line of this table which was previously impossible.

Maybe they should replace Arcane Armament with something similar to the Cleric's Divine Strike. It doesn't necessarily have to be one where it's different for each subclass. Or maybe a sneak attack-like feature, like what the previous iteration had (probably would have to tone it down though since it's more beefed up on other things now).

But overall I don't think it has too much that jumps out and makes one want to play this class.

I am not sure how I like that class.
I think as a half caster, spells like fireball and so on are coming a bit late to really have the right impact.
I am still thinking the warlock chassis would have been a great way of doing the artificer.
I also think that gaining crucial proficiencies at level 3 is too late (see scout). I really do believe that at least you need to remove the addition (if you don't already have it) which forces you to not take the thematic proficiency because it would be wasted. Interestingly dndbeyond ignores the if clause in the character builder and just allows you to chose a different proficiency as by the standard rules.
I guess chosing the sublclass at level 1 would work better for the artificer would get rid of the problem.
My other problem comes with the spellcasting feature. I don't like the reflavouring here. I'd rather have hard rules. When preparing a spell you need to imbue an item with the ability to do x. You now can use your spell slots to activate the magic of the item or even more restrictive: habe the artificer use old vancian casting: you get exactly what you prepared in the morning (maybe allow recreating at a short rest). The artificer subclasses already habe ways to be flexible with their creations.

So while I think the general direction seems good enough (like the bard he gets spells to avoid a new subsystem) but I fear about immersion and scaling.

Regardless of anything else, I am just happy to see that firearms are only mentioned in an optional sidebar and not forced into the base class, which would not fit Eberron. Save the guns for future subclasses/archetypes that would fit other worlds better.

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